high security hospital..LOL

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has reportedly been injured in an attack in a high security hospital.
where do these journalists come up with these .....i dont know what it is... do they write what they see in the movies?
i bet this high security means a fat police officer is standing outside the room, actually not standing, sitting with his tea in one hand and short bread in the other...  journalists listen: NO NEED TO BIG UP THE FUCKING MORONS! THEY ARE NOT HI-TECH AND THE WHOLE OF UK FUCKING KNOWS!!

Litvinenko murdered ok, how many did Litvinenko kill?

Litvinenko was murdered, super assassin style by poisoning his coffee with polonium,
now Litvinenko is a former KGB agent... now how many people did he kill in this way?
hasnt is always been live by the sword, die by the sword?
how does the media manage to portray it in such a way to take only livenenko's side of the story?
too much cold war movies? british media cant get over bambi?
come on now... but which journalist would have the guts to ask such question?
all journalists follow the same suit, no mind of their own, always follow the same brand
untill something crack, some one protests, then the journalists mind sway and they
write something opposing the generaly held view......does the press really have freedom of speech?

International community is letting war decide Tamils' fate - paper

[TamilNet, Friday, 09 November 2007, 14:15 GMT]
By allowing the Sri Lankan state free rein and supporting it to wage war, the international community has made any rights the Tamils secure depend entirely on the battlefield outcome, the Tamil Guardian newspaper said this week. "The military has for two years blasted villages, driven hundreds of thousands from their homes and continues to abduct, torture and murder…For all the noise about human rights (and much of that has dissipated now), the state actually wants for nothing. Ironically, the more the international community is convinced the LTTE can be defeated, the freer the hand it will have."

The full text of the editorial, titled 'No Choice' follows:

The targeted killing last Friday of Mr. S. P. Tamilselvan, the LTTE's Chief Negotiator and the head of its Political Wing, along with five other LTTE officials, by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) shocked the Tamil community. Across Diaspora centres and in the homeland, there is palpable grief and anger. The specificities of the attack - whether the SLAF knew Mr. Tamilselvan was at the location, for example - are irrelevant: the military has been trying repeatedly to kill him for years, frequently bombing his offices, residences and convoys. The assassination is a quintessential reflection of the Sinhala mindset. President Mahinda Rakapakse, along with the vast majority of Sinhalese, see the island's ethnic problem purely as a Tamil terrorist challenge. For all the lip-service (and there's not much of that about now) about power sharing, the south is single-mindedly focused on a military victory. The abandon with which the military has for two years blasted Tamil villages, driven hundreds of thousands of Tamils from their homes and continues to abduct, torture and murder Tamils is underwritten by the confidence the international community, despite its distaste, is nonetheless solidly behind Colombo's war.

Both the Sinhalese and the international community have their legitimating theories. For the Sinhalese, once the LTTE is destroyed, the Tamils will docilely accept whatever limited (and decidedly undeserved) powers they are given. The leading members of the international community in Sri Lanka agree. But they also believe that once the LTTE is destroyed, the island can be 'developed' whereupon Sinhalese, Tamils and, for that matter, the Muslims, will come to see each other as fellow Sri Lankans and live happily ever after. Despite the decades of Sinhala oppression the Tamils have faced by successive governments since independence ( i.e. three decades before Tamil militancy was triggered), the international community bases its strategy today off a utopian vision of an ethnic harmony to come. It is not that such a vision is impossible that is staggering but, rather, the belief it can be realized by enabling a violent Sinhala conquest of the Tamils followed by economic development.

The various reactions to the Sri Lankan military's assassination of Mr. Tamilselvan should serve as food for thought for anyone out there who still believes either that peace talks might end the bloodshed or, even more naively, that the international community will act to protect the Tamils against the rampages of the state. As President Rajapakse crowed in Parliament this week, he has secured the assistance of the international community to defeat the Tigers. As we have argued before, for all the noise about human rights (and much of that has dissipated now), the state actually wants for nothing. Ironically, the more the international community is convinced the LTTE can be defeated, the freer the hand the Sinhala state will have.

Let there be no mistake; irrespective of the extent of the casualties or suffering the Sinhala military inflicts on Tamil civilians, the international community will not restrain the state. Not, that is, until the military is checked on the battlefield by the LTTE's counter-violence. At that point, as in 2001, international peaceniks will rush back to help Tamils and Sinhalese solve 'their' problem. The insistence by some international actors, especially those who proudly proclaim their support and assistance for the Sinhala state, that 'there is no military solution' is duplicitous. The solution must be political, we all know that. But it can be rammed down the Tamils' throats on the end of bayonet. Which is why several members of the international community advocating 'peace' in Sri Lanka have also banned the LTTE.

When Sinhalese unite

Last week Sinhalese reveled in Mr. Tamilselvan's assassination. Traditional drums were played in the street. Parties were organized at home. Some Buddhist temples held all night celebrations. For any Sinhalese who genuinely desires a negotiated solution, the killing of the other side's top diplomat should have been deeply worrying and regrettable. But very few in the south feel this way, something the Tamils need to bear in mind as they make their way in the time to come. For decades, when faced with violence and brutality by a Colombo government, many Tamils have rushed to the feet of the Sinhala opposition, voting it into power in a laughably futile effort to end their suffering, if only for a while. They have chased after the SLFP and UNP in turn, insisting, despite the evidence of their past suffering, that this time round it would be different.

In reality, for the Tamils, there is nothing to choose between the main Sinhala parties. This is because all of them are beholden to the sentiments of the majority of Sinhalese voters who, as is now starkly clear, bitterly oppose sharing of any power with the Tamils. The point was underscored this week by the reaction of the UNP - still the darlings, incidentally, of the 'peace through development' international community - to Mr. Tamilselvan's assassination. Firstly, the UNP hailed the killing as a 'great victory' for the (Sinhala) Air Force. It then went on to tacitly back Rajapakse's brutal war, saying there is 'no point' negotiating with the LTTE. Let us be clear; whenever the LTTE negotiates with the state, it is about the rights, powers and extent of self-rule that we, the Tamil people, are to have. The UNP, drunk with the same confidence in Sinhala military victory that the SLFP regime is, believes, like the government, that there is no point in negotiating with an enemy who is about to be defeated. The optimism may be misplaced, but the UNP sees no reason to hide it.

This week Tamils in the homeland and abroad have mourned Mr. Tamilselvan and his colleagues killed last Friday. We join them. Both Mr. Tamilselvan and Lt. Colonel Anpumani (Alex), who was also killed in Friday's airstrike, were friends of this newspaper. From the outset of the Norwegian peace process, concerned that the Tamil people be kept informed of developments, they, along with the LTTE's then Chief Negotiator, Mr. Anton Balasingham, went out of their way to ensure we were briefed on the peace process. We will miss them.

A time to struggle

Despite its bans on the LTTE, as the international community has openly acknowledged, every time the Tigers sit across the table from the Sinhala state, the interests they are negotiating for are those of the Tamil people. Whether it is a political solution - remember the fuss about the LTTE giving up independence for federalism? (Now the movement is thought to be weak, no one wants to use that word now) - or an interim administration or international aid for the Northeast, the Tigers were accepted by the state and the international community to be negotiating on behalf of the Tamils. Yet there is thundering silence after the Sinhala state assassinated the Tamils' chief negotiator. The international community has thus made it clear that any rights the Tamils secure depend entirely on the outcome on the battlefield. We therefore have to brace ourselves for an even more brutal military onslaught in the time to come. We must therefore be united in our resolve. Despite our skepticism, Tamil efforts to argue our case abroad, to win hearts and minds, must continue. But not in naïve optimism. If the state fails to defeat the LTTE then it will be compelled to negotiate with the Tamils. If it wins, we are lost. But, then, it was ever thus.


Italian Murder...

Flatmate 'heard Meredith scream'
Meredith Kercher
Meredith Kercher was on an exchange study programme
The American flatmate of murdered Meredith Kercher has claimed she covered her ears as the British student screamed, Italian police have said.
Amanda Knox, 20, has given a partial confession, but keeps changing her story, police in Perugia say.


hmmm... i wonder if UK police have to get involved in this investigation as well...
seems the portugese police as useless, the french ones are total idiots..
i suspect.. the congolese guy is gonna get dont for the actual murder..
the american girl will get some kinda backdoor help via the american embassy...and get off scot free..
then the italian guy will get 2-3 years for aiding and abeting...
poor girl tho, another case of single white woman in the media...

let down after let down...

London unveils 2012 stadium plan
The stadium will be the showpiece of the Games

London 2012 officials have hailed the design for their £496m Olympic Stadium following its unveiling on Wednesday.

"No-one can say we've compromised on design, on sustainability or on the legacy potential," said Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell MP.

Work on the 80,000-seater stadium will begin ahead of schedule in April 2008.

What a crap stadium, with no roof, it rains in england mofos!
then the cost went up sky high...? another wembley in the making?
and whats the effing point in having a BORING looking stadium for an Olympic?
i wanna slap those idiots who approved this one...
what do these idiots see in this design? need a landmark design that echoes around the world,
it needs to say THIS IS LONDON, this is the olympics not some world championship meet..
then of course there is the olympic logo... :-| , liza simpson doing her thang...

Sack the Idiot...

Assembly call to sack Met chief
Sir Ian Blair
Sir Ian Blair has been backed by the home secretary
Members of the London Assembly have passed a vote of no confidence in Sir Ian Blair, the Met Police Commissioner.
Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on the assembly united to ensure the motion was passed by 15 votes to eight.
Addressing members before the vote, Sir Ian repeated his apology for the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes but insisted he will not resign.


how can you be the cheif of police and not know whats  going?
then you started lying to the public right after menzes was shot,  and now you wont step down?
stupid assembly has no power over policing, yet it still has a no confidence vote? whats the point?
are you bent on wasting tax payers money?
huge investigation into Menzes shooting, then the police get fined...WTF?
not only tax payers money on the investigation, tax payers also have to pay the fine.... MOFO!

Loss of Thamilchelvan, a consequence of International injustice says Poddu Ammaan

Loss of Thamilchelvan, a consequence of International injustice says Poddu Ammaan

[TamilNet, Monday, 05 November 2007, 17:13 GMT]
"We tried our best to convince the International Community of our grievances. We are a small nation, struggling all alone to uphold our rights. But the International Community in an uneven judgement in applying its norms, scaled us with Sri Lankan government abounding with military and economic resources. The scale was not fair. The price we paid for the International Injustice is the life of Thamilchelvan," said Poddu Ammaan, the intelligence wing chief of the Liberation Tigers, in the obituary address of the funeral of Brigadier S.P. Thamilchelvan held in Ki'linochchi on Monday.

Poddu Ammaan addressing the memorial gathering in Ki'linochchi
Narrating his close association with Thamilchelvan in his early days in the LTTE, Poddu Ammaan recollected events of exemplary bravery and leadership, shown by Thamilchelvan during IPKF times and the first Elephant Pass (EPS) operation.

However, he continued, "many of us were not aware of the inherent political abilities hidden in him, but our leader Pirapaharan rightly identified them."

"Our leader always use to say that fear comes from attachment to life. One who is fearless to sacrifice his own life to the welfare of people can only become a political leader. Thamilchelvan was one such."

[L-R] LTTE's Intelligence Wing Chief Poddu Ammaan, Political Head and Chief of Tamileelam Police, P. Nadesan with religious leaders

"What is the payback for the killing of Thamilchelvan, many ask us."

"A few Sri Lankan soldiers, perhaps thousands, or a few Sinhala leaders cannot match the price for Thamilchelvan."

"The relentless effort to achieve Thamizh Eezham is the price. The Sinhala nation should realise that we will never stop in this effort."

In his address, Poddu Ammaan revealed that the LTTE came to know through subtle briefings of Norway, that the Sri Lankan government blocked Thamilchelvan's mother and siblings, living abroad, from attending the funeral.

A section of LTTE commanders and officials at the funeral of LTTE Political Head S.P. Thamilchelvan

more of that Japanese dancing to tamil music... WOOHOO!!


Japanese kids dancing to tamil Music...


stupid law...

gays can marry, lesbians can marry...
but a man cant marry two women.. or woman two men.....what the fuck is that about? isnt christianity involved in this law somewhere?
and since its all good for homosexuals and hetrosexuals isnt the society letting down the bisexuals?
haha..the insanity of it...

Doherty suicide claims 'untrue'

oh bugger, what a shame...
shame of he has to resort take his own life because he is sick of himself rather than the courts lock him up for drugs

do people want an election?


i dont want an election... i dont think a lot of people want an election,
looking at the turn out last time, not a lot of people are bothered!
..then where do these political parties get this idea that the people of UK want an election?
media is beefing it up, they've already chosen their sides, is it really the people who chose the next PM?
Cameron, please shut up and wait, of course he cant wait because the people in his party want to get rid of him, and he wont last til the normal time of election,  even if he does win, i doubt him lasting as the PM for long,

Crazy Cameron


woah..the child is out, mr. middle class junkie...
Conservative leader Mr Cameron accused the prime minister of "treating the British people as fools"
are these fighting words..aimed at mr.brown? or are these just empty words for the back bone conservatives in the party who are finding out the cameron is all youth and no substance?
on another note isnt democracy already making fools of people? and everyday we lose a bit more to the police and become more foolish..


apple asserts its control...again!


Apple has warned that anyone attempting to unlock their iPhone to use with an unauthorised mobile network could find their phones irreparably damaged.
At&t and O2 have paid a lot of money (or giving apple most of therevenue of selling iphones) to apple for the EXCLUSIVITY of the phone to their network so i doubt they want apple to control these hackers, i assume the only losers in this war are the networks as many people wont bother with upgrading software if they can use it with another network.

who are these people...


who are these people who start petitions like ..
"they are trying to shut down MSN, sign the petiton to keep it online" ...
"they are trying to shut down facebook, sign the petition to keep it online"...
i just want to wring their neck...
what is the purpose of your LIFE?



its a free world, let the head of each state decide whats its citizens should do and shouldnt, not bloody americans or europeans

Evil Apple Tree


Reasons why apple sucks...

Fast Life


so the healthy people say fast food kills you...
as i see it,
you go for fast food, buy in less than 5 mins, you are eating within 5 mins, and you've finished eating within 20 mins..
Total time spent/wasted: 20 mins
lets go for the healthy alternative,
you go shopping, waste of time, you prepare, waste of time, you cook, waste of time, all this will take more than an hour
then you spend another 30 mins eating, ...
Total time spent/wasted: 1 hour 30 mins
so eating fast food is bad for your health, it reduces your life time, but by how much exactly? 30 mins every time ?
but of course by eating healthy, you dont reducde your life time, but you do end up wasting it on cooking and eating..
so in the bigger picture things must equal out by eating fast food...

Winning Attitude

whats wrong with england... whats wrong with the english FA.. whats wrong with the manager?

why do they not have a winning attitude, teams shouldnt go on the pitch thinking a draw is enough or this is a tough game lets draw it then win the rest, thats the difference between England and the top football teams.
Other teams go out there to win every game, thats how you show you are the best team in the world,
Brazil dont play for a draw, they play to win.
if you feed the mind of players who have a winning attitude with thoughts of a business man then you are screwed.
you should encourage your plays to have winning attitude not tell them to take it easy incase we lose the game, thats a pessimistic attitude which has got England no where so far...
Euro 96 is when england played to win games, since then its all be a pile of BS!
Sven was a good coach if the FA didnt get its fingers dirty
Go out there, play every game to win! 

which is the correct english...


1.he is in deep thought already
2.he is already in deep thought

Tamil credit card fraudsters jailed for murder


A Kingston woman has been jailed after police investigating a murder uncovered a credit card scam that left victims £145,000 out of pocket.
ennamo nadakuthu intha ulagathileh...

Philosophy Lesson for TODAY

u had the whole day off yesterday, didnt you go shopping?

uh, sorry but I am not so capitalistic that I automatically associate "holiday" with "shopping" ;P

i meant food shopping since you are hungry.. not shopping for your Louis vuitton or chanel.... *<:O)

shopping is shopping, mate. I prefer my fruits from the vines (rather than the squeezed aisles of your beloved ASDA/Tesco's).
Anyway, I do have food ("thanks" for your concern), but I am still h u n g r y.

we would all like that, but we are neither that rich nor that poor...(hopefully thats the correct english)

(tx manisha)

bamboo banger - MIA - sample Thalapathy - Kattukuyile

MIA song bamboo banger samples with Illayarajah's Thalapathy Songs,


second song off the list..

i said it first...

Penguins might be homosexual, but they arn't gay!

more bush lies...

if you went in with a bunch of lies, then getting out is tough...
and what does he know about south east asia? probably something his yes men told him 5 minutes before the speech...
can things get worse for middle east if USA pulls out of Iraq? maybe for the israelis..
globally... things cant get worse for america

heathrow protestors...get a job!

for christ sake..get a job..

Did they really know?

after 9/11 ... ok maybe a few months afterwards you heard reports that the CIA knew about the attacks... did they really know?
after the failed london attacks the MI5 said they knew before .... even tho they let them take the bombs on the bus...
the truth in these cases is probably that these so called intelligence agencies didnt know anything at all... had no clue,
there is only two reasons why you would admit that you knew about these terror plans and didnt stop them from happening
1. either they covered up to show that they had been working or doing something to protect the country..
2. just pretending and telling the terrorists that they have ways of knowing these things even though they had no clue...in order to deter them from carrying out future acts
these things just go to show that there are things that the public will never know, and the government will happily continue to lie to you to swing things in their favour..

190,000 weapons 'missing in Iraq'

The US military cannot account for 190,000 AK-47 assault rifles and pistols given to the Iraqi security forces, an official US report says.
then they have the ordacity to blame Iran for supplying the insurgents with weapons... what the fuck kinda mofos are these people...

joined at the hips...


since when..
so terrorists blow up in USA, Uk starts being in terror alert.. not that it catches any terrorists...twice!!!
now a bridge collapses in america now UK starts checking bridges...
whats the next big in USA thats gonna affect UK?
its odd...very odd... how media coverage of US incidents can have an effect on UK public

bitch please...

USA is off again, making dodgy foreign policies and statements...


"Iran 'biggest threat to Mid-East'" says Condie Rice...

i think she meant ... "Iran, biggest threat IN mid-east ( for the USA, so we'll pretend the Iran is the problem for the mid-east crisis and get every tom dick and harry behind us to support the war on Iran so that USA can be safe and those suckers will never know shiiit, rah!)"

world owes a debt to the USA?


is mr.brown on crack?
is he about to get a whoop ass at the next election?
"The world owes a debt to the US for its fight against terrorism, Gordon Brown says, as he arrives in the US. "
err... CIA (thats the USA) put Saddam in power...
err... CIA (thats the USA) created the Taleban to fight the russians in afghanistan...
WTF does the world owe the USA?


i am not looking forward to the number of adults on the tube reading harry potter on monday morning...

tit for tat

so 4 diplomats get kicked out of russia,  what does the uk foreign sec say?
"UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband said he was "disappointed" by what he called a "completely unjustified" move. "
plonker, what do u expect after u kick out some of their diplomats?
plus... u wont extradite the people russians want for trial from UK, but you expect the russians to hand over some1 you think killed the russian spy... ?!?!?!
so because these russians are rich, does that mean they are above russian law? does that make them right in what ever view they have? how much money are these rich russians feeding into the government?
going by the investigations done by the government on saddam and his weapons of mass destructions, god knows how this investigation found one guy they want charged with murder of the russian spy...
i rem at the start of the spy death, the guy was called a spy, now his role is being manipulated in the media as "spy" is a bad word,
and all this stemming from US putting missile launch pads on europes door step with UKs help, and when russia throws a defence against these missile bases, its UK to help US in anyway it can...

Experts debunk common idea about the common cold ....bullshit


bull shit..
its a ploy to get you to buy more uneeded medicine from pharmaceuticals...

mad plotters...


remember when clinton got impeached and then US had Bush....
well its not gonna that bad in the UK, but getting rid of Blair...doh!

while they are at it...

while they are boming tiger tiger...can they also bomb po na na at wimbledon... ta!

London Lite attacks BBC again...part XXI



TV presenter Nick Ross has announced he is leaving the BBC One programme Crimewatch after 23 years to pursue other projects.

London lite's version of the story was that ross was pushed off coz he was getting old, and that crimewatch wanted younger people to watch the show... errr... crime show to be watched by younger viewers? has it comes to this? but anyway london lite was on it like a flash to attack the BBC...

Foreign Racists...

on saturday night I visited the town of wimbledon to burn the weekend nights, we queued up at Po Na Na at about midnight, 2 friends at the front of the queue, six white guys, then I and the other friend. the guy at the door (not the bouncer) asks my friend at the front "how many people?" to which my friend unwittingly said 4, pointing to us at the back of the queque, after a second he says "i cant let you in because you are all guys". this is the norm in clubs so we walked away, a few steps away, then i thought i would watch what happens to these 6 white men who were left in the queue now, the guy asks the guys some questions then lets them in... 6 guys?

i walked up to the guy, and asked him why he let six guys in and didnt let us 4 in, he replies " they work in the industry", i said i work in the industry aswell let me in, nuh-uh. so i asked him why he said "he cant let us in because we were all guys" and then now tell us that "they work in the industry"... no answer,

turns out the guy is kiwi,

i proceeded to tell the guy what i thought of him and then he dissappeared into the club, of course that was after i had taken a picture of the racist cunt..

following on from the letter on the london paper today about aussie racists, it seems these kiwis and aussies dont get a chance to mingle with coloured people in australia or NZ that they think they can bring their racist attitude to UK. lets not start on the eastern europeans...

London Lite attacks BBC AGAIN...


London lite attacked BBC again, using "readers" view as its method, it keeps attacking the BBC.
who own london lite.. is it sky media?

Nation of whingers


has the UK become a nation of whingers?

the biggest thing people of the UK whinge about is the weather... i mean, there is absolutely no point in whinging about the weather, nothing will change because you whinge. its too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry... never happy about that...

lately its whinging about everything tony blair does... and bush...
then whinging about iraq..

of course there is always plenty of fresh material provided by the government and its cohorts, latest being the olympic logo, it'll die down soon as something comes along... come on you global warming scare mongers, get some idiot to say something idiotic so we can all go back to fixing the earth...


what the hell is wrong with this world...these coutnries... these laws they preach, dont break em....
kate moss found to be sniffing white powder... get off scott free...wtf?
how is this teaching other people to be better? how will kids learn not to use drugs?
paris hilton.. driving after being banned....get out after 3 of the 23 days... wtf?
which prison lets inmates out because they were crying all night? whats this rare disease she has?
i can guess what it is...but that could've been sorted out with a pacifier...
are all these cases of the "missing white female" ..if she if white..good looking...she can do whatever..
as usual, its the insiginificant people who feel the full force of the law, the little people..
on their measley wages, get screwed by all the other measely people...
ah what an unfair world we live in...where the rich and famous run free..
while the poor get pounded to the ground....
there of course there is the divorce... women get half.. even without contributing anything..
ok so they can have the half...but they get the kids aswell...WTF?
....and further from the field of crappyness... the london 2012 logo... what about the logo used when bidding for the 2012? that looked good, why is there a need for another one? ...but yes...the new one does look like lisa simpson givin head..
ah blast!
life is hard enough but you have to contstanly deal with crap like i've written about...why?
one way to ignore it is to go away on holiday... but who can afford to be on holiday for life... maybe the rich and famous
probably why they dont care what they do and can buy themselves out of problems

Reds Fans the worst in europe...coz we get there!

A damning report by European football's governing body says Liverpool fans are the worst-behaved in Europe.
lol...fucking faggots! just coz we keep getting there we are bound to have more problems than anyone else.... deal with it BIAATCH!

lampard asks the impossible..


Midfielder Frank Lampard has called for England's fans to get behind the team against Estonia on Wednesday.

let me be frank, since when have england fans done otherwise? what the fuck you talking about?
Mcclaren will do better to drop lampard, coz anyone can do what he does, run around the field, pass the ball,
give those guys like defoe, lennon, dyer, carrick, a chance...

Sivaji - The Boss Trailer

Sivaji the boss trailer...woooop-woooop!

Spanish CUNTS


Spain has launched legal action against US marine explorers over a wreck they have found laden with treasure.

like it fucking belong to the spanish cunts? they fucking stole it from all the fuckin places they invaded...

maybe all those invaded countries should sue spain for stealing their gold...

London Lite's war against the BBC


London lite the free paper they give out in the afternoon keeps publishing bad comments about the BBC, who owns london lite?
i know sky owns one of the free papers in the afternoon,
this is the second time i read "readers comments" bashing the BBC, the papers seems to publish more bad comments than good comments
bit dodgy...

Sri-lankan government does not want peace

Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarian and Member of the Parliamentary Consultative Committees for Constitutional affairs, in an interview with TamilNet Tuesday, said that Sri Lanka will not pursue a political solution until it finds itself unable to prosecute a military solution, and the only option open for peace is for the LTTE to demonstrate that Colombo's military agenda will not succeed. Gajendrakumar added that this unfortunate reality was the direct result of the International community's demonstrated unwillingness to stop the Sri Lanka Government from proceeding with the military agenda.
eg. the UK and USA. (they dont want the war to stop as long as they can make money from selling weapons to sri-lanka)

FA cup final... verdict: boring?


everyone is saying it was a boring game...
now, was it a boring game? or was it bad game for TV?
as usual the media wants something special to write home about but this is a game, media isnt the main interest to the players or the managers, its the cup!
do fans want an exciting game or a win?
because the media wants an exciting game and doesnt care who wins.

America will screw you over for a dime


the only reason why america lists LTTE as a terrorist organisation is so that it can sell weapons to sri-lanka.

UK Sells arms to Sri-Lanka


"Inquiries that I have made reveal that £7 million-worth of [UK] arms were licensed for delivery to Sri Lanka in the last quarter for which figures are available," Joan Ruddock, a ruling Labour party MP, told the House Wednesday during a landmark debate on Sri Lanka.


UK government wants to stop money reaching LTTE so that LTTE can pursue a non-violent answer to the conflict, but sells weapons to Sri-lankan government... so they can pursue a violent answer to the conflict? i guess its to be expected from a government which lied about iraq having WMDs so that it can steal the oil from iraq.

BBC's London News did a piece of a temple funds being held by the police because of supposed links to the LTTE, the reporter had no clue about the sri-lankan war, everything was based on post 9/11 thinking. the problem with the media is that it doesnt need hard evidence to say someone is guilty, its guilty until proven innocent, but then they dont care if you are innocent.

UK is selling weapons which kill tamil people. then UK takes the moral high ground saying they are after peace.

TTN suspended

france suspends TTN

the god damn french...

Liverpool Reigns!


Champions League Semi Final : Liverpool vs Chelsea
there goes the ball, into the corner after a well thought out freekick.

sinhala ignorance


there i am, monday morning sitting in the bus listening to my music, not looking forward to the day ahead, then i hear these people talking, a woman with an indian accent talking about the LTTE aerial raids in colombo, its a sri-lankan sinhala woman telling her friend (i assume of another language and race about LTTE since they wernt conversing in sinhala).
the sinhala woman goes on to tell her friend that LTTE bombed colombo and that a week back they also bombed jaffna, the other woman asked why they bombed the north (their own people), the sinhala woman said because they dont care about their own people (no mention of all the aerial bombing the north and east suffered (and still suffering) at the hands of the Sri-lankan army for 24+ years). i continued to listen, then things went from bad to worse, that before 83 there were no problems (no mention of other riots, tamil conference shooting, sinhala only rules), then she explained why the riots happened, LTTE killed a few soldiers in 83 and sinhala people got angry...etc..etc...
that was the last straw, i got up, told the woman to get her facts straight, i told her that there were plenty of problems before 83, told her to refrain from speaking in english about this subject especially in tooting of all places, and once again told her to get her facts straight.
i do hope she goes home and does her home work,
this kind of attitude is rife within the sinhala community, they chose to ignore what the SLA/GoSL does against the tamils.

google shit


what happened to my personalised page? all those feeds? all those book marks?

its all gone... no explanation..no errors?..google lamers!

when i ask for tea...

i dont want a friggin spiced tea... i just want TEA...with some sugar and some milk...
no bloody cinnamon... jeeesus!

its a killing season

Lanka aid killings probe 'flawed'

well, i'll be damned, sri-lankan government lead probe is flawed?

from the riots of 1956..to 1983... its all be flawed! and to think they even manged to write it so it looked like the tamils started the riot in the first place...

Iran following the way of the taleban

Anger at Iran dress restrictions

so in a months time they'll say men have to grow beards, then they'll cut out music and television, then they'll practice islamic laws of cutting peoples head off if they dont comply with dress codes and beard codes....

Card Cloners...


Thousands of motorists who use a bank card to buy petrol are thought to have lost millions of pounds in an international criminal operation.


Maxwell Keegel, first secretary of the Sri Lankan High Commission in London, said the Sri Lankan government had evidence to suggest the scam was being used to fund the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Independent security sources told BBC correspondent Keith Doyle these claims were credible.

But a Humberside police spokesman said: "Our evidence does not suggest there is a definite link with Sri Lankan gangs."

not only does the sri-lankan government blame the LTTE for all the odd things that happen in sri-lanka, now its trying to blame all the odd things in england.



all  you tamils supporting the sri-lankan team...shift your focus!



why does everything american get more exposure in the media?

ah so 8 years ago school kids got killed in columbine... big hoo-haa

a year back some native indian kid went bizerk...

and now a south korean went bizerk and its big news.. screw the people getting killed in iraq... 127 today...

...this is capitalism...beautiful aint it...

Playing a lil Golf


Chip & Putt place in morden,

one of my favourite songs..


Aussie HIV Rejection


Australia should refuse to allow migrants or refugees with HIV to enter the country, Prime Minister John Howard has said.
i'm with the aussies on this one...

stupid dude...


'Why I was wrong about Steve Jobs'
Bill Thompson doubted Apple's desire to sell songs without DRM. They start doing it in May, so what does he think now?

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs does not have the halo quite yet

At Monday's press event to announce that the iTunes Music Store will be selling "premium" songs from EMI's catalogue without the copy-protection offered by the Fairplay digital rights management system, Steve Jobs noted that "some doubted Apple's sincerity when we made our proposal earlier this year... they said we had too much to lose".

That would be me, then.

DRM is from the music companies, not apple, if music companies didnt care about people copying their music then of course any1 can sell it without DRM!

apple is just selling the music, it doesnt make the music, it doesnt have to protect the music,

Iran Crisis


so glad UK told USA to stay out of the hostage crisis,
americans would come up with the whole "we dont negotiate with terrorists" crap... and the hostages would have gotten killed by american friendly/random fire...

bad to worse..

well..if you thought those soldiers in iran screwed up think again, the UK government screwed up!
if it were any other country other than Iran that had caught them UK would've tried the softly-softly approach, but as its Iran its accusations left right and center!
you would think they would take more care near borders, but god knows what they did...UK government will lie like Iraq had WMDs..
Blair can reshove da shit he spits out his mouth..
the pakistan cricket team murders woolmer, i think inzamam did it, woolmer wanted a bigger cut after the match, and inzy finished him off, i wouldnt be surprised if he took a bat like he did to the fans who called him a sack of potatoes...hope they find the killer, CCTV should've caught him...
i keep wishing sri-lanka would go home, there is enough trouble in sri-lanka so we dont really need cricket, hopefully they'll go home soon

I am a Nihilist!


Nihilism (from the Latin nihil, nothing) is a philosophical position which argues that the world, especially past and current human existence, is without objective meaning, purpose, comprehensible truth , or essential value. Nihilists generally assert some or all of the following: there is no reasonable proof of the existence of a higher ruler or creator, a "true morality" is unknown, and secular ethics are impossible; therefore, life has no truth, and no action is known to be preferable to any other.

LTTE Air Force


Air-Tigers attack Katunayake military airbase


that'll bring the government back to reality...

stupid sri-lankan cricketers go home...

PS3 Network iD : SemiLOOSE


my PS3 Network ID is : SemiLOOSE

Sivaji - Vaaji Vaaji

this one has even more mistakes than the other song...

Song: vaa ji vaa ji
Movie: Sivaji
Starring: Rajni
Music: AR Rehman



un poo vili paarvai pothumedi
en ____ ilaikalum malarumedi
un kaal kolsu olikal pothumedi
pala kavirngarkal katpanai thavudupodi
vaa ji vaa ji vaa ji
en jeevan sivaaji
vaa ji vaa ji vaa ji
en jeevan sivaaji

anbaal paalai yedu?WTF?
alagai saniyedu?WTF?
un aal vasanaiyai en mel nee pusi-vidu
adi nettai nilave, rettai thimirae nenjil mutty kollu
vaa ji vaa ji vaa ji
en jeevan sivaaji
vaa ji vaa ji vaa ji
en jeevan sivaaji


oru vennilavai, manakum manmathan naan
en thaen nilvae oru nilavudanthaan aval yaarumillai etho etho evalthaan
punnagai perarasai ketaen, kulathu poovukul kulirpira
punnagai perarasai ketaen, kulathu poovukul kulirpira
vidiyum varai maarpukul irupira
vilikalukul siru thuil _______
pengalidam sollvathu kuraivu, seivathu athigam
seyal puyal naanedi

vaa ji vaa ji vaa ji
en jeevan sivaaji
vaa ji vaa ji vaa ji
en jeevan sivaaji


un baakiyamae..
vaai vaathiyamae..
un valaivukalil...ulla nelivukalil vanthu olinthukondaen, sugam sugam kandaen
anantha veriyil naan, adaikalai bhoomiyil mudinthukondaen
vinnveliyil jathi sollu adi, vennnilavai jagathiyum aakivittaen?
adadada kumariyun valangal, kulanthayin sinungal
muram paathu mootai nee?

vaa ji vaa ji vaa ji
en jeevan sivaaji
vaa ji vaa ji vaa ji
en jeevan sivaaji


un poo vili paarvai pothumedi
en koontha? ilaikalum malarumedi
un kaal kolsu olikal pothumedi
pala kavirngarkal katpanai thavudupodi

Corrections in comments please...

Sivaji - Oru Kudai

err..lots of mistakes..
does is he oru kudai or oru kodi?

Song: Oru Kudai sun light
Movie: Sivaji
Music : AR Rahman

give me one time something
give me two time something
give me three time something


oru kudai sun light
oru kudai moon light
onraha serthae colour thaaneh en white
appa nan echhai? karupae
ippo naan cheka-chivapae
eppothum pachai thamizhan
ippo naan vellai thamizhan

ada-ada-ada asathuthu style
nada nada nada nadapathum style
kada-kada-kada siripathum style
pada-pada-pada paechum style

kalakuthu un style
ilukuthu un style
jeykuthu un style
kulanthaikum un style
illasukum un style
perusukum un style

ada-ada-ada asathuthu style
nada nada nada nadapathum style
kada-kada-kada siripathum style
pada-pada-pada paechum style
suda suda suda thoduvathum style
thoda thoda thoda athirediyum style
adi-kedi mudi kalaivathum style
vara vara ellame style

[spanish bit]

oru kudai sun light
oru kudai moon light
onraha serthey colour thaaneh en white
oh let me say something...

ragalai sei rathiri veera
mirala sei manmatha maara
kavithaiyelthum kalagakara
kanthadavum kanthalamara
ginnenri kanniyaipoora
thin-inru vellaikara

nadanthaye paraiudayum rendai
irunthaye uruvathil ettai
G ennum sollil
eiffel town ithayil ittai
pattasai pattai

hero hero, herathi hero
staro staro, nee superstaro

oru kudai sun light
oru kudai moon light
onraha serthey colour thaaneh en white
appa nan echhai karupu
ippo naan cheka-chivapu
eppothum pachai thamizhan
ippo naan vellai thamizhan

corrections in comment PLEASE!!

PS3 Mash up.. PS3 for sale...


ordered a few ps3s just to make sure i get one.. plus i was gonna put some on ebay..
but it seems not many people are buying ps3 so i cancelled many..
had my order with two shops... one took money out... but when the other shop tried to take money they got declined
bugger..coz that was the one i was gonna keep, sorted out the problem with the bank (they thought it was fraud) and paid on 22nd..
but ps3 only got posted today, so i prolly wont get it til monday...
keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive at local depot tommo, but i havnt got my passport as i left it in the town where i work..
gonna take some convincing to pick it up if it arrives at the depot...

what i have now... is the ps3 from the other shop, in the box, unopened, i tried to cancel it yesterday but didnt work...
now i gotta send it back! just sittin there...and i cant open it up..damn it!

now all i need some bad news on monday about a job..and this weekend will be a real bad weekend!

Sivaji - Sahara Pookal

Not officially released yet,

Song: Sahara Pookal
Movie: Sivaji
Music: AR Rehman
Starring: Rajni, Shreya

saahana saral thurutho
sahara pookal poothatho

saahana saral thuurutho
sahara pookal poothatho
sahara pookal poothatho
saahana saral thuurutho

en vinnveli thalaikumel thiranthatho adadaa
antha vennila veetukul nulainthatho,
athu ennudan thaeneer kondatho
kanavo, nijamo, kathal manthiramo
oru aayiram vendukal semitha kathal ithu
noor ayiram andukal thaandiyum vaalum ithu

sahara pookal poothatho
saahana saral thuurutho


thalai muthal kaal varai thavikina thurathai
ithalkalil kadanthuvidu
un meesaiyin mudiyinru melliya saaviyil kulangalai thiranthuvidu
bhoomikum vaanukum virikinra thuraithai pookalal nirapattuma
pookalin saalayil, poon unnai yenthiyae vaanuku nadakattuma
oru aayiram andukal semitha kathal ithu
noor ayiram andukal thaandiyum vaalum ithu
oru aayiram andukalai, semitha kaathal ithu
noor ayiram aandukal thaandiyum vaalum ithu

saahana saral thuurutho
sahara pookal poothatho

en vinnveli thalaikumel thiranthatho adadaa
antha vennila veetukul nulainthatho,
athu ennudan thaeneer kondatho
kanavo, nijamo, kathal manthiramo
oru aayiram andukal semitha kathal ithu
noor ayiram andukal thaandiyum vaalum ithu

saahana saral thuurutho
sahara pookal poothatho

PS3 arriveth tomorrow!


PS3...3 games..hdmi cable.."click" blu-ray movie...and an extra controller...now all i need is a god damn HD TV!!

where do i find the money for that...?

Global Warming, 2007's IRAQ has WMDs


it is, full of bull shit! so that they can rip you off and pay for the 4 years of war in iraq!

Sri-Lanka go home!

i hope sri-lanka gets its nuts kicked in at cricket world cup...

sri-lankan government tactics..


LTTE are the soul representatives on Tamils in sri-lanka!
but GoSL argues that more tamil live in areas controlled by them than LTTE.
what GoSL does is bomb areas where tamils live saying that they are boming LTTE, then force the tamil people to move into GoSL held areas to avoid bombardment, then say more tamil people live in goSL held areas than LTTE.
time to get rid of rajpakse..

Learn Tamil Lesson #4545

Velvi means 'an interior journey, an act of purification for the welfare of humanity'.
Velvi used in song 2Yaro, Yarukul Ingu Yaro" from Chennai 600028

Documentary on Black Tigers premiered in Oslo

For the first time the Tamil Tigers have allowed a foreign film team to "hand-pick, follow, interview and dig deep," into the lives and faiths of two female Black Tigers, according to the producers of a documentary film titled "My daughter the terrorist," which made its World Premiere to a full house crowd at Parkteatret in the Norwegian capital Oslo Monday.

documentry trailer:

Chennai 600028 - Jalsa Pannungada

Movie: Chennai 600028
Song: Jalsa Pannungada
Music: Yuvan Shanker Raja
Singers: Ranjith, Tippu, Karthik, Haricharan, Premji

(4th song on the list)

valkaiyai yosingada
thalaiyeluthai nalla vaaskingada
yosichu paarungada, ellorum onna serungada
irukiravaraikum anubavika illamai ethukada
varuhiravaraikum labameda, vasathiya thedungada

ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada
ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada

gnabagam vanthetheda, antha naal gnabagam vanthatheda
nanbanai vida oruthan, life'uku thevai illada
natpuku kooda katpukal undu nalla therinchukada
atputhamana nanbargal sernthal vetrikal kumiyumeda
nam vetrikal kumiyumeda

ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada
ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada

ulaikum payen'ai nambi nalaiku ulagame irukutheda
unmaiku poradi, kural kodutha oorey vanangumeda
nan ungal tholan, nee enthan nanban privae illayeda
nalaya ulagam, illangaerkal kayil, nambikai vaiyuengda
yen mela nambikaivayungeda

ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada
ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada

kathal vanthichenna, mugathil colour padam theriyumeda
kannadi munnadi nee ninna, kavarchiyum thonumeda
kathali iruntha kavalaikal theerum, kathal pannungeda
antha kalyanam mattum late'ah yosi, nalla irukumeda
valkai nella irukumeda

ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada
ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada

dove'ila vilunthaka, manasu novila alugumeda
theevila irupathu pol, thisaiyae theriyama pogumeda
innaiku siripa, nalaiku muraipa, innamum irukutheda
antha rothanai nammaku ippo ethuku, ushara irunthukeda
figure'ai nambama polaichukeda

ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada
ini jalsa pannungada
kujala jilpa kaatungada

valkaiyai yosingada
thalaiyeluthai nalla vaaskingada



Wifi, 2GB internal memory
no damage on the front side..nice!
3.5inch screen, 920K pixel screen!!
the norm is 230K, so thats a huge step up!
again the camera is open,
ahh...thats a huge screen for you to protect from scratch and damage, all controls are on the side,
nice xmb style menu.

i stole the pics from this site.
(more pics on that site )

hunting DSC-T100

so i'm going on a short break soon and i need a camera, i been putting it off for a long time but now that sony has launched a new line i'm definitely getting one from this line..
DSC-T100 seems pretty good but DSC-G1 has 2GB internal memory and some 921,000 pixel screen and its a funky design altho the camera is just 6MP. DSC-T100 is an 8.1MP. I have read enough camera reviews to know that its not all about megapixels when it comes to camera, its all about sensor sizes. too many damn choices i cant make up my mind!

anyways, so i started the search for dsc-t100 and i found it for pre-order. first place was sonystyle.co.uk, oh yes the sony shop! £329... ouch! Dabs.com £276 ... why does sony shop sell it at that price? does it cost it that much to run the website? of course sonystyle has it in stock but dabs doesnt.

then i thougth i would like pixmania, £291 ... which lasted for a few days before going up to £294.. weird!

then i tried pricerunner and it came up with UKdigital something and they had the price £270, so i thought i would call dem today and find out if they have it in stock,
the phone rings, then gets answered, then click and ring tone again, while my mobile registers that i am in call, the phone keeps ringing, i hang up, check my call duration, 13 seconds,
13 seconds of listening to recorded dial tone, WTF? 08708001212 < assholes!

kept searching and T100s started appearing on ebay... all those hong kong sellers.. then managed to find someone selling from UK,
got some weird ass description with *KIT* at the end of title, WTF is that about? is that some kinda ebay term?
then down at the warranty it said, "warranty provided by seller" , huh? what happened to sony's 1 year gurantee?
oh yeah on ebay it was £249 + £13 delivery charge, for this you get DSC T100 and 2GB memory stick...pretty good deal...
but...dodgy gear?

called another place.. Cameras2u.com, they dont have it in stock, they are selling at £250, what the hell is sonystyle.co.uk thinking at £329?

hmm maybe i should get the DSC-G1...

its funny how i managed to find every uncertainty thats comes with shopping online by just looking for one product....

New Sony Walkman - NW-A800


this is how it compares to the ipod nano,

more info here!

Chennai 600028 - Saroja Saman Niklao

this goes out to tamilponnu... apologies for mistakes, please correct me!!

Movie: Chennai 600028
Song: Saroja saman nikalo
Music: Yuvan Shanker Raja
Singers: Shanker Mahadevan, Premji
http://www.oosai.com/tamilsongs/chennai_600028_songs.cfm (last on the list)

saroja saman nikalo

mela eri vaarom, nee othungi nillu
keela iranga sonna, ada egirum pallu
mela eri vaarom, nee othungi nillu
keela iranga sonna, ada egirum pallu

ooty raani,pullatha baani(?) ellarum onnagalam
puri baani, pookatha poori ethachum seinchagalam
beat'u beat'u intha heart'u beatu
route potta ithu naattu beat'u

mela eri vaarom, nee othungi nillu
keela iranga sonna, ada egirum pallu
mela eri vaarom, nee othungi nillu
keela iranga sonna, ada egirum pallu

pattu pattu, sethupattu,
ayoo sirikutheda namma cherry-chittu
looku vittu, orang-kattu
athu sikelana ennai paathi(?) thattu

thiramai muluvathum theriyathu puriyathu
thaechu paakama theekuchi eriyathu
athuku, neram othuku,
yenna anaalum ponalum nammaketthuku

beat'u beat'u intha heart'u beatu
route potta ithu naattu beat'u
beat'u beat'u intha heart'u beatu
route potta ithu naattu beat'u

vaanabamparam(?) maari ithu puriyathengo
tharai-thampattai edutha enna thadukatheengo
vaanabamparam(?) maari ithu puriyathengo
tharai-thampattai edutha enna thadukatheengo


annathai aadura othiko, othiko
then-naatu vengai thaan, othuko, othuko
annathai aadura othiko, othiko
then-naatu vengai thaan, othuko, othuko

johnny johnny, sa ra ga ma pa tha nee
vaani raani, athai varuthuva nee
keni keni, thiru valli keni
kettu paaru nee than muthal koli? koil?
palasu palasana inikaathu rusikaathu
alagu kirmana athukethum kidaikaathu
ithukum bo....noruku
athu illama ingay they ethu iruku

beat'u beat'u intha heart'u beatu
route potta ithu naattu beat'u
beat'u beat'u intha heart'u beatu
route potta ithu naattu beat'u

kozhi kokara kozhi ithu kudikathengo
vaani bankaja vali, ithu salligakengo
kozhi kokara kozhi ithu kudikathengo
vaani bankaja vali, ithu salligakengo

(corrections in the comments please, thanks)
what does saroja saman nikalo mean? does nikalo mean marriage?

pattu pattu, serthupattu,ayoo sirikutheda namma cherry-chittu vittu vittu, orang-kattuathu pasikelana ennai paathi(?) thattu

pattu pattu, sethupattu,ayoo sirikutheda namma cherry-chittu looku vittu, orang-kattuathu sikelana, ennai paathi(?) thattu

Chennai 600028 - Un Parvai Melae Pattal

Movie: Chennai 600028
Song: Un Parvai Melae Pattal
Music: Yuvan Shanker Raja
Singer: Vijay Yesudass

http://www.oosai.com/tamilsongs/chennai_600028_songs.cfm (number 2 on the list)

Un parvai mele pattal naan thusi ahinraen
oru varthai pesa kettal, nan kavithai enkinraen
viral theendiyae uyir vaarkirai
ennai sera nee, ethu kekirai, soll

Un parvai mele pattal naan thusi ahinraen
oru varthai pesa kettal, nan kavithai enkinraen

iravellam nenjil chinna chinna avasthai
ethu enru solla illai oru vivasthai
unai-enni thinam pull-arikum manathinil
shell-adika vidubaval nee thaane
uyir naalum konjam vittu vittu thudika
thinamum nee ennai thontaravu keli panni
nall-iravu ovovonrayum null-iravu enru seithayae

nurai-eeral thedum swasame
rionam? aadum sotpnamae
padi-yeri vanthal sotkamae, anbae

Un parvai mele pattal naan thusi ahinraen
oru varthai pesa kettal, nan kavithai enkinraen

silar kathal ingu kall-araikul adakam
silar kathal ingu sillaraikul thodakam
athu pola alla, kall-araiyai kadanthidum
silaraiyai jeythidum emm kathal

poi ellam sutri mettu-katti padipaen[?]
athu pola kathal chicago'vum vida villai
senchinavum kandathillai, soviet'um kandathillai, anbae
mazhai naalil nee than nutpamae
veyil naalil thaneer thetpamae
oli ethum theenda sitpamae, anbae

Un parvai mele pattal naan thusi ahinraen
oru varthai pesa kettal, nan kavithai enkinraen
viral theendiyae uyir vaarkirai
ennai sera nee, ethu kekirai, soll

Un parvai mele pattal naan thusi ahinraen
oru varthai pesa kettal, nan kavithai enkinraen
viral theendiyae uyir vaarkirai
ennai sera nee, ethu kekirai, soll

(please comment the corrections, especially dat line with a question mark on it)

Champions League : Liverpool vs PSV

chelsea vs valenvia
manU vs roma

Police held over S Lanka kidnaps

A senior police officer has said that serving and former police and security force personnel have been arrested over abductions in Sri Lanka.

i'm surprised that SL police is admitting to it..
"Most of the victims have been members of the minority Tamil community. "

Chennai 600028 - Yaro, Yarukul inguYaro


ARR is cool, always like his tune but lately i find myself listening to more YSR stuff than ARR. Like the Pattiyal songs i love, "poga poga" and "yethetho".
i dont know what YSR is doing, maybe copying english tunes but these tunes are funky!

this is the latest tune... from chennai 600028


(3rd song on that list)

Movie: Chennai 600028
Song : Yaro Yarukul ingu Yaro
Music: YSR

Yaroo, yarukkul ingu yaroo
yar nenajai ingu yar thantharo
vidai illa oru kelvi
(uyir kathal oru velvi)

Yaroo, yarukkul ingu yaroo
yar nenajai ingu yar thantharo
vidai illa oru kelvi
(uyir kathal oru velvi)

kathal varam naan vanga
karai kankal nee veesa
kokkai poleh naal thOrum
ortai kalil ninraen kannmani

Yaroo, yarukkul ingu yaroo
yar nenajai ingu yar thantharo
vidai illa oru kelvi
(uyir kathal oru velvi)

oorai velum thogaiyinaleh
unnal ingu thortu pOnaen
kannal yuthame nee, seithai nithameh

oh-ho oh-ho ninrai ingu minnal keertai
nitham vangum moochu kaartai
unnai sool-kiraen naan, unnai sool-kiraen

kartil vaitha soodai poleh
kathal theernthu pogathu
unnai minchi ushnam thangi ennal vaala aahathu
anbey vaa hey-hey

Yaroo, yarukkul ingu yaroo
yar nenajai ingu yar thantharo
vidai illa oru kelvi
(uyir kathal oru velvi)

Unthan aadai kaiya poda
ungal veetu kambi kodiyai
ennai enninaen naan, thavam panninaen

ah-ha ah-ha, ketta ketta varthai solli
kitta kitta vanthai thulli
etti poi vidu illai, etho aahividum
kathal kondu pesum pothu
chenani thamilum senthaen thaan
asai vellam paayum pothum
vanga kadalum vaikal thaan
anbey vaa-haaa

Yaroo, yarukkul ingu yaroo
yar nenajai ingu yar thantharo
vidai illa oru kelvi
(uyir kathal oru velvi)

kathal varam naan vanga
karai kankal nee veesa
kokkai poleh naal thOrum
ortai kalil ninraen kannmani

Yaroo, yarukkul ingu yaroo
yar nenajai ingu yar thantharo
vidai illa oru kelvi
(uyir kathal oru velvi)

(please comment the corrections, ta)

MIA - Bird Flu


do dat birdflu

you know microsoft has problems when...



Thendral 2007 - University of Surrey


and some good news...

The 11th Star Trek film, to be directed by Lost creator JJ Abrams, will be released in the US on Christmas Day 2008, Paramount Pictures has announced.

Marginalisation of CFA compells Tamils to resume freedom struggle - LTTE




after all that frustration... here is something to chill to...

Hey Jude - Beatles

Hey, Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

Hey, Jude, don't be afraid
You were made to go out and get her
The minute you let her under your skin
Then you begin to make it better.

And any time you feel the pain, hey, Jude, refrain
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders
Well don't you know that its a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder

Hey, Jude! Don't let her down
You have found her, now go and get her
Remember, to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better.

So let it out and let it in, hey, Jude, begin
You're waiting for someone to perform with
And don't you know that it's just you, hey, Jude,
You'll do, the movement you need is on your shoulder

Hey, Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to let her into your heart
Then you can start to make it better

hmm... its all gone now...too late...

guns guns guns...guns i do adore..

like chris rock said...make the bullets 5000 dollars each...
then there wont be no more innocent by standers...

gun crime on the increase in london, where did all these guns come from?
where is the gun control, drugs ok, they can be hidden in oranges, but u cant hide a gun in an orange..
most of it prolly makes it through the ferry ports
i went to amsterdam and there was no checking, of person or vehicle, how crap is that..
border control? we could've picked up some weed and some guns and drove straight into britain and no one would question us..
sell it, make money! so easy...

alas, its not just the guns, gangsters? wanna gangstas, we got them in tamil too, 10 tamils killed by gang warfare..
how long can you be a gangster? until you are 30? what happens after that?
do these people listen to tupac or just pretend to do the whole thug life thing..

And i neva get ta lay back
Cuz i always gotta worry bout tha payback
Some buck
that i ruffed up way back
Come back afta all these years
Rat tat tat tat tat
Thats the way it is

thats the way it IS!

live by the gun, die by the gun, BITCH!

and then again, where the hell are the parents? where are the fathers? single moms raising these kids?
whats the cause? just didnt get enough hugs? went to school where idiots screwed up the lessons?
inner city has to change, maybe its time to bring back the cane!

ah its the music,
so its the rap music, the hip-hop culture,
hmm..possibly, they all think they are hard!
but then again these kids are stupid,

Trash culture, the problem is there is no culture, there is no white culture, there is no black culture
these kids are just on some rap/grime culture
i'm better than you coz i smoke weed.
noh i am better coz i done coke..
nah i am better coz i been to jail... this is what chris rock called the niggarant attitude...

 i think its the media, media is what makes these kids go out and grab whatever to be known in the hood (famous)
kids dont want to put time into learning something and being good at it, they want instant fame
sad indeed that the media is ruining kids, its not letting them make their own mind, its showing them as failures,
media shows things like it can be achieved over night, where as things take ages to achieve,

summary...everything goes in circles
like rain! evaporates off the sea, makes clouds, rains on mountain, river goes to sea!!
thats how life is!
this poisonning of the kids by the media will lead to something, possibly to programs like the "running man" with arnold schwarzenegger
haha.. shit..its all fucked up!

Skiing, Pamporovo continued...


20th we left UK and landed in bulgaria
21st is the first day of skiing!

we got to the hotel at 12 or something, the responsible one thought bulgaria is 3 hours ahead of UK.
we had to get up 7-8.30 for breakfast, but our rep meeting to get out ski hire, ski lesson and ski lift tickets at 8.30!
as soon as we got to the hotel, we put our bags in the room and took a walk around the resort just to check it out and we ended up going to sleep at 2AM...
and throughout the holiday K kept saying its 10pm UK time, i dont give a fuck what the time is in UK when i am bulgaria...damn it!

so we decided to get up at 6AM, (bulgaria is 2 hours ahead of UK, so we go up 1 hour early due to responsible persons mistake)
put on all da skiing gear.. that takes some time!
we get down to breakfast..thinkin it was 7..30 , no one was there, it was empty, we didnt get clued up...
breakfast was buffet style, one side with fruits, cheese, ham slices, other side with sausages, eggs, all oily stuff,
then the usual bread, cereal, orange juice, good stuff! nice set of options! we started eating oily food, and lots of it, then near the end of the holiday everyone went healthy and were eating fruits for breakfast. only thing i can complain about bulgaria is the lack of good tea! the only tea they had was some shoddy "ceylon tea"!
then water boiler was warm so tea never brewed right, but i cant start the morning without a tea!! i'm a tamilan in bulgaria...!

so there we are, first to arrive for the food, doh! then we slowly make out way to perelik hotel where we meet our rep to get our ski tickets
rather a simple thing, get some tickets, swap em at the ski depot for various things you need. den we got the bus to the ski depot, the depot ispacked!
lot of ice than snow, a long queue to get ur ski equipment. this happens every week. a rotational thing, this week it was out turn, these ski equipment will be mine for a week.
so finally put those ski boots on, lean forward coz the boot is made like dat. den we got our skis and sticks...woohoo! lets go!

we were signed up for the beginner class and we were told to stand in front of the ski depot til we had enough in the group then an instructor will take us for the lessons,
we got a mix bunch of people, a few old, a few young,,mostly in the middle. then we got our instructor...Dani, late 30s , perm hair, short, "follow me please" with a heavy bulgarian accent!  here we go!

loads of people had arrived earlier than us and were already in their lessons, all learning to put the skis on, fallin down, getting up, skiing, walking, snow plough..etc..etc..

if you check out the youtube videos on previous post you'll see how our first day went...

so after a day of fallin down and pondering what you were doing there, it was time to go home and get some rest, especially after the lack the sleep the night before.

dinner time... 7-8.30pm, of course we were the first coz of the confusion with the time,
dinner was various meats, with no sauce, loads of bulgarian salads which i didnt touch at all, potato wedges and such.
they did do rice, best was the spinach rice which was nice! dinner wasnt as good as the choices at breakfast. oh yeah you could have soup too!
dessert was Moroccan cake, which was superb... i think its Moroccan cake, i only had it once before in UK and that was from a Moroccan shop!

afte dinner we slep then at some random time someone said lets go out and i came out of my slumber... lets go!
it turns out it was the pub crawl that night, we missed a meeting at 5.30pm coz we were sleeping after getting back from skiing..
so we joined up and had the best night of the whole holiday! it wasnt easy getting up the next day... (22nd)

Putin puts out

Finally the russian number 1 speaks out against america.. and he is 100% right!

America's "very dangerous" approach to global relations was fuelling a nuclear arms race, he told a security summit


americas war against terror and its no nonsense approach is fueling terrorists and poor nations to take up arms

Skiing Videos

Skiing holiday videos uploaded to youtube...

obviously the falls..

Shank's Fallin down

Kanna Fallin down

Shanks and me showing kanna how its done

Kanna falling down and wondering how to get up

how can the government let this go by...

A Saudi-funded Islamic school says it is removing from text books controversial passages which allegedly brand other faiths as "worthless".


An ex-teacher claims pupils were taught from books which describe Jews as "repugnant" and Christians as "pigs".

how can such things be taught to kids?
i cant believe such a thing can happen in london, in this day and age!
is it all oil politics thats keepin the uk governments mouth closed?


in the corner


every time reid,uk home office minister, gets pushed in the corner he busts out with a police raid

even if it all goes wrong the police dont have to tell you what they raided coz they dont have to under terror laws,

still awaiting to see some evidence of those raids which stopped people from carrying liquid stuff in their hand luggage on planes

then there is the shoe checking at airports, random people are checked = muslim looking

ah the crazy world of policing with terror laws.

lame e-mail, thanks

Dear Customer,

We are thrilled to confirm that Play.com will supply your pre-ordered Sony PlayStation 3 Console with 60GB HDD & 3 Games at launch

If you no longer wish to keep your pre-order with Play.com please login to your account and remove the item from your Outstanding Orders

To avoid any delays, please check that your payment details on your account are up to date

You do not need to do anything more to receive your PlayStation 3 from Play.com so sit back and look forward to a fantastic entertainment experience!

Kind Regards


*Your console will be dispatched as soon as it is received from Sony. Console price and game offering is subject to change
is that isnt the most pathetic e-mail in the world, fuckin cunts!

Skiing Holiday in Pamporovo, Bulgaria.

Skiing Holiday in Pamporovo, Bulgaria.
20th to 27th January 2007

the holiday was booked through www.fasttrackski.co.uk, the operator was www.Crystalski.co.uk which is in partnership with www.thomsonski.co.uk
booked coach from London Victoria to Stansted via www.terravision.it , cheaper than national express.

booked the coach for 11am on saturday (20th jan) and told everyone to meet up at victoria. i thought the coach station at victoria is just outside the railway station, how wrong i was.
as usual, being tamil, they thought they can arrive at victoria at 11 and catch the coach, doh!
after the final person arrived at victoria it was a mad dash to find the coach station, of course different coaches departed from different places and we ended up where national express coaches depart, then after asking several strangers and going the wrong way we managed to find the place, then we asked a guy who seemed to be an official and he said the coach had left, then there was a guy loading up a coach with luggage and we asked him and he said that this was tha coach and complained about us arriving at 11 to catch a 11am departure coach, doh! of course if the coach had terravision written on it we wouldnt have been so confused. the coach turned out to be almost empty and we go on our way to stansted.

we arrived at stansted at 12.15pm, thought we needed to arrive early in order to book seats next to each other, had about 2 hours to kill before checking in so went to a pub and watched the liverpool-chelski game! what a win! as long as we can do the same to man u and  arsenal its all good.  then about 1.30 or something we decided to go to check in and queue up thinking that we would be the first in the queue, oh bugger! almost last in the queue, lotta waiting on the queue about 45 mins or so, then finally got checked in and into the duty free.

first security check went fine, no beeping no excessive checking, people infront were told they cannot take their babie's baby oil , baby lotion, etc..etc..
then onto the next where they check your shoes, some people get let thru, some random people are told to take their shoes off and put thru a scanner, i had to!

then after putting the shoes on, another stop, just police checking passports, my friend got checked not me,  then we were finally into the duty free,
dixons/currys didnt have wii games, HMV had Wii games and advertised it like there was a lotta saving to be had, but it was more expensive than in outside shops

after everyone did their duty free shopping we  boarded the plane at 16.45pm and didnt look forward to the 3 hour flight...played black jack (not 21) for 3 hours interrupted by food,
then one of the trolley dollies saw that my friend had his mobile on (flight mode or not), she told him to turn it off and then proceeded to tell the captain about the incident, which we didnt realise till we heard the captains announcement. "i have been informed that a few passengers have their mobile phones switched on.;..............."  doh!!!

then the landing, which was unexpected as i was in the middle of explaining something, took me a few seconds to realise that we landed..landed about 19.;45pm which in local time was 21.45pm

sofia aiport is pretty small, smaller than kattunayake, the plane stopped about half a football pitch length from the doors to the airport, but we still had to get on a coach, and be driven a scenic route around 2 other planes before they dropped us off, then started the chaos of queues for toilets and luggage.

bulgarian passport checker didnt give any trouble, managed to get the luggage and straight outside to meet our crystal ski rep, told to catch the number 2 bus, we went outside and we saw "1" "3" and "22" , is that 2 or 22, turned out to be 2, just that sheets of paper had moved, if there were three pieces of paper it wouldve been 222!

i didnt like the coach at all, pretty much like the coaches you would get in sri-lanka, covered in mud, old old coach! and we spent 4 hours on this going from Sofia to Pamporovo.
there were two bulgarians in the coach, one driver and the other guide, the guide goes "the drivers name is krazy" ...gr8! then the guide spent about 30 mins telling us about bulgaria, he said about 5 mins worth of information. then he finally got the hint that people wanted him to shut up and he did. then we it was a long long drive playing black jack.