ofUK fines All companies...


this is the news about a train company being fined by some UK body... yesterday it was a gas company? before that a water company got fined...  whats the point? the fine will eventually be paid by the consumer anyway... its like fining the people using the service for the company performing badly... are people stupid to realise? are these ofWater ofCom, ofWhatever government companies which watch over really stupid? where does the stupidty begin? where does it end? and when everything falls apart its the taxpayer who brings it all back again... then the government decides to go to war, the people dont want to, but the people pay for it, is this democracy? how is this democracy? we have been sold the most usless form of democracy, where they decide, then they sell it to you, if you dont like it they repackage it and sell it again, then they go ahead with the plan even if you dont like it.. is this democracy? repackage and resell the same idea till you get 10%, 20% agreement?
the only thing dictators dont do is that they dont sell an idea, they tell and idea. pretty  much the same as these democratic governments but from the dictator point of view its looks as though the idea was forced, where as with the democratic point of view it was force fed.
you are not much different from a worker ant or a drone bee, dont delude yourself, however high you are.