more of that Japanese dancing to tamil music... WOOHOO!!


Japanese kids dancing to tamil Music...


stupid law...

gays can marry, lesbians can marry...
but a man cant marry two women.. or woman two men.....what the fuck is that about? isnt christianity involved in this law somewhere?
and since its all good for homosexuals and hetrosexuals isnt the society letting down the bisexuals?
haha..the insanity of it...

Doherty suicide claims 'untrue'

oh bugger, what a shame...
shame of he has to resort take his own life because he is sick of himself rather than the courts lock him up for drugs

do people want an election?


i dont want an election... i dont think a lot of people want an election,
looking at the turn out last time, not a lot of people are bothered!
..then where do these political parties get this idea that the people of UK want an election?
media is beefing it up, they've already chosen their sides, is it really the people who chose the next PM?
Cameron, please shut up and wait, of course he cant wait because the people in his party want to get rid of him, and he wont last til the normal time of election,  even if he does win, i doubt him lasting as the PM for long,

Crazy Cameron


woah..the child is out, mr. middle class junkie...
Conservative leader Mr Cameron accused the prime minister of "treating the British people as fools"
are these fighting words..aimed at mr.brown? or are these just empty words for the back bone conservatives in the party who are finding out the cameron is all youth and no substance?
on another note isnt democracy already making fools of people? and everyday we lose a bit more to the police and become more foolish..