Sivaji - The Boss Trailer

Sivaji the boss trailer...woooop-woooop!

Spanish CUNTS

Spain has launched legal action against US marine explorers over a wreck they have found laden with treasure.

like it fucking belong to the spanish cunts? they fucking stole it from all the fuckin places they invaded...

maybe all those invaded countries should sue spain for stealing their gold...

London Lite's war against the BBC


London lite the free paper they give out in the afternoon keeps publishing bad comments about the BBC, who owns london lite?
i know sky owns one of the free papers in the afternoon,
this is the second time i read "readers comments" bashing the BBC, the papers seems to publish more bad comments than good comments
bit dodgy...

Sri-lankan government does not want peace

Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian and Member of the Parliamentary Consultative Committees for Constitutional affairs, in an interview with TamilNet Tuesday, said that Sri Lanka will not pursue a political solution until it finds itself unable to prosecute a military solution, and the only option open for peace is for the LTTE to demonstrate that Colombo's military agenda will not succeed. Gajendrakumar added that this unfortunate reality was the direct result of the International community's demonstrated unwillingness to stop the Sri Lanka Government from proceeding with the military agenda.
eg. the UK and USA. (they dont want the war to stop as long as they can make money from selling weapons to sri-lanka)

FA cup final... verdict: boring?


everyone is saying it was a boring game...
now, was it a boring game? or was it bad game for TV?
as usual the media wants something special to write home about but this is a game, media isnt the main interest to the players or the managers, its the cup!
do fans want an exciting game or a win?
because the media wants an exciting game and doesnt care who wins.

America will screw you over for a dime


the only reason why america lists LTTE as a terrorist organisation is so that it can sell weapons to sri-lanka.

UK Sells arms to Sri-Lanka


"Inquiries that I have made reveal that £7 million-worth of [UK] arms were licensed for delivery to Sri Lanka in the last quarter for which figures are available," Joan Ruddock, a ruling Labour party MP, told the House Wednesday during a landmark debate on Sri Lanka.


UK government wants to stop money reaching LTTE so that LTTE can pursue a non-violent answer to the conflict, but sells weapons to Sri-lankan government... so they can pursue a violent answer to the conflict? i guess its to be expected from a government which lied about iraq having WMDs so that it can steal the oil from iraq.

BBC's London News did a piece of a temple funds being held by the police because of supposed links to the LTTE, the reporter had no clue about the sri-lankan war, everything was based on post 9/11 thinking. the problem with the media is that it doesnt need hard evidence to say someone is guilty, its guilty until proven innocent, but then they dont care if you are innocent.

UK is selling weapons which kill tamil people. then UK takes the moral high ground saying they are after peace.

TTN suspended

france suspends TTN

the god damn french...

Liverpool Reigns!


Champions League Semi Final : Liverpool vs Chelsea
there goes the ball, into the corner after a well thought out freekick.