apple asserts its control...again!


Apple has warned that anyone attempting to unlock their iPhone to use with an unauthorised mobile network could find their phones irreparably damaged.
At&t and O2 have paid a lot of money (or giving apple most of therevenue of selling iphones) to apple for the EXCLUSIVITY of the phone to their network so i doubt they want apple to control these hackers, i assume the only losers in this war are the networks as many people wont bother with upgrading software if they can use it with another network.

who are these people...


who are these people who start petitions like ..
"they are trying to shut down MSN, sign the petiton to keep it online" ...
"they are trying to shut down facebook, sign the petition to keep it online"...
i just want to wring their neck...
what is the purpose of your LIFE?



its a free world, let the head of each state decide whats its citizens should do and shouldnt, not bloody americans or europeans

Evil Apple Tree


Reasons why apple sucks...

Fast Life


so the healthy people say fast food kills you...
as i see it,
you go for fast food, buy in less than 5 mins, you are eating within 5 mins, and you've finished eating within 20 mins..
Total time spent/wasted: 20 mins
lets go for the healthy alternative,
you go shopping, waste of time, you prepare, waste of time, you cook, waste of time, all this will take more than an hour
then you spend another 30 mins eating, ...
Total time spent/wasted: 1 hour 30 mins
so eating fast food is bad for your health, it reduces your life time, but by how much exactly? 30 mins every time ?
but of course by eating healthy, you dont reducde your life time, but you do end up wasting it on cooking and eating..
so in the bigger picture things must equal out by eating fast food...

Winning Attitude

whats wrong with england... whats wrong with the english FA.. whats wrong with the manager?

why do they not have a winning attitude, teams shouldnt go on the pitch thinking a draw is enough or this is a tough game lets draw it then win the rest, thats the difference between England and the top football teams.
Other teams go out there to win every game, thats how you show you are the best team in the world,
Brazil dont play for a draw, they play to win.
if you feed the mind of players who have a winning attitude with thoughts of a business man then you are screwed.
you should encourage your plays to have winning attitude not tell them to take it easy incase we lose the game, thats a pessimistic attitude which has got England no where so far...
Euro 96 is when england played to win games, since then its all be a pile of BS!
Sven was a good coach if the FA didnt get its fingers dirty
Go out there, play every game to win! 

which is the correct english...


1.he is in deep thought already
2.he is already in deep thought

Tamil credit card fraudsters jailed for murder


A Kingston woman has been jailed after police investigating a murder uncovered a credit card scam that left victims £145,000 out of pocket.
ennamo nadakuthu intha ulagathileh...

Philosophy Lesson for TODAY

u had the whole day off yesterday, didnt you go shopping?

uh, sorry but I am not so capitalistic that I automatically associate "holiday" with "shopping" ;P

i meant food shopping since you are hungry.. not shopping for your Louis vuitton or chanel.... *<:O)

shopping is shopping, mate. I prefer my fruits from the vines (rather than the squeezed aisles of your beloved ASDA/Tesco's).
Anyway, I do have food ("thanks" for your concern), but I am still h u n g r y.

we would all like that, but we are neither that rich nor that poor...(hopefully thats the correct english)

(tx manisha)