Theepavali Valthukkal


well it aint like home but that picture is a glimpse of how things were,

Deepavali Valthukkal everyone!

untitled II

the sun glasses kept the bright sun out of his eyes, his bare body enjoying the warm sun. his soul starting to glow. feet submerged in the clear blue water massaged by the gentle wave and little fishes nibling at his toes, he sits on a rock and looks far into the horizon. the wind gently swaying his hair and cooling his body down. in his mind he locks the door he created, a door behind which he hides his life. he sits in the room and tries to forget whats outside of his room and sometimes he succeeds.


it was a pitch black night, directly infront his eyes he could see the silver streaks of rain falling, there was no sound, his ears and body wrapped up in clothes which were now wet and cold. he couldnt see further than the rain, still he marched on with his bare feet sinking a little into the earth. his mind was tormenting him, he could see flashes, he saw wolves teeth gnashing at his body and he saw black blood running down his face. then he heard something, leaf rustling, sound of footsteps, was it real? he came to a sudden stop and looked back, nothing, then he started walking again. the noises continued. his eyes were misleading him, his ears were tricking him, his mind was sinking into fear, he could see himself almost drowning in quicksand. his last gasp for air, his bodys last attempt to free itself. then a large growling noise, he fell to the ground and tears started to fall from his eyes.

How You Live Your Life


How You Live Your Life

You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside.

You're laid back and chill, but sometimes you care too much about what others think.

You prefer a variety of friends and tend to change friends quickly.

Some of your past dreams have disappointed you, but you don't let it get you down.

Bird Terrorism


god damn son of a ....why do new diseases always come from south east asia..
being a biologist i know that a human strain of the bird flu can happen and could kill millions, just same chance as any other bug in the world mutating and killing millions, but bird flu has already had a deadly human strain called H5N1. UK scientists are testing a parrot which died of bird flu to see if it has the deadly human strain, hope they dont make the straif through their studies.

taiwan is making the bird flue drug without the manufacturers consent, GO TAIWAN! this is an emergency. the anti-viral isnt a cure but is the best defence. taiwanese are in talks with roche but they take priority in human lives over patents and are producing the medicine. is the western world more like that? no! they care more of patents and £$€ than human lives, coz the politicians know they wont get bird-flu only the people of the country will suffer.

seems governments now days are are full of scare, they get scared of anything, and scare the people of anything, i think its time to shut down the NEWS media, its a total biaatch! all they do on news is make a drama out of and incident and scare people. like what was shown on bowling for columbine. the journalists on the news with their clouded judgement about "i'm doing a great piece" confused with getting the bigger spot on the tv for a more dramatic coverage of the event and trying to out do their collegues with each news channel BBC,ITN,CNN,ABC,NBC all trying to beat each other to fresh news and dramatic footage, the business is really screwing up! this press freedom is a little too much especially when they exploit situation, there needs to be some kinda control. stop scaring the people MOFOs!

Added a Radio

i know what you are wondering..where the hell is that music coming from...
yeah i added a streaming radio of hot108 jamz.. it just plays the newest rnB n hip-HOP, and usually has 5 tracks which get looped, but its aiight, good quality! and so let the annoyance begin..

met the SL tamil rapper krishan at the King's college unplugged party, rest of the night was crap because of bad organising, some girl got slapped coz she slapped someone and she was drunk herself...

saw someone i didnt want to see at the club but she left even before the party started, pretty funny, pretty funny indeed, she still sexy tho...

got too many websites now and so my life isnt that interesting to post on all these websites, MSN space has kinda of died down but thats only where i post my pics of holidays.

suhanya is upset apparently and that she had no clue that i been prank called 4 times by her mates, and one was just the girls prank calling me, so she must'av known, she is now on a mission to pretend to be innocent, i up the middle finger

still jobless, fackin stupid! feel like i should've done computer science rather than biological science, i think i'll have to lie on my CV to get a job,

life is still shit.

Millionaires Town


this is the plan of the Millionaires town in russia, to house 30,000 people and will be twice the size of monaco, and all this will cost $3bn

First Contact: Call or text

what i bloody realise now is that this aint the first time this has happened, i been wondering who these idiots were and pissing off some people by askin them if it was them who was prank callin me, so this friggin cow has been behind it all this time,

suhanya: hello why is mu number in ur msn name?

Semi: who were da idiots dat called me last night?

suhanya: there is no nee to have my number as ur msn name!

Semi: so who called me maybe i can have their number to put on my msn
were u drunk and passed out?

Suhanya: yep, change it

Semi: give me some numbers den, so u always gettin drunk and passed out?

Suhanya: i wasnt passed out!

Semi: out of your head at some guys place...

Suhanya: (pause) what no

Semi: right...

Suhanya: can you take off my number off your webpage and msn

Semi: give me some other numbers to put up

Suhanya: i dont have other numbers, ur such a loser!#

Semi: and u r?

Instant Booty Call:

thats the 2nd and 3rd call, the first one doesnt work, damn conversion tool

Call Suhanya Now on ...removed

at 3AM today i got a prank call from...who i believe are Suhanya's friends..
here is the call click here to download

this is Suhanya

so if you think she is worth calling dial this number:
and if you are calling from abroad (not in UK) :
which is the same as

if the phone is switched off try again some other time,

Tamil Connection

having fun messing around with phpBB bulletin board, its not like i got anything else to do...

here comes a new forum...

i had 250MB space now from my ISP, so i'm gonna test out a forum, focused on london tamils, let see how it goes, cant get anyinformation about the bandwidth which might be 250MB a month which would be really crap...beta testing will be nice!


iPod Video Comparison


this the comparison photo from av watch of japan, showing ipod video, ipod nano, ipod mini and the g5 ipod, the 30gig ipod video is 31% thinner than G5 20gig

this i couldnt resist, had to put in a shot of the psp in there, maybe they should've used a white psp or a black iPod, duh!

ipod video


its here, what lotta fans wanted, nothing new in term of technolgy or anything, daps which play video have been around for ages now, i wonder if you need to recode the video, what framerate its capable of, and what the resolution is..

30Gig at $299, well..there you go...

Unplugged - King's College


....can i be bothered?

BBC - the fall

the world renowned BBC is set to increase its licence fees by 2.3%, an above inflation rise, to meet its rising costs.

i remember reading staff getting a large boost to their salaray, and now the director wants to get that money from the people? wtf is he on? crack?

lets see now, do we need all these channels?

this is BBC1, the channels which gets all the best of BBC, i used to watch it regulary but not since the influx of programs from america such as friends, CSI and Lost on Channel 4 or Five.
but i do watch its holiday programs, like holiday 200*, and departure lounge etc, there is a certain class to the program screened on bbc1

this is the alernative channels offered by bbc incase you dont like whats offered on bbc1, it used to watch simpsons on it, star trek, but where have they all gone? taking my money but you dont show the programs i like...?!?!?! still it shows the classic comedies wuch as blackadder, porridge, red dwarf and such ...somtimes, at 11pm, oh yes and top gear, a nice program

the rubbish collection channel, full of repeats, they play the same episode of little britain for one week, if you are gonna repeat then why bother having such a channel?
isnt it a waste of time? and money? so spreading a good program to BBC 3 will make BBC 3 sucessfull? i dont think so

i've never watched this channel, never found it interesting enough to watch? yes that may be the case!

BBC 24 News
this is the 24 hour news channels to rival the 24 hour news channels from CNN, ITN etc..etc... i mean they are funded by adverts, and i do sometimes see adverts for malaysia on bbc 24, i dont think a people funded organisation can have a 24 hour news channel

BBC Parliament
ok so you allow the 24 hours news channel, but what the hell is this for? i remember this was shown for an hour on bbc2, now it has its own channel, do people really sit there and watch every incy wincy bit of what happens in the parliament? if something interesting happens isnt it going to be in the news?

CBBC Childrens
oh yes the CBBC channel, although around 4 when all the children get home from school bbc1 goes all children programs, this is some dedication to dumbfy the whole nation. ok so its ok, let the children have some fun

CBeebies Todlers
another dedication to show tellytubbies to dumb down the todlers, but is there a need for two different channels? couldnt you show in one channel todler tv in the morning and older ones later when the school is over?

i think BBC is expanding beyond its means, it cant cope with expanding so much without having new and decent programs, repeats are boring!

let me see what i watched lastweek: i dont think i watch that much tv

departue lounge
england vs austria
jack dee live at the apollo



Channel 4
bremner, bird and fortune

Channel Five

CSI Miami
CSI New York
The gadget show
fifth gear

more Dollar for your Euro

Net power struggle

seems the EU and the USA are clashing on more things than ever, and latest is the internet.

The US has rejected calls by European Union (EU) officials to give control of the net over to a more representative United Nations (UN) body.

Wrangling over who should essentially be the net police, managing domain names and net traffic routing fairly, has been going on for some time

so the EU has taken upon it self to rectify the situation, saying this US control will lead to fragmentation of the internet, such as china developing its own internet, and other countries following suit.

US cant fight europe and it knows, i think US is busy thinking of plans to break up the EU because that is the only way US can be powerfull again.

BBC says:

The US has got an image problem when it comes to the internet.

It is seen as arrogant and determined to remain the sheriff of the world wide web, regardless of whatever the rest of the world may think.

isnt it so with everything??????????????????????????????????????????

i forsee an atom-bomb on the internet, can you imagine not having internet?

i dont mean when you get frustrated because your connection doesnt work or your ISP is down, but total internet blackout, imagine BBC headlines "Internet is dead"
where will google be then? (hopefully google has its fingers in pies which arnt all internet pies)

Name all the countries in the world...Europe

well..this should be interesting...europe, still continuing my geography lesson

United Kingdom (i live here)
-england (i live here, bbc?)
-scotland (the scottish accent, billy connoly)
-wales (sheeps, biology field trip)
-northern ireland (problems)
Ireland (guiness, not that i drink it, irish comedians, accent)
France (paris is beautyful, eiffel, lots of tamil people, gotta do the da vinci code tour)
germany (hitler, still?)
holland (oh yeah baby!!! weed, space cake, ice tea)
luxembourg (small place)
Belgium (drove through this place, talked my first bit of french to someone i didnt know at 3 in the morning to a baker)
Spain (gotta go here)
Italy (history, gotta do the angels and demons tour in rome)
switzerland (supposedly a beautyful county, lots of tamil people here)
greece (all the greeks i've met are idiots)
cyprus (doesnt know to whom it belongs)
malta (stronger currency than pound sterling)
norway (no way i'm going to norway)
finland (nokia, language close to sanskript apprently)
iceland (hot place with lots of volcanoes)
denmark (lots of tamils there)
sweden (nice place apparently, Ericsson phone company, sven goran eriksson)
estonia (weeeird)
bulgaria (world cup 1994 in usa, those were its days)
czechoslovakia (spelt wrong)
romania (football)
kosovo (is it a city?)

eastern europe is messy

russia (old USSR, big, i want to buy land from it)
ukraine (dynamo kiev)
andora (the little state)
monaco (whats the stroy with monaco? is it a country?)
hungary (Everyone forgets this country)
austria (germans)

thats it...i feel like i've forgotten a major country but who cares..

Name all the countries in the world...Africas

here i may add countries which maybe part of europe..


South Africa (Nelson Mandela, Zulus)
Zimbabwe (Mugabe)
Kenya (lotta indians there, coffee, those kenyan warriors)
Zambia (lost on me, i got money from this country 100 kwacha or something)
Sierra leone (kanye west, diamonds, war)
Congo (Dr.congo, ebola)
Nigeria (had friends from there, football, kanu)
cameroon (football)
Somalia (better not say it)
Ethiopia (poorest national, king haile salasie, rasta god)
madagascar (has the upside down tree, nice place)
Ghana (had friends from ghana)
guniea (too many countries named guniea or guyana or some shit)
Algeria (lot of them in paris)
Morocco (footballer - hadji )
Senegal (footballers)
Egypt (all that history)
tanzania (getting lost in africa now...)
east africa, west africa central africa, (i think i seen them)

thats all i can remember of the africas

Name all the countries in the world...Asia

let continue by coutries challenge..

i'm going to include australasia/oceania in this too

Australia (cricket, kangaroos, nice weather, nice countryside, abroginies, outback, bush walking, killer spiders, dat dude off tv who catches dangerous animals, crocodile dundee, cocky people, racist)
New Zealand (more sheep than people)
Tahiti (honey moon capital, sweetest place)
paupau new guinea (tribes eat human brains, history of CJD)
indonesia (whats the different between this and phillipines?)
phillipines (whats the different between this and indonesia?)
Malaysia (lots of sri-lankan tamils there)
singapore (my heaven)
thailand (gotta go bali one time)
maynmar (i saw this a few days back, weird country)
burma (meh!)
cambodia (meh! pol pott)
vietnam (all those hollywood movies potraying the american as good and viets as bad, cha)
China (a country i wanna visit)
japan (a country i wanna visit, home of technology, manga, cool shit)
mongolia (nomads)
laos (is this a country?)
Bangladesh (formerly eastern pakistan, always flooding)
india (breaking up little by little, tamil movies, bollywood)
sri-lanka (doh!)
Maldives (another honey moon place, nice hilton hotels)
pakistan (indians hate pakistanis, pakistanis hate indians, 50 years ago they were all one, mighty stupid)
afghanistan (ossama is not there)
lot more ".....stan" in asia, cant name em all, kazakstan, kirkistan, stupidstan

wondering where i should put the middle east countries in this...
lately because of news, i think i know most of the middle east

Saudi arabia (they cut your arm for stealing, your d*ck for rape, women get stoned for cheating, nice country)
Iran (stuck in the old ages)
Iraq (all that history reduced to saddam)
Oman (tiny)
Qatar (has the crapest football team in fifa 96 on mega drive)
UAE (dubai is a city of UAE, dubai is very very nice)
Israel (full of self righteous jews)
Palestine (full of self righteous muslims)
jordan (keeps its head out of problems)

shiznitz...thats all i remember

Name all the countries in the world...Americas

idea from happy sam

i havnt got a job, i am bored so here it goes, from my head and why i remember these countries)

Canada (its there, know too many canadians)
United Stats of America (no one can forget this country exists)
Mexico (me-he-co, what issss it good for? absolutley nothing!!)
Jamaica (different government from barbados? bob marley, who can forget jamaica)
Barbados (nice beaches)
haiti (news man said one of he poorest nations in the world)
cuba (fidel)
st.lucia (always on holidays programs, place for the rich n famous)
suriname ( heard some tamil people live there)
guatamala ( makes chewingum rubber thing)
venezuela (weird name, makes lotta oil, got a crack pot president)
bolivia (football)
brazil (beatuyful by snoop dogg comes to mind, not just for the girls but the shots2)
argentina (football, falklands war, bunch of cheating footballers 1998 World Cup)
peru (tintin..prisonner of the sun? )
chile (eat a lotta chilly, has highest town?)
uruguay (football)
paraguay (football)
guiana (robinson crusoe)
colombia (where the drugs are)
costa rica (football, high crime rate?)

i think i missed a few in the gap between south and north america, prolly some island s in the middle too, trinidad & tobago to name one... dwight yorke the footballer comes from there, and its such a funny name, also mentioned in robinson crusoe

this is my mood...


Book yer seat for - Sivakasi...


Vijay and Asin, hopefully not a thirupaachi but Gilli.



if anyone has seen this movie, please summarise it for me, i saw this yesterday and i gave up on trying to nderstand it

Trip to Bedford

Bedford is the middle of england, a nice town with a lotta country side, a quiet little town which the council (i guess) is trying to ruin by promoting it as the best place in UK to do business, since its has a central position.

this was where i arrived, Unilever, Colworth, the company behind major UK products

look at this, is there anything weird about this? does it look like a funeral office thingy? this is the reception of this huge company, considering the products they make you would think they would have a better setup, alas no!

the interview went allright, although i got the feeling they rather needed a teacher to teach the existing members who are of biology backgroun bioinformatics, rather than for me to do actual work. (of course i hope the person who interviewed me doesnt read this).

here is another pic

a nice smoking chimney

Ronnie Barker 1929 - 2005

the picture shows Ronnie Barker in "porridge" the show which i would switch from any program to watch, the show is perfection and Ronnie Barker made the difference. the show is a jewel in the british comedy collection, nothing like that is shown on tv nowdays.

one of m favourite sketches was of Ronnie Barker, a prisoner, trying to escape from a house where he and his prison guard take refuge after they break down on route from the hospital (not sure). So its night time and they get into this abandoned house and soon mr.baraclough (the prison guard) goes to sleep and fletcher (ronnie barker) clibms out the window and runs, and runs, and runs, then he breaks into a house, then as he is about to open the door he hears some noise from the other side, he graps a saucepan lying around and stands behind the door, the door swings open and its mr.baraclough, fletcher looks bewildered...he's only run around in cricles and broken into the house he ran away from. porridige full of these genius scripts.

here you can read some of his best lines aswell as lines sent in by the bbc readers.

some of the lines i like

Porridge: "We dug another tunnel, and hid the dirt in there."

Open All Hours: "This Jamaican ginger cake's not from Jamaica." "So? We sell Mars bars, don't we?"

Rest in Peace Mr.Barker

the interview run

god damn son of a gun, of all the places to go for an interview i gotta go to middle of england...middle earth..75 miles...hmmm, all the way to Sharnbrook , the shire where the hobbits to a place called Souldrop ...i aint making dat up ..SOULDROP!!

the job is complicated, i'm gonna go just get some experience of the interviewing techniques, not really a highly paid job but lets see how it goes..

Goowy Mail


want a totally different e-mail system experience? then try Goowy

everthing is done in flash hence everything is very flashy! and you also get 100MB space...

i like it but will it be permanent? is it stable?

EI-UNIT vs Tamil Migration

Vancouver is the world's best place to live, a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has found.


Bottom 10 cities

Phnom Penh
Port Moresby

you dont need no friggin EI-uNIT to tell you that information, just look at the tamil migration patterns,
you can even find that just looking at tamil people in london, they either leaving for canada or australia

Sony Cybershot N-1


Sony's new camera, the N-1, 8.1MP but the sony sophistication is the fact that it has a 3 inch screen at the back and its touch screen, nice



man its hard to find nice galleries so this is the best picture i can find at the moment of Asin, (what does the name mean?)

after all the lies...

why does the media keep running back to these politicians for views and comments?
are they giving their honest opinions? are they lying?

i certainly dont give a damn about what they have to say, imagine those who are affected? why would they listen to their words?

Ghajini - Surya, Asin


went to this movie last friday, the movie was allright because it had a good mix of comedy and action. thank god for the comedy cause i hate the action, the movie turned out to be Memento sold to the tamil public. Memento was a complicated script which this director couldnt carry through. in the tamil version the guy forgot everything where as in memento he remembers everything before the "incident", it is impossible to have a man searching for the killers of his wife if he doesnt know himself. then to put a masala twist on the whole plot the villains turned out to be twins, they used some real good special effects to like in matrix but with just two "mr.smiths". director lacked the finishing touches to the movie, he himself wasnt complete so the film had rough edges which he didnt bother to clean up but he has tried.

Surya, very good, although the crazy surya wasnt all that, i dont know why he had to look like a psycho just coz he lost his memory. the surya before the "incident" looked good, i dont know whether he was wearing a wig or was tryna look like vivek oberoi, but i think he should carry dat effect on. There is a moment in the film where Asin tells surya that he can go and there is a smile from surya which looks as tho he is impressed by her acting and the way she carries her self, superb.

Asin, where has this girl been all this time? only seen this movie with her so cant judge her acting ability but she does the comedy well. have to see her in a differnt role to see whether she can act, seems she has taken over the jyothika role, thank god director didnt chose jyothika!!!!