Litvinenko murdered ok, how many did Litvinenko kill?

Litvinenko was murdered, super assassin style by poisoning his coffee with polonium,
now Litvinenko is a former KGB agent... now how many people did he kill in this way?
hasnt is always been live by the sword, die by the sword?
how does the media manage to portray it in such a way to take only livenenko's side of the story?
too much cold war movies? british media cant get over bambi?
come on now... but which journalist would have the guts to ask such question?
all journalists follow the same suit, no mind of their own, always follow the same brand
untill something crack, some one protests, then the journalists mind sway and they
write something opposing the generaly held view......does the press really have freedom of speech?

International community is letting war decide Tamils' fate - paper

[TamilNet, Friday, 09 November 2007, 14:15 GMT]
By allowing the Sri Lankan state free rein and supporting it to wage war, the international community has made any rights the Tamils secure depend entirely on the battlefield outcome, the Tamil Guardian newspaper said this week. "The military has for two years blasted villages, driven hundreds of thousands from their homes and continues to abduct, torture and murder…For all the noise about human rights (and much of that has dissipated now), the state actually wants for nothing. Ironically, the more the international community is convinced the LTTE can be defeated, the freer the hand it will have."

The full text of the editorial, titled 'No Choice' follows:

The targeted killing last Friday of Mr. S. P. Tamilselvan, the LTTE's Chief Negotiator and the head of its Political Wing, along with five other LTTE officials, by the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) shocked the Tamil community. Across Diaspora centres and in the homeland, there is palpable grief and anger. The specificities of the attack - whether the SLAF knew Mr. Tamilselvan was at the location, for example - are irrelevant: the military has been trying repeatedly to kill him for years, frequently bombing his offices, residences and convoys. The assassination is a quintessential reflection of the Sinhala mindset. President Mahinda Rakapakse, along with the vast majority of Sinhalese, see the island's ethnic problem purely as a Tamil terrorist challenge. For all the lip-service (and there's not much of that about now) about power sharing, the south is single-mindedly focused on a military victory. The abandon with which the military has for two years blasted Tamil villages, driven hundreds of thousands of Tamils from their homes and continues to abduct, torture and murder Tamils is underwritten by the confidence the international community, despite its distaste, is nonetheless solidly behind Colombo's war.

Both the Sinhalese and the international community have their legitimating theories. For the Sinhalese, once the LTTE is destroyed, the Tamils will docilely accept whatever limited (and decidedly undeserved) powers they are given. The leading members of the international community in Sri Lanka agree. But they also believe that once the LTTE is destroyed, the island can be 'developed' whereupon Sinhalese, Tamils and, for that matter, the Muslims, will come to see each other as fellow Sri Lankans and live happily ever after. Despite the decades of Sinhala oppression the Tamils have faced by successive governments since independence ( i.e. three decades before Tamil militancy was triggered), the international community bases its strategy today off a utopian vision of an ethnic harmony to come. It is not that such a vision is impossible that is staggering but, rather, the belief it can be realized by enabling a violent Sinhala conquest of the Tamils followed by economic development.

The various reactions to the Sri Lankan military's assassination of Mr. Tamilselvan should serve as food for thought for anyone out there who still believes either that peace talks might end the bloodshed or, even more naively, that the international community will act to protect the Tamils against the rampages of the state. As President Rajapakse crowed in Parliament this week, he has secured the assistance of the international community to defeat the Tigers. As we have argued before, for all the noise about human rights (and much of that has dissipated now), the state actually wants for nothing. Ironically, the more the international community is convinced the LTTE can be defeated, the freer the hand the Sinhala state will have.

Let there be no mistake; irrespective of the extent of the casualties or suffering the Sinhala military inflicts on Tamil civilians, the international community will not restrain the state. Not, that is, until the military is checked on the battlefield by the LTTE's counter-violence. At that point, as in 2001, international peaceniks will rush back to help Tamils and Sinhalese solve 'their' problem. The insistence by some international actors, especially those who proudly proclaim their support and assistance for the Sinhala state, that 'there is no military solution' is duplicitous. The solution must be political, we all know that. But it can be rammed down the Tamils' throats on the end of bayonet. Which is why several members of the international community advocating 'peace' in Sri Lanka have also banned the LTTE.

When Sinhalese unite

Last week Sinhalese reveled in Mr. Tamilselvan's assassination. Traditional drums were played in the street. Parties were organized at home. Some Buddhist temples held all night celebrations. For any Sinhalese who genuinely desires a negotiated solution, the killing of the other side's top diplomat should have been deeply worrying and regrettable. But very few in the south feel this way, something the Tamils need to bear in mind as they make their way in the time to come. For decades, when faced with violence and brutality by a Colombo government, many Tamils have rushed to the feet of the Sinhala opposition, voting it into power in a laughably futile effort to end their suffering, if only for a while. They have chased after the SLFP and UNP in turn, insisting, despite the evidence of their past suffering, that this time round it would be different.

In reality, for the Tamils, there is nothing to choose between the main Sinhala parties. This is because all of them are beholden to the sentiments of the majority of Sinhalese voters who, as is now starkly clear, bitterly oppose sharing of any power with the Tamils. The point was underscored this week by the reaction of the UNP - still the darlings, incidentally, of the 'peace through development' international community - to Mr. Tamilselvan's assassination. Firstly, the UNP hailed the killing as a 'great victory' for the (Sinhala) Air Force. It then went on to tacitly back Rajapakse's brutal war, saying there is 'no point' negotiating with the LTTE. Let us be clear; whenever the LTTE negotiates with the state, it is about the rights, powers and extent of self-rule that we, the Tamil people, are to have. The UNP, drunk with the same confidence in Sinhala military victory that the SLFP regime is, believes, like the government, that there is no point in negotiating with an enemy who is about to be defeated. The optimism may be misplaced, but the UNP sees no reason to hide it.

This week Tamils in the homeland and abroad have mourned Mr. Tamilselvan and his colleagues killed last Friday. We join them. Both Mr. Tamilselvan and Lt. Colonel Anpumani (Alex), who was also killed in Friday's airstrike, were friends of this newspaper. From the outset of the Norwegian peace process, concerned that the Tamil people be kept informed of developments, they, along with the LTTE's then Chief Negotiator, Mr. Anton Balasingham, went out of their way to ensure we were briefed on the peace process. We will miss them.

A time to struggle

Despite its bans on the LTTE, as the international community has openly acknowledged, every time the Tigers sit across the table from the Sinhala state, the interests they are negotiating for are those of the Tamil people. Whether it is a political solution - remember the fuss about the LTTE giving up independence for federalism? (Now the movement is thought to be weak, no one wants to use that word now) - or an interim administration or international aid for the Northeast, the Tigers were accepted by the state and the international community to be negotiating on behalf of the Tamils. Yet there is thundering silence after the Sinhala state assassinated the Tamils' chief negotiator. The international community has thus made it clear that any rights the Tamils secure depend entirely on the outcome on the battlefield. We therefore have to brace ourselves for an even more brutal military onslaught in the time to come. We must therefore be united in our resolve. Despite our skepticism, Tamil efforts to argue our case abroad, to win hearts and minds, must continue. But not in naïve optimism. If the state fails to defeat the LTTE then it will be compelled to negotiate with the Tamils. If it wins, we are lost. But, then, it was ever thus.


Italian Murder...

Flatmate 'heard Meredith scream'
Meredith Kercher
Meredith Kercher was on an exchange study programme
The American flatmate of murdered Meredith Kercher has claimed she covered her ears as the British student screamed, Italian police have said.
Amanda Knox, 20, has given a partial confession, but keeps changing her story, police in Perugia say.


hmmm... i wonder if UK police have to get involved in this investigation as well...
seems the portugese police as useless, the french ones are total idiots..
i suspect.. the congolese guy is gonna get dont for the actual murder..
the american girl will get some kinda backdoor help via the american embassy...and get off scot free..
then the italian guy will get 2-3 years for aiding and abeting...
poor girl tho, another case of single white woman in the media...

let down after let down...

London unveils 2012 stadium plan
The stadium will be the showpiece of the Games

London 2012 officials have hailed the design for their £496m Olympic Stadium following its unveiling on Wednesday.

"No-one can say we've compromised on design, on sustainability or on the legacy potential," said Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell MP.

Work on the 80,000-seater stadium will begin ahead of schedule in April 2008.

What a crap stadium, with no roof, it rains in england mofos!
then the cost went up sky high...? another wembley in the making?
and whats the effing point in having a BORING looking stadium for an Olympic?
i wanna slap those idiots who approved this one...
what do these idiots see in this design? need a landmark design that echoes around the world,
it needs to say THIS IS LONDON, this is the olympics not some world championship meet..
then of course there is the olympic logo... :-| , liza simpson doing her thang...

Sack the Idiot...

Assembly call to sack Met chief
Sir Ian Blair
Sir Ian Blair has been backed by the home secretary
Members of the London Assembly have passed a vote of no confidence in Sir Ian Blair, the Met Police Commissioner.
Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on the assembly united to ensure the motion was passed by 15 votes to eight.
Addressing members before the vote, Sir Ian repeated his apology for the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes but insisted he will not resign.


how can you be the cheif of police and not know whats  going?
then you started lying to the public right after menzes was shot,  and now you wont step down?
stupid assembly has no power over policing, yet it still has a no confidence vote? whats the point?
are you bent on wasting tax payers money?
huge investigation into Menzes shooting, then the police get fined...WTF?
not only tax payers money on the investigation, tax payers also have to pay the fine.... MOFO!

Loss of Thamilchelvan, a consequence of International injustice says Poddu Ammaan

Loss of Thamilchelvan, a consequence of International injustice says Poddu Ammaan

[TamilNet, Monday, 05 November 2007, 17:13 GMT]
"We tried our best to convince the International Community of our grievances. We are a small nation, struggling all alone to uphold our rights. But the International Community in an uneven judgement in applying its norms, scaled us with Sri Lankan government abounding with military and economic resources. The scale was not fair. The price we paid for the International Injustice is the life of Thamilchelvan," said Poddu Ammaan, the intelligence wing chief of the Liberation Tigers, in the obituary address of the funeral of Brigadier S.P. Thamilchelvan held in Ki'linochchi on Monday.

Poddu Ammaan addressing the memorial gathering in Ki'linochchi
Narrating his close association with Thamilchelvan in his early days in the LTTE, Poddu Ammaan recollected events of exemplary bravery and leadership, shown by Thamilchelvan during IPKF times and the first Elephant Pass (EPS) operation.

However, he continued, "many of us were not aware of the inherent political abilities hidden in him, but our leader Pirapaharan rightly identified them."

"Our leader always use to say that fear comes from attachment to life. One who is fearless to sacrifice his own life to the welfare of people can only become a political leader. Thamilchelvan was one such."

[L-R] LTTE's Intelligence Wing Chief Poddu Ammaan, Political Head and Chief of Tamileelam Police, P. Nadesan with religious leaders

"What is the payback for the killing of Thamilchelvan, many ask us."

"A few Sri Lankan soldiers, perhaps thousands, or a few Sinhala leaders cannot match the price for Thamilchelvan."

"The relentless effort to achieve Thamizh Eezham is the price. The Sinhala nation should realise that we will never stop in this effort."

In his address, Poddu Ammaan revealed that the LTTE came to know through subtle briefings of Norway, that the Sri Lankan government blocked Thamilchelvan's mother and siblings, living abroad, from attending the funeral.

A section of LTTE commanders and officials at the funeral of LTTE Political Head S.P. Thamilchelvan