Tamil problem with Law and Order

the movie is a 15 certificate, and as usual some tamils bought along all their kids and cinema management were a bit slow to react, as in letting them all into the screen before holding up playing the movie till all the kids were ejected, there was a good 30 mins of tamil people hooting and hollering about justice...

some idiots were saying we are tamils and should stick together and argue for kids to stay when the rules are rules. just couldnt get it through their thick heads that MGT is following rules and the rule was setup to protect kids from viewing violence..

i went down to have a word, several idiots started arguing with me saying if they let them in, they should stay...
and finally they all left and the movie started good 40 mins late...

fuckin bbc

bbc asks who else wears poppies..


and has a picture of sri-lankan soldier wearing a poppy, like sri-lanka is a model country with high moral..



today i dreamt:

i was on holiday somewhere, there was a sort of a cultivated jungle in the back leading into a real jungle. the jungle was known for snakes, elephants and ancient dinosaur like creatures.
then we had people over for a party, local people. One girl caught my eye and i was trying to dance with her but all she wanted was to have a good time. i was running around with my camera then she finally said she would dance with me so i left my camera on the table next to wine bottles and went with her.
next day the party is over, no one is there. i go to the back and i see friends playing in the jungle then the dinosaurs, i go to get my camera
the lens cap is broken with metal bits hanging out of it, i turn it on and nothing happens, i try other things to turn it on and nothing happens. i then pull out the mode dial, and cheap wine starts coming out of it, i let it all come out, and the wine keeps pouring out. and i look at the compartment below the mode dial and its now empty. then the dinosaurs disappear.

adoption game

during roadtrips with friends when the car is on a motorway and we have nothing to do, i like to create scenarios and put the scenario to my friends, to see the difference in  opinions as well as to create intrigue for others in how another may deal with a scenario. In one such roadtrip a scenario turned into a social experiment. I said to my friends i will ask a question and this will lead you to think of a colour, i want you to tell me the colour when i ask you. i asked "will you a adopt a child?", here are the answers.

1. white
2. white
3. brown
4. baby/child (no colour)
5. wouldn't adopt

of course all subjects were of sri-lankan origin (1 tamil eelam) and so my field is very narrow never the less the answers are still intriguing.


i want to write something. i'm sat here thinking of what to write. when i got here to write my mind was clear on what i was going write. every subject that could write about flashed across my mind and none i find interesting to write about. times when i write, things seem to flow from my brain to my fingers but now they pause when they reach my fingers. there is not a thing i would like to write about.

Aid to savages


USA stops funds to Pakistan, these are the similar policies carried out by US when it invaded america and screwed over the red indians.

is this whats happening to tamils abroad?


following excerpt is from Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth:

"where individuals are concerned, a positive negation of common sense is evident. while the settler or the policeman has the right the live-long day to strike the native, to insult him and make him crawl to them, you will see the native reaching for his knife at the slightest hostile or aggressive glance cast on him by another native; for the last resort of the native is to defence his personality vis-á-vis his brother."

to me it seems like this is also true in the case of immigrants. How many tamil on tamil fights have we seen? why is it always tamil fighting other tamils? Tamils rarely fight people of other races but if its another tamil they won't resist fighting.

short movie review in three parts

Engeyum Kadhal: 1st: errrr ok, 2nd: errrr ok, 3rd: errr wasted my time

HANNA: 1st : fuck off, 2nd : errr..ok, 3rd: waste my time..fuck off

Virgin Atlantic - what a pile of Shite! prefer EasyJet


Virgin Atlantic - what a pile of Shite! prefer EasyJet, atleast they don't bullshit about their service.

I recently flew virgin atlantic from Las Vegas to London on the 1st of May 2011 and had the worst flying experience of my life. It's a dire contrast to what virgin atlantic advertises and what is delivered.


This is how the service was from virgin atlantic fared:


·         The flight was delayed by an hour and twenty minutes

·         The 747-400 flight that eventually turned up was good for scrapping

·         There was chewing gum stuck on the seats

·         There was long line of dust all over the overhead where the AC and lights were

·         The blanket that was wrapped up in the polythene bag had long hairs on it

·         The entertainment unit was from the 60s, with a remote that was attached to the arm rest – worst of all it didn't even work for the row I was sat on. Not only the channels but the light switch, the call button etc.., absolutely nothing worked. 3 on the row received a weak apology and told that they could not do anything at all, that we just have to deal with it.

·         Then the food, advertised as chicken had more mushroom and hardly any chicken.

·         I was feeling cold and I wanted to ask for a second blanket but I couldn't call a cabin crew as the buttons on the arm rest don't work, even I managed to get the attention I was afraid of asking as they would say they didn't have any because I watched a passenger almost being told he was a thief when he asked for blanket and he didn't have one on the seat when he got on the plane.


Thank you for this god awful service, if I had a choice I would not have flown on this flight at all.

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another way the customers get screwed over...



so soap companies got fined for price fixing, so where does this 300 million fine go?
and what do customers do when this 300 million fine is passed down to the customers with increased price on all products these parent companies make?

capitalism at work...a way for which customers keep losing money while companies keep theirs in whatever event.


today was like any other weekday, trying to rush into work even though i know i'm going to be stuck in traffic. getting frustrated with it and working up the pressure for no real gain. but thats where today wasn't like any other day. today was an eye opener. today was the recognizing where tamil culture is heading, today was realising the failures within the tamil society. it was pretty pathetic... today i'm ashamed to be tamil.
let me tell you why...

i get in the bus, oyster touched, looking for empty seat, nice looking tamil girl sat with her mother, girl is moody. fine, skip, seats at the back and i notice an old tamil woman herding 3 kids to school. she is sat in the back of the bus, 2 kids, a boy and a girl, 7/8 sat in two seats infront of the back row. old woman sat right in the middle of the back seat row and another little kid, 5/6, sitting next to the old woman, i didn't notice this tamil kid singing. the boy in the front seat is talking tamil, well enough for a kid of his age, must be a family new to england, (i'm saying that instead of fresh off the boat..). then i hear the little boy int he back singing. "anil anil odi va" etc..etc..then i realise he is shouting this "song", "goya palam thindu va", "alagaana anil", shouting, more shouting, the old tamil woman sits there, all the passengers in the bus are looking towards the back at the racket, the old woman sits there, then when the shouting gets worse she tells him once is enough, to which he says in tamil "how can i learn if i sing it once grandma". commendable, but not in a bus. his shouting goes on, getting worse everytime the bus comes to a stop due to traffic, only way everyone gets a rest from this is when the engine noise drowns out his annoying shouting. i'm thinking, just smack him and make him shut up, the grandmother does nohting and ignores it. the bus being slow through traffic is annoying me, i contemplate getting off and walking the rest of the way but no, i sit the endure, this is where the shit twists.... the little boy at the back starts an argument with the girl who is sat infront of him, she is the older sister, he says give me the phone or something and she won't give it to him. the little boy says "i'll beat you up if don't give it to me", obviously the older sister is used this kind of talk.. (i'm not, never heard of a younger brother saying this to an older sister, however old you are, if it happened in my family the boy is looking to get a good beating) and she ignores him. the boy continues to say i'll beat you, and i'll rip (kilppaen) you...then eventually he says "akka is a fuck" i heard it the first time he said it, i think to my said no he didnt say that, he said something else, he says it again, no reaction grandmother or sister, then he says "ammama akka is fuck ena"  (grandma, akka is fuck isnt she") ..holy fuck! whats going on here...
now i question where the parents are of these kids, why is the grandmother taking these kids to school, where did this kid learn this? why does he not have any of the good tamil discipline? where did it all go wrong? the grandmother tells him slightly sternly that he shouldnt use that language to which he says "if she won't give it to me then i'll say it" ..oh christ! get me out of his nightmare....

the bus finally reaches the stop, i'm off like a shot...

George Osborne is an idiot

The windfall tax on oil firms announced in the Budget will not be passed on to motorists in higher fuel prices, George Osborne insists.

if that aint the biggest bullshit ever, does he thing everyones fucking stupid?



if everything is under control... you are not going fast enough.


ஒரு நாள் வேல்கிறாய்
மறு நாள் கொல்கிறாய்
இது யுத்தம் அல்ல, முடியா பித்தம்
தேளிடம் முத்தம் கேப்பது பித்தம் தான்
நீல ரெத்தம் கொண்ட பெண்ணிடம்  எதிர்பாக்கும் சித்தன் நான்
கல் நெஞ்சு கொண்டால் அது தண்ணீரில் மூழ்கிவிடும்
நெஞ்சு பஞ்சு என செய்தால் அது காற்றோடு  பறந்துவிடும்
கடலுக்கு படகாகி, காற்றுக்கு மரமாகி
அவளுக்கு பதமாகி போகவேண்டும் 



 பூ அழகு என்று கூறியது எவன்?
வண்டுகள் பூவின் அழகு தேடி போவதில்லை
பூவுக்குள் ஒளிந்திருக்கும் தேனை தேடி
அது போல் பெண்ணின் அழகை தேடி போகாதே
அவளுக்குள் ஒளிந்திருக்கும் இனிமையை தேடு.




கவிதை எழுத ஒரு தயக்கம்
கண்ணில் உன் முகம் தெரியும்போல் ஒரு மயக்கம்
நீ பேசுவதுபோல் ஒரு கனவு
நீ பேசுவது மட்டும் தான் நினைவு
டி ராஜேந்திரன் மாதிரி கவிதை எழுதுகிறேன் 
கண்ணதாசன் எழுதின கவிதை போல் புளுகுகிறேன்
கொஞ்சம் சிரிப்பாய் என நம்புகிறேன்
கண்ணில் நீ சிரிப்பதை  காண்கிறேன்
மனம் மறக்கத்துடித்தலும்  பழைய ஞாபகம்
நன் செய்த லீலைகளின் சம்பவம்
அது எல்லாமே என்னக்கு ஒரு பொற் காலம்



Raw hide...

if everything is under control... you are not going fast enough.

வெண்ணிற இரவுகள் - பேசு (Vennira iravugal - Pesu)

பாட்டு: வெண்ணிற இரவுகள்
படம்: பேசு
பாடகர்: யுவன் ஷன்கர் ராஜா

 வெண்ணிற இரவுகள் காதலின் மௌனங்கள்
angelo வண்ணங்கள் நம் காதல் ரேகைகள் தானே
 I have a dream கடல் காதல்  ஆகுமா 
I have a dream நிலம் அன்பால் பூக்குமா
I have a dream  roman சாலைகள்
I have a dream  sky காதலை  சேருமா

நாளெல்லாம் தேடினேன் காதலை பாடினேன்
யாரென்னை கேட்பினும் நல்ல பாடல் சொல்ல வந்தேனே
 காதலின் சாலைகள் பூமியை  கோர்க்கும
எல்லைகள் வேண்டுமா ஏன்டா கேள்வியை கெட்கும

 I have a dream கடல் காதல்  ஆகுமா 
I have a dream நிலம் அன்பால் பூக்குமா
I have a dream  roman சாலைகள்
I have a dream  I have a dream I have a dream

யாரோ நதியினில் போகும்  வழிகளில்  எங்கும் உள்ளதே காதல்
ஒரு பூவின்  தலையினில் ____ பூத்திடும் மாயம் செய்யுமே காதல்
vernes'இன் கடிதங்கள்  keats'இன் கவிதைகள் எழுதசொன்னதே காதல்
நம் ____ காதில்  சொல்லிட வரங்கள் தந்திடும் காதல்

 I have a dream கடல் காதல்  ஆகுமா 
I have a dream நிலம் அன்பால் பூக்குமா
I have a dream  roman சாலைகள்
I have a dream  sky காதலை  சேருமா

 I have a dream கடல் காதல்  ஆகுமா 
I have a dream நிலம் அன்பால் பூக்குமா
I have a dream  roman சாலைகள்
I have a dream  I have a dream I have a dream

Done for 2011




Bloc party


30 mis break for every 5 min skiing



Le thuile


Mt blanc

French cider

The range


View pan

Une joke


Down down


Hills are alive

Le cafe

View from brealfast table




Dinner is served



if everything is under control... you are not going fast enough.



if everything is under control... you are not going fast enough.