my nightmare...


get your shit made in china..

i dont see the whole beef of google going to china and having its web censored, big deal. every other company is out there milking china but lets not bother with that. its all relative. when you want to have business you gotta respect the locals. so respect the locals.

krispy kreme kiss


people have been kicking a fuss about krispy kreme, so i went and tried the damned thing. there isnt any difference from the usual doughnut. same old stuff costs more for all the fancy work. it shows people pay anything for a well marketed product.

and have you noticed its always fat people who endorse krispy kreme, i mean they already have a sweet spot for sweet stuff, and nothing can get sweeter than krispy kreme.

sorry ass state, of affairs


(image from

so a poor whale swam up the thames as far as parliament, the whale had its problems.
if it was depressed it picked the wrong country! the water in the thames aint exactly CLEAN!

the rescue operation sucked, carryin it in a trawler at 5mph or some lame shit speed,

then there was the elephants in russia being fed Vodka to stop them from freezin their balls off, (-30'C). Zoo's make me sick! especially when they keep an animal in an enviroment which isnt suitable for it. and lord knows they are still catching wild animals and packing them up for developed country zoos. especially depressing is watching animals acting like schizos, doing repetitive things.

freedom for wild animals, kill cats and dogs!

can of worms...

Archive 3/2004 - 3/2005">Insignificant View Archine 3/2004 - 3/2005

finally uploaded the archive to the net and put a link to it under Archives.

oh what fun...

"The Tamils are getting a lesson in realpolitik"

[TamilNet, January 20, 2006 11:35 GMT]
The United States’ singling out of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) for the spiral of violence in Sri Lanka has undermined the neutrality of the Co-Chairs of the peace process and will fuel the military repression from which thousands of Tamils are fleeing, the Tamil Guardian newspaper said this week. In an editorial titled ‘Interests, not values’ the expatriate newspaper also criticised the US for not supporting efforts to get investment and reconstruction assistance to the war-devastated northeast, whilst blaming the LTTE for the continuing dearth of funding for the region.


words of wisdom

i'm sure u r doing ur best
even the people who fail, try their best
it doesnt mean life ends there
one door closes, another opens
thats life
it goes on, whatever happens.


kalai kathiril, kannkalin kariyil
karu imaykal kil kandaen iru karu kankal
kannkal koorum kodi theiviga kathal
punagayil kannathil vilum siru kukaikal
iru kayilum adikaalilum maruthani kolam
kal varai thalai ival oru karu kani,
thaen pol suvaikum ivalai kadithal
kaththiyin koor pol payum ival kovam
appothu aval mugathil theriyum oru mogam
thaen suvai therintha vandu pol, poo-inri thavikum kathalan
kanniyin madiyil oru kavalan, aval kathalai kanathavan



, if u feel the need

Iniya Pongal Valthukkal


to all those who are to all those maadus (u know who you are) maatu pongal valthukal to you all for tommo!

Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll

this is inspired from the comment "there is no news in newspapers". a comment which arose after a look at the magazine/news section of a supermarket.

most of the magazines are glorifying sex, glorifying drug users. Kare moss, the super slut super model, cocaine user, with a kid, in a week, went thru drug allegations, a new boyfriend and a trip for disney land with her kid and the police issued a warrant to arrest her.(no sympathy please for disney land with her kid). why is it that celebs are always caught using some illegal drug but never prosecuted? how can you expect the kids to learn not to use drugs if you arnt arresting the peers for breaking the law? lock these mofos up!

the tabloids are full of crap, read by the low class of people, they twist anything to their way of thinking and have the whole nations up in arms just the way they like them. the drones which read it get brainwashed, its almost illegal! they attract the drones with big breasts or some stupifying news about a soap character dying. then inside is the BS which fucks up people in the head. no wonder there is no respect in the society, no wonder there is a class below low class in england. the crass, cess pit society which lives like celebs but just off the screen.

and fucking finally...

Beer advert banned for sex link

the sex sells advertising, where adverts imply that using their product leads to sexual/social success!

lynx is the main mofo that needs to be banned, spraying a can of lynx can attract women? how about a $50 calvin klein perfume?

now duracell is starting its sex advertising "its goes on and on, know what i mean"

if they can ban the ram, i'm sure they can ban the whole lot of them...



damnations, been rather bored lately!

met a guy on the road, he came up to me and asked for directions. looked very tamil, so i asked him if he is tamil, he said no, i thought he misheard me, i asked him again, are you tamil?, he said no, i told him how to get to the place he wanted to then i asked him if he is sinhala, he said yes. then i asked him if he is studying, he said he works for the SLA, and is here *censored*. i dont think you should advertise the fact you work for the SLA. i told him to quit the SLA and settle down in UK.

Logitech psp inlay


this is a psp cover inlay for logitech case, comes courtesy of player69. the graphical genius!

PSD available, make a request

Liverpool FC, never walk alone

trust liverpool to give you value for money...

at 16 mins, they are 1-0 up against luton

then at 30mins, its all square

then at 43 mins, its 2-1 to luton

then after half time, liverpool miss a penalty

then at 53 mins, luton score from a penalty, 3-1

then rafa (manager) make a substitution for liverpool, sissoko off, pongolle on

at 62 mins, liverpool score, 3-2

at 69 mins, liverpool score again, 3-3

at 74mins, liverpool score again, 4-3

then 90 mins, liverpool score again, 5-3

what a come back, reminds me of the comeback at champions league!

and so he dies...


whats the fuss? there is no replacement? life doesnt go on? middle east problem reamins unresolved? achieved nothing, killed a lotta palentinians, so palestinians wish him dead. removed jewish setterls, so jews wish him dead. so there is enough people who want him dead...

the game finally arrives...


err yeah..finally a game for the GAME machine!

PSP browses...


hmm.. a browser... i guess usefull if you are sat at some wifi hotspot at some station, as long as its free! fcuk paying for dat.

of course lots of people with unsecured wifi connections, thats a free service!

rockstar guys are funny

was just checking out the GTA liberty city stories site and they have a trailer for multiplayer mood, and they use some hindi track on it..

click here then on the multiplayer trailer



nindo noyena hendewewe playing on my pSP.
it has a nice screen! dayam! altho not sure about watching movies on it.

my GTA:Liberty City Stories is in stock and is taking two days to be processed, some real lazy fuckers at! was hoping it would be sent today and i would get it tommo but mofos are lazy!

filled up my 1gig memory stick with vidoes. only got 46mb free now.

the music player on the psp could be spiced up with some graphics. what do they call it ...AV? audio visuals?

need a text viewer for psp, had to convert "life of pi" book into 530 images, which came to about 40mb,

without wireless function, tried to connect to the neighbours wifi, but kept getting blocked, gonna get the wireless crap fixed at home, i had it all set up a month then my bro decided to change it.

bird has landed...charging..