blogger power


no need to upload pics to imageshack any more..coz blogger can do it..

This is my bowl of cherries, i bougth them from sainsburys and some of them were bad with cuts/splits and few were moldy,

i think i need to operate this blogger photo upload when america is sleeping, its taking a long time to upload pics

hmm..i feel like a pawn in a fight between msn spaces and blogger

bid for ticket to sri-lanka



N91 the beauty with a beast inside


Nokia N91

check out the pics, loox awesome


well..i've passed all my exams, now all i have to do is finish my thesis and i'll get my Msc, then hopefully a 9-5 job...shit!

Anyone for Rasmalai?

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Rasmalai from tooting karahi lahore, not the best place to buy a quick bite but only place open

Tsunami Charity Match : Asia XI vs World XI


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Asia XI Team

Asia XI: Rahul Dravid (captain), Virender Sehwag, Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakkara (wicket-keeper), Mahela Jayawardene, Mohammad Kaif, Anil Kumble, Chaminda Vaas, Irfan Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, Muttiah Muralitharan.

International XI: Brian Lara (captain), Graeme Smith, Stephen Fleming, Andy Flower (wicket-keeper), Adam Hollioake, Chris Cairns, Shaun Pollock, Heath Streak, Dominic Thornely, Shane Warne, Makhaya Ntini.

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Jayasurya showing them how its done

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Ntini of South Africa finishing his over,

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the crowd to my left

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the crowd to my right

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final score board

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our Dhol Man, Raj, and his followers

read a few books...

read a few books, all by Dan Brown,

first book i read after a long long time and i just wanted to read it to see what the fuss was all about, i understood the fuss after reading a few lines, then with every line it just got better and better, having been to the louvre and done the tourist track of seeing venus de milo and the monl lisa in 5 minutes i knew what he was talking abt when he said some just come to see these and leave, i was pressed for time, been to paris a few times and culd relate to a few things, i keep encouraging everyone to read it,

this one they didnt have to sell to me, i wanted to read it as soon as i had finished the DaVinci code, i seemed to have developed an appetite for the origins of christianity,

the third book i read, i started to read deception point first but the american stuff in the book made me put that down and read this book, altho its good its i would put this as the last book if i rated all four books

this one was a slow starter but once you get past a point in the book you dont want to put it down til you finished it, the last book i read

Media decides

in the old days the media was nice, honourable, censored so us, the old folks grew up with honour and honesty and an innocent, but now days the media is packed with dirt that the kids growing up today are filled with dirt,

damn disgusting,



marriage,wine,divorce,wine, 40s, wine, real life, too real, no wonder films depicting real life never become box office hits, they are just too real,

before sunset...another movie down


one of those philosophical films about life and love, putting too much emphasis on that first lost love and the missed opportunities,well directed, well acted, pity it leaves with no idea how it ends...then again its not a film where u want to know the ending

i'm sure it struck a code with all the guys and gals who missed out on their first love, and forcing the present lost loves to try once more to get back together,
most likely to leave you wanting to be loved, love sick, lonley, the build of the film was good, it had an orchestra like build up of the emotions of the two people, then it all exploded, then it slowly bulit down, its good

all ahead full stop


u cant take the msn out of the people but u can take the people out of the msn

i've deleted the people on my msn than me deleting msn all the time,


4 days now, no work done, slow progress has come to a fullstop, kinda scary
starting to be pathetic,

watched sincity, pretty grim movie, nicely directed altho mixing three different stories and not getting anything to match at the end is a bit pathetic, too many uses of the word pathetic today,

madagascar was ok, a usual animated movie, never has enough laughs, guess its for the kids. ali-g did amazing, david schimmer aka ross from friends got a crap role, i guess i'm too used to seeing him as friends cant see him playing any other role than ross

hitch was all right, pretty good altho they culd've pushed the boat out on the jokes for a while before getting to the mushy shit

another animation, but this was amazing, takes a lot research to do this movie,
robbin williams for himself, crazy as ever, few adult jokes, pretty good

Sri-Lankan Monks On Crack


and i thought bhuddists were supposed to be peacefull, and damn what do you expect from bhuddist monks? bhuddist fundamentalism,

prank call collection

some whores and bastards call me and say "drop it like its hot"
i dont know what the deal is...

prank call 2

prank call 3

if any1 recognizes their voice...:D

Racist Australia


indonesian customs found drugs in this womans luggage and she was found guilty of drug trafficking by the indonesian courts but australia is up in arms coz they THINK she is innocent,

and australian people are dishing out racial comments about indonesians, calling for the tsunami aid to be taken back etc..etc..and radio djs calling the indonesian judges clowns,

whether she is innocent or guilty, its a court, u let the country carry out its law, u cant have this mass media craze increasing the racism in the country, australia is already renowned for its racism and this puts the cherry on the cake,

double standards and stupidity.

if she is innocent then my heart goes out to her,

Del Boy Knighted...

David Jason

only fools and horses one of the greatest british comedies, and and so many other programs to his name, a great actor, surprised he hadnt been give it before...

arise, sir Del boy

hit the town


yes baby..finally on the PC! lord have mercy! its going crazy
let the guns blaze, even if they give you a gaze, put u in a daze

damned cockroaches...

am i allowed to kill them?

stranger than fiction

a gentle drizzle was in the air, it wasnt going to rain and the sun wasnt going to come out, a slight cold wind was blowing, i had just got off the national express from brighton, my notes in one hand and my luggage in the other i was walking down the from the bus stop to my house, i see a seedy character approach me, one of those oily characters, you knew they couldnt afford to buy ciggarettes so they rolled up, young, poor, dirty, he came up to me, "excuse me mate, do you have a 20 pence piece?"
my reflex reponse "no, sorry" i knew i had money, and i certainly knew i had a 20 pence piece, why didnt i give it to him? was i supposed to?

earlier that afternoon:
as i was about to leave my house in brighton to head home the last thing i did was to pick up a 20 pence piece from my table, i picked it up wondering what i am going to do with it, wondering why i even picked it up,


she is goin on holiday in 18 days but she isnt replying to my e-mails,
how long does it take to just reply to an e-mail? this is very interesting,
getting some deep BS from one super and getting nothing from one..
if she has given up she should send a message saying she has given up, instead of not replyin to the e-mails, time to give her a little visit, but i'm tired of havin to be the apologetic one all the time,

the debate

Should i get one of these?

i dont know what to do, getting it will make me even more broke than i already am,
i need 185 squids...