cry babies


are the muslims of Britain a bunch of cry babies? (excludes muslims of other countries)
whinge whinge whinge...bomb...whinge whinge whinge.. muslim cocaine dealer incident, whinge whinge whinge...
that one eyed, one handed monster was getting paid by the goverment, that racist demented bakri was getting paid by the government, (social security),
this government does more things for muslims than of any other faith.. but still not satisfied, you still want more,
and when government introduces new policiy after a bunch of muslims bomb london, you still blame the government,
get a grip!
middle east aint gonna be solved by you bombing london, or saying you dont get enough attenetion..
saddam was an idiot, he had to go, he didnt up hold some  islamic values,
Ossama bin laden and the taleban, jeez, if you complain some much UK goverment can you imagine how much you will complain livin under  taleban rule?
maybe UK government aught to take harsher rules like the taleban? like shave beard, muslim women must wear mini skirt,
bomba clot!
give respect and take respect!


big D said...

exactly, this the thing I don’t understand as well