Have a MC and a HNY!

here is the present i bought for myself..

if UK was a Family

If the Country was a family...
the Government would be the Father, the liar, the cheater, pretending to be better than other fathers,
the Media would be the Mother, always nagging the husband, always bitching about something, always buying into the latest fashion
The Transport system would be the grand father, old, decrepid and smells of urine (eg. National Rail, Underground)
The Armed forces will be the adopted son, the one that found out he was adopted and wants to get rid of his anger, and wants to please his adopted father
the Police force would be the family dog, do anything for the man of the house, fetch sticks, catch balls, bend over.. i mean roll over 
the NHS would be the spoilt daughter who gets a large allowance, she is ugly and plastic surgery isnt helping
the Banks would be mistress of the nation, the one everyone wants sleep with, but she is a gold digger
i think i got everyone in the family... not sure about the grand mother...
please feel free to add to the family, if its good i'll add to my blog..with credit ;-)

Anton Balasingham's Funeral


its Anton Balasingham's Funeral today at Alexandra Palace,

life is a chance

is everything a chance, a probability? yes
so in this world everything that occurs has some probability of occuring,
a birth of a child is a chance, many things can go right, many things can go wrong
there is a chance the child will live to 90 and there is a chance the child will only make it to 9 months
there is a chance for organ failure related death and there is a chance for accident with a bus
of course i believe that astrology and numerology is a pile of BS, but lets consider this...
in tamil hindu society every person have an astrology chart made, the children are named according to a formula
all this is done in order to provide the children with the right name, is this done to give the child a good chance in life?
if i had a name starting with A, i will be the first in line at school, i would be picked first for anything, and so could having that name kill me?
is it possible that the astrology/numerology name picked out gives a good chance of living long
the date and time you are born cannot be changed, can a name give the best for the date and time or birth?
Life Begins ---------------------------------------------------------------- Life End. (a normal 90 years odd life)
Life Beings ----------------------------------------------| end of life due to accident, but can the way i live because of my name protect me from this accident? can i be that passenger that didnt get on the plane? time can determine living and dying.
in car accident death, it is possible if the driver had left 2 seconds, even 1 second late, his whole journey would have changed and he would have survived death,
something to think about... as leading different paths in life can change the person, his life, his outlook, etc..etc..

Ruin it for the rest...


there is always a bunch of idiots who ruin it for the rest...
i was watching a program on channel 4 "the problem with atheists" or something along that line..
and it was talking about the fact that there are radical atheists just like in other organised religion.
I am an atheist because i know there is no god.
I am an atheist but i respect other religions.
I am an atheist but i respect other peoples beliefs.
I am an atheist who thinks other people don't realise the truth.
I am an atheist who knows other people are not stupid.
I am an atheist but I was brought up as a Hindu.
I am an atheist but I will have a Hindu ceremony for my wedding.
I am an atheist who believes that religion is important in learning.
I am an atheist who will bring my children up with religion.
I am an atheist who believes that religion teaches moral, no the simpsons.
I am an atheist who thinks the growth of chav (people lacking respect for anything) culture is due to lack of religion.
i could go on,  but i am not a radical, i can hear quotes from people of other religion. "most Muslims/Christians/Buddhists are no extremists"
after watching this program atheists need to say this too, "most atheists are not extremists"
"these people are a disgrace to atheism" -- damn! another line repeated by many of the religions
I've jumped from one organised religion to another one.. i am now not an atheist. i don't want to be categorized as one
I am just a person who thinks god does not exist. I don't want to be classified as an atheist anymore. i don't want to be a part of a religious or a non-religious belief system.

Champions League Draw

PSV Eindhoven v ARSENAL
Roma v Lyon
Barcelona v LIVERPOOL
Real Madrid v Bayern Munich
Inter Milan v Valencia
hmm...liverpool got a tough one..

Ipswich Murders


so drug addicted whores get murdered in ipswich, what does the media do?
it paints beautyful pictures of the drug addict whores, the media is fucked up!
they were dirty disgusting drug addicted whores...tell is like it is bitch...

Lost my Wii


4th try with blogger e-mail blog service..

after days of arguing with amazon, aamzon finally tells me that parcelforce has lost my wii..

Don't use HSBC
Don't use Amazon.com
Don't use Parcelforce

Outsourcing blame


i was watching 30 days, episode about outsourcing..
yeah its about time those who lost the job due to outsourcing blamed the indians for their losses,
they should blame the greedy share holders who want a higher profit margin..
only uneducated fucks blame the indians/chinese or whereever their jobs have been outsourced ,
its those rich fucks behing the company, chairmen, share holders, etc,.etc..

$1.3 Billion for War

Sri-lankan government is to put $1.3 Billion into its defence  forces.
god knows how much will be pocketed by MPs, especially by the president and defence minister who are brothers.
The president gets in power and soon he puts his brother in charge of defence of the country,
does he have qualifications? no need for them in sri-lanka
then the presidents brother survives a supposed LTTE suicide attack on him,
of course any bomb going off in colombo is by LTTE,
- the sri-lankan army is using EPRLF, EPDP and Karuna to kill tamils,
- they are also being used to stirr up hate for LTTE in the border areas,
two muslim youths were shot in vavuniya, of course blamed on LTTE, altho its is an army controlled area, most likley shot by karuna forces with the aid of army to stirr up the locals
- the sri-lankan politicians are using their power through the sri-lankan army to use these paramilitary forces to kill their political opponents and blame it all on the LTTE
where is sri-lanka going to find this £1.3 billion?
- tax?
- tsunami aid money?
- IMF?
- Loans?
- the people and the politicians
sri-lankan politicians with their bhuddist monks push for a Lone country for bhuddists, Sri-lanka a country for just bhuddists,
but can this dream be achieved by killing tamils?

Sinhala leaders’ duplicity of war and peace has left Tamils with no choice but political independence



Sinhala leaders' duplicity of war and peace has left Tamils with no choice but political independence

LTTE leader in his annual Heroes' Day statement on 27 November 2006

The leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Vellupillai Pirapaharan, in

his annual Heroes' Day statement, expressed extreme frustration at the unchanging

attitude of successive Sinhala regimes towards resolving the burning Tamil national

question and, in particular, at the deceitful handling of the current peace efforts by three

successive Sinhala regimes.

"Both our liberation movement and our people never preferred war to a peaceful

resolution. We have always preferred a peaceful approach to win the political rights of

our people. We have never hesitated to follow the peaceful path to win our political

rights. That is why we held peace talks, beginning in Thimpu right through to Geneva, on

several occasions, at various times, and in many countries," he said.

The LTTE leader went on to say that President Mahinda Rajapakse has rejected his final

call in his Heroes' Day statement last year to find a resolution to the Tamil National

question with urgency. He said that President Rajapakse had instead intensified the war

on the one hand and whilst on the other hand talking about finding a peaceful resolution.

The LTTE leader said that this dual war and peace approach is fundamentally flawed. "It

is not possible to find a resolution by marginalizing and destroying the freedom

movement with which talks must be held to find the resolution. This is political absurdity

on the part of the Sinhala leaders." Due to this strategy of the Rajapakse regime, the CFA

has become defunct, he said.

The LTTE leader said that the present regime, which is denying food and medicine to the

people to the extent of starving them, cannot be expected to show compassion and give

the Tamil people their political rights. He said that the Sinhala nation, eternally trapped in

the mythical ideology of the Mahavamsa, has failed to think afresh and has left the

Tamils with only one option, political independence and statehood for the people of

Tamil Eelam.

The full text of the official translation of his speech follows:


"We are at a cross roads in our freedom struggle. Our journey has been long and arduous,

and crowded with difficult phases. We are facing challenges and unexpected turns that no

other freedom movement had to face. Unprecedented in history, we are dealing with war

and peace talks at the same time.

Six years have passed since we dedicated ourselves to find a solution to the ethnic

conflict through peace talks. In this long time span, has a solution been found to the

burning Tamil national question? Was there any visible change in the mindset of the

Sinhala leadership that continues to inflict unrelenting cruelty on the Tamil people? Were

any of the justifiable requests of the Tamils been fulfilled? Were our people able to find

relief from the daily harassment and misery at the hands of the occupying military? Were

the daily basic problems of our people resolved? None of these has happened. Instead,

death and destruction were heaped on the Tamils who hoped that they would receive


While the countries that preached peace maintain silence without conscience, a great

tragedy is unfolding in the Tamil homeland. The Sinhala government has imprisoned the

Tamils in their own land after closing its main supply routes. Having removed their

freedom by restricting their movement and constrained their lives, it is inflicting great

suffering on them. It has split the Tamil homeland, set up military camps, bound it with

barbed wire, and has converted it into a site of collective torture.

The Sinhala government has unleashed a two pronged war, military and economic, on our

people. Our people are subjected to unprecedented assaults. Arrests, imprisonment, and

torture, rape and sexual harassment, murders, disappearance, shelling, aerial bombing,

and military offensives are continuing unchecked. At the same time our people are

subjected to an inhuman economic embargo on essential items including food and


Even after the ceasefire, negotiations and the five years of patiently keeping peace, the

dividends of peace have not reached our people. Instead our people are faced with

unbearable burdens in their daily lives. Thousands of our people have been forced out of

their homes and are languishing with disease and hunger in refugee camps. No one

should expect that this Sinhala government which is denying food and medicine to our

people to the extent of starving them would show compassion and give them their

political rights.

The monumental growth in knowledge and the resulting global outlook is taking

humanity into a new era. Ideas, views and philosophies are changing in tandem with this

growth in knowledge and this is resulting in changes in society. Yet, within the Sinhala


nation, there is little change in its ideas and philosophies. The Sinhala nation is refusing

to broaden its thinking and take a new approach. The Sinhala nation remains mislead by

the mythical ideology of the Mahavamsa and remains trapped in the chauvinistic

sentiments thus created. Unable to free itself from this mindset, it has adopted Sinhala

Buddhist chauvinistic notions as its dominant national philosophy. This notion is spread

in its schools, universities and even its media. The domination of this Sinhala Buddhist

chauvinism is preventing its students, intellectuals, and writers from stepping out of and

thinking free from its domination. This, unfortunately, is preventing the Sinhala nation

from undertaking a genuine attempt at resolving the Tamil national question in a civilized


Both our liberation movement and our people never preferred war to a peaceful

resolution. We have always preferred a peaceful approach to win the political rights of

our people. We have never hesitated to follow the peaceful path to win our political

rights. That is why we have tried to hold peace talks beginning in Thimpu right through

to Geneva on several occasions, at various times, and in many countries. The current

peace efforts, with Norwegian facilitation and with the blessings of the international

community, taking place in the capitals of various countries are unique.

This peace journey began on 31

st October 2000, when the then Norwegian special envoy

Eric Solheim visited Vanni and met us. This peace journey is taking place in a unique

period, under unique historical conditions, in a unique format and on a unique path. It is

moving on two fronts, peace talks, on one hand, and a war of occupation by the Sinhala

government, on the other.

During the six years when we kept peace, we were sincere in our efforts. Indeed, we

initiated the peace efforts. We created a strong foundation for peace efforts by

unilaterally declaring a ceasefire. We refrained from putting conditions or time limits for

peace talks. We did not undertake these efforts from a position of weakness. We had

recaptured the Vanni mainland and the Iyakkachchi-Elephant Pass military complex. We

had beaten back the 'Operation Fire' of the Sinhala military. We carried out great

military feats in the history of our struggle. It was from this position of strength that we

undertook this peace effort.

The situation was just the opposite in the south. The south had faced defeat after defeat

and was losing its will to face war. Its military had lost its backbone. The economy was

very shaky. It was only under such conditions that the Sinhala nation agreed for peace

talks. In this five years since the peace efforts began, three governments have come to

power, that of Wickremasinghe, Bandaranayake and Rajapakse. Each time the


government changed, the dove of peace moved from one cage to another but it was never

able to fly freely. Stabbed many times, the dove is now struggling for its life.

We held talks with the Wickremasinghe government for six months after signing the

Cease Fire Agreement (CFA) with him. Like all previous Sinhala regimes, the

Wickremasinghe regime dragged time without implementing the clauses in the CFA and

the agreements reached at the talks. Its military failed to move out of people's homes,

schools and hospitals and instead declared these vast areas of land as military security

zones and permanently prevented the people from returning to their land. The subcommittee

for De-escalation and Normalization became dysfunctional. The subcommittee

created to solve immediate humanitarian needs of the people also become

defunct due to planned sabotage by the government.

The Wickremasinghe government that refused to solve the humanitarian problems facing

our people, secretly worked to marginalize our movement on the world stage. Even

before setting up a working administrative structure in the Tamil homeland, it conducted

donor conferences to obtain aid for the south. By failing to facilitate our participation in

the donor conference held in Washington, it marginalized and humiliated our movement.

As a result we were forced to stay away from the Tokyo conference. The

Wickremasinghe regime did not stop with this. It plotted to trap our freedom movement

in an 'international safety net' and destroy us.

When we put forward the proposal for an Interim Self Governing Authority (ISGA),

startling changes occurred in the southern politics. The Kumaratunge government took

over the reins of power. While refusing to hold talks on the basis of our proposal, her

government, using the paramilitary phenomenon, intensified the shadow war against us.

The paramilitary factor turned the Tamil homeland into a violent blood stained theatre.

Intellectuals, political leaders, journalists, LTTE members, supporters and civilians were

all murdered. We were forced to halt the political work, carried out according to the CFA

clauses by our members in Sri Lankan military occupied areas of the Tamil homeland. As

a result, our people were left alone in the cruel grip of the occupying military. Finally the

Kumaratunge regime failed to implement even the Joint Mechanism (PTOMS) agreement

signed by her regime for tsunami rehabilitation. The Supreme Court, unable to step

outside the Sinhala chauvinistic notions, rejected this purely humanitarian focused

agreement citing the unitary constitution.

It was at this time that the Sinhala nation elected Rajapakse as its new President. Like the

Sinhala leaders of the past, he too is putting his hopes in a military solution. He rejected

our final call in our last year's Heroes' Day statement, to find a resolution to the Tamil

National question with urgency. Instead, he intensified the war, on the one hand, with the


view to destroy our movement and, on the other hand, he is talking about finding a

peaceful resolution. This dual war and peace approach is fundamentally flawed. It is not

possible to find a resolution by marginalizing and destroying the freedom movement with

which talks must be held to find the resolution. This is political absurdity on the part of

the Sinhala leaders.

The Rajapakse regime hopes to decide the fate of the Tamil nation using its military

power. It wants to occupy the Tamil land and then force an unacceptable solution on the

Tamils. Due to this strategy of the Rajapakse regime, the CFA has become defunct. The

Rajapakse regime, by openly advocating attacks on our positions, has effectively buried

the CFA. The Rajapakse regime's attacks have expanded from land to sea and air. It has

given a free hand to the paramilitary groups to kill at will. It has occupied Mavilaru and

Sampur blatantly breaking the terms of the CFA. The Sinhala military misjudged our

strategic withdrawal from Mavilaru and Sampur. It used heavy firepower and launched

large scale offensives to bring Tamil lands under its control. Tamil land was soaked in

blood. It is at this time we decided to give a shock to the Sinhala regime. Our forces

conducted a massive counter-offensive on the Sinhala forces that attempted to move from

Kilali and Muhamalai. The military sustained heavy losses and was forced to abandon its

offensive temporarily. This, however, did not persuade the Sinhala regime to give up its

military plans. It continues on its military path.

The Rajapakse regime, while conducting genocide of the Tamils, is portraying our

movement which is waging a struggle to save the Tamils from this genocide as a terrorist

organization. It has launched a malicious propaganda campaign to defame our movement.

Ignoring the unanimous opposition of our people and the objection of the Sri Lankan

Monitoring Mission (SLMM), the European Union and Canada have yielded to

diplomatic pressure from the Sri Lankan government and listed our movement as a

terrorist organization. They isolated us as undesirables.

This hasty decision, arrived at without considering the prevailing context, has created

serious repercussions. It has gravely disturbed the parity of status and balance of power

we held with the Sinhala regime. It encouraged the hard line stance of the Sinhala regime.

It weakened the SLMM and facilitated the war plans of the Sinhala regime. Some

countries that proclaim to be helping the peace efforts, have not only failed to condemn

the genocidal attacks on our people but are also giving military and financial aid to the

Sinhala regime to support its war plans. These are external factors that are encouraging

the Rajapakse regime to carry on with its brutal military offensives in the Tamil land with

absolute impunity.


The Rajapakse regime is not giving due importance to the peace talks because it has

confidence in its military approach. The two Geneva talks were unproductive because of

its lack of interest in the peace front. At the first Geneva talks, we placed evidence of

military-paramilitary cooperation in the form of documents, statistics and incident

reports. Unable to reject the solid evidence, the Sri Lankan government agreed to

implement the CFA clause by removing the paramilitary groups from the Tamil

homeland. After this first Geneva talks, there was only one change. State and paramilitary

terror in the Tamil homeland escalated.

The second Geneva talks were also a failure. At these talks, we gave priority to the

humanitarian issues facing our people and requested that the A9 road be opened and the

SLMM be given freedom to function. The Sri Lankan government, putting military

advantage ahead of humanitarian concerns, rejected both requests.

The Sinhala government that failed to show mercy to the people affected by a natural

disaster is never going to budge on a humanitarian crisis that it planned and created. How

could the peace talks move forward when the peace delegation is made up of people who

proclaim that they will wage war and hold peace talks at the same time? How can trust be

built? How can peace be arrived at like this?

To improve his posturing as a peace dove, President Rajapakse staged a deceptive 'All

Party Conference'. The Sinhala leaders have practiced this infamous political tradition of

initiating commissions of inquiry, parliamentary select committees, all party conferences,

or round tables to procrastinate whenever it is unable to face up to a situation and wants

to drag time until attention is diverted. This is exactly what he is doing now. Rejecting

our call to speedily find a resolution to the Tamil national question, he is hiding behind

the All Party Conference. For the last ten months, the all party committee is looking for

the Tamil question, like searching for a black cat in a dark room.

Once the All Party Conference lost its deceptive power, President Rajapakse has taken up

his next card, the MoU between the two major parties. These two major parties that

effectively have hegemonic control over the south are both essentially chauvinistic

parties. Both these parties are born of Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism and compete with

each other to carry out genocide of the Tamils. This MoU is a temporary opportunistic

move by Rajapakse regime to avoid the multiple problems of international pressure to

find a peaceful solution, the declining economic situation, and the opposition of his

political partner, Janatha Vimukthi Perumuna (JVP). There is no sincere motive in this

MoU agreement. These two parties will never put forward a just solution to the Tamil

issue. Despite this, the Rajapakse regime continues to show interest in keeping the all

party conference alive simply to deceive the world.


My beloved people,

A long time has elapsed since we embarked on this journey for peace with Norway's

facilitation. We have tried our best to take forward this peace effort. We have practiced

patience. We gave innumerable opportunities for finding peaceful resolution. We

postponed our plan to advance our freedom struggle twice to give even more chances to

the peace efforts, once when the tsunami disaster struck and again when President

Rajapakse was elected.

It is now crystal clear that the Sinhala leaders will never put forward a just resolution to

the Tamil national question. Therefore, we are not prepared to place our trust in the

impossible and walk along the same old futile path.

The uncompromising stance of Sinhala chauvinism has left us with no other option but an

independent state for the people of Tamil Eelam. We therefore ask the international

community and the countries of the world that respect justice to recognize our freedom

struggle. At this historic time when the Tamils are recommencing their journey on the

path of freedom, we seek the unwavering support and assistance of the world Tamil

community. We express our gratitude to the Tamil Nadu people and leaders for voicing

their support and ask them to continue their efforts to help us in our freedom struggle. We

express our gratitude to the Tamil Diaspora, our displaced brethren living all around the

world, for their contribution to our struggle and ask them to maintain their unwavering

participation and support."

Heroes commemoration event - Maaveerar Naal


The Tiger movement, formed in 1972 as Tamil New Tigers, and renamed as LTTE in 1976, has fought four wars, each after a failed negotiation process.

LTTE leader Mr. V. Pirapaharan paying homage to Lt. Sankar, the first LTTE fighter to sacrifice his life on 27 November 1982. [Photo: LTTE]

Tamil Tiger negotiator has cancer


Tamil Tiger negotiator has cancer
Anton Balasingham (L), GL Peiris (R) and Norwegian deputy foreign minister Vidar Helgesen  in Hakone, Japan
Balasingham (l) has represented the rebels in numerous peace talks
The senior negotiator for the Tamil Tigers, Anton Balasingham, is seriously ill with cancer, a website close to the rebels has reported.

A9 Pathway Petition

A9 Pathway Petition - Please play your part!! (UK)  
Monday, 20 November 2006

pmuk.gifA9 Pathway Petition - Please play your part!! (UK)

A UK Tamil Youth's initiative

My name is Bairavi Ratnabal, a seventeen year old British born Tamil who shares deep concerns over my mother land.

As you may know the A9 road has been closed, this is the road which lays between Colombo and Jaffna, a access pathway to food, water and medicine but the notorious Sri Lankan Government has closed the road denying all admission to daily essentials, this is leading to the loss of delicate lives of our people.
மேலும் வாசிக்க[Read more]...



the educated, intellectuals and the politicians always seem to be laughing at the musicians, actors and rock stars who are trying to create a peaceful world, and i have always laughed along with them,
but i shouldnt...
it is the educated and the intellectuals who sit around talking ...all talk no action... i should be laughing at them...
then it is the politicians who fuck up, they are always in it to make the money, sell the weapons, get it cheaper from the poor countries,
i should be laughing at these politicians and intellectuals, not laughing with them



how about it... HSBC are bastards!

circle of life


i saw this sketch on rory bremner show, bremner, bird and fortune
they were saying how useful polish people were in UK
but wha they fail to show was the circularity, the bigger picture
according tot he show some 400,000 polish people in UK,  70% between 20-34 of age
and only 678 on welfare
but what they fail to understand what happens when they get older, or start having kids,
something which even the government never thought about when they accepted emigrants from asia (india, pakistan), west indies etc..

ruled by women


sittin there, watching tv, i realised that this world is ruled by women...

what a difference a day makes in BBC

Last Updated: Monday, 13 November 2006, 21:18 GMT
Sri Lanka youth 'seized to fight'
Amnesty International poster shows child soldier in rebel fatigues
Children have long been caught up in Sri Lanka's conflict
Elements in the Sri Lankan military are helping a breakaway rebel faction to abduct children as soldiers to fight Tamil Tiger rebels, the UN has said.

A senior UN official said there was "credible evidence" that troops had rounded up children to fight with the renegade rebel group led by Col Karuna.

what a difference a day makes in BBC

Last Updated: Monday, 13 November 2006, 21:18 GMT
Sri Lanka youth 'seized to fight'
Amnesty International poster shows child soldier in rebel fatigues
Children have long been caught up in Sri Lanka's conflict
Elements in the Sri Lankan military are helping a breakaway rebel faction to abduct children as soldiers to fight Tamil Tiger rebels, the UN has said.

A senior UN official said there was "credible evidence" that troops had rounded up children to fight with the renegade rebel group led by Col Karuna.

Sri Lankan government forces are recruiting child soldiers

S Lanka 'recruits child fighters'
Amnesty International poster shows child soldier in rebel fatigues
Breakaway Tamil rebels are accused of using child soldiers
Sri Lankan government forces are recruiting child soldiers to fight against the Tamil Tiger rebels, the United Nations has said.
A senior UN official said the troops had been rounding up children to fight with the renegade Karuna rebel group.
Karuna is a breakaway faction of the Tamil Tigers, which have themselves been accused of using child soldiers.



Tamil Genocide

Government of Sri-lanka keeps killing Tamils
the problem is that this isnt the first time and wont be the last time,
for 23 years, as far as the war has been going on in sri-lanka, the government has been killing tamils without any care
but no other country gives a damn,
Trade agreements, imports, exports, weapon purchase keeps the other countries quiet while the tamils get wiped off from sri-lanka.

Colombo 'regrets' civilian deaths
Protests against the attack in Colombo
The attack has outraged Tamils
The Sri Lankan government has expressed "regret" over the killing of dozens of civilians in a refugee camp in eastern Batticaloa district.

The camp was hit by the army in a heavy exchange of fire with the Tamil Tigers in rebel-held territory. The rebels say at least 45 civilians were killed.

Military spokesman, Prasad Samarasinghe, said it was "unfortunate" that civilians had been hit.


Lanka army 'kills 45 civilians'


At least 45 civilians have been killed in eastern Sri Lanka after shells fired by the military hit a camp for the internally-displaced, Tamil rebels say.
when its the government of a country which is doing the terrorism, none of the other countries cares, especially if they are buying the weapons off them

Moronic Jews

Israeli tank shells 'kill 18 Palestinians in sleep' By Ibrahim Barzak, AP Published: 08 November 2006
Israeli tank shells killed at least 18 people in their sleep when they landed in Gaza early today, witnesses report. Eight children were said to be among the dead.

Khaled Radi, a health ministry official, said of the 18 dead, 13 were from the same family. He said at least 40 more were wounded, all civilians after the attack on a residential neighbourhood north of Beit Hanoun.


stop it you stupid jews, you'll get us all killed
seriously someone needs to bomb the shit out of israel so that israelis understand how it is...yeah holocaust..yada..yada.. but now you are the NAZI, you jew!

the immigration poem...

this the immigration poem doing its rounds, i'm sure i read this a coupla months before,
its been altered to fit all wealthy countries, as you can see the one below is for NZ
recently a british conservative member was suspended over the fact that she fwd this (the british version) e-mail to people..


Immigrant Poem

I cross ocean,
poor and broke,
Take bus,
see employment folk.
Nice man treat me good in there,
Say I need to see welfare.

Welfare say,
"You come no more,
We send cash right to your door."
Welfare checks,
they make you wealthy,
Medicaid it keep you healthy!

By and by,
I got plenty money,
Thanks to you,
New Zealand dummy.
Write to friends in motherland,
Tell them 'come fast as you can.'

They come in turbans and Ford trucks,
I buy big house with welfare bucks
They come here, we live together,
More welfare checks, it gets better!

Fourteen families,
they moving in,
But neighbour's patience wearing thin.
Finally, white guy moves away,
Now I buy his house,
and then I say,
"Find more aliens
for house to rent."
And in the yard I put a tent.

Send for family they just trash,
But they too, draw the welfare cash!

Everything is very good,
And soon we own the neighbourhood.

We have hobby -- it's called breeding,
Welfare pay for baby feeding.
Kids need dentist?
Wife need pills?
We get free!
We got no bills!

New Zealand crazy!
He pay all year,
To keep welfare running here.

We think New Zealand
darn good place!
Too darn good for the white man race.

If they no like us,
they can scram,
Got lots of room in Pakistan.
i dont like these welfare soakers either, especially those that buy houses and things on welfare money
but then social security was paying abu hamza money for everything
same with bakri, the crazy cleric...


GoUS is such losers!

the US Government of the past puts him there..
the US Government of the present takes him out..
the US Government of the future will miss him?
GoUS is such losers!

saddam sentanced to death

funny thing is most americans prolly substitute saddam for bin laden in who to blame for 9/11

what happens now...


Bishop attacks 'Muslim hypocrisy'
Bishop of Rochester
Bishop Nazir-Ali's views differ from the Archbishop of Canterbury
A senior Anglican bishop has accused many Muslims of being guilty of double standards in their view of the world.

The Bishop of Rochester, Michael Nazir-Ali, told the Sunday Times some had a "dual psychology" in which they sought "victimhood and domination".

The bishop, whose father converted from Islam, also said there were situations in which society could require Muslim women not to wear full-face veils.

Society required recognition and identification in teaching, he said.

Mr Nazir-Ali argued it would never be possible to satisfy all of the demands made by Muslims because "their complaint often boils down to the position that it is always right to intervene when Muslims are victims... and always wrong when Muslims are the oppressors or terrorists".

He compared Bosnia and Kosovo, where he said Muslims were oppressed, with the powerful position of the Taleban in Afghanistan, who he said had been the oppressors.

He added: "Given the world view that has given rise to such grievances, there can never be sufficient appeasement and new demands will continue to be made."

Veil debate

The bishop's comments on the use of full-face veils by Muslim women add to the debate sparked by Commons Leader Jack Straw, the former foreign secretary, last month.

He disclosed that he asks Muslim women to remove the veil when they attend his Blackburn constituency surgeries.

Mr Straw also suggested that Muslim women who wear veils over their faces can make community relations harder.

In the Sunday Times, Mr Nazir-Ali referred to a "huge increase" in the wearing of Muslim dress in Egypt, Pakistan and Malaysia.

He said: "I can see nothing in Islam that prescribes the wearing of the full-face veil.

"In the supermarket those at the cash till need to be recognised. Teaching is another profession in which society requires recognition and identification."

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, entered the veil debate last month by saying people should be free to wear visible religious symbols.

He said aiming for a society where no symbols such as veils, crosses, sidelocks or turbans would be seen was "politically dangerous".

Racism in the barracks

racism exists in all armies,
but there are many black soldiers in US army
but in every picture of British soldiers from Afghanistan or Iraq, i never see a black face,
is that due to not many black/brown people applying into the army?
or that racism in army puts black/brown off applying?
minorities arnt well represented in the UK police force either, that i can attest that it is due to full on racism,
i'm not sure whether that is the case in USA or whether hollywood paints a beautiful picture of always pairing a white cop with a minority cop
as for me i am never gonna join the army, although becoming a sniper would be cool

Percentage Change in UK armed forces strength compared with 1990

well, is this due to changes in funding for the army or just people dont want to join the army?
i think we can all say its the former,
Graph: UK armed forces strength, % change
of course had blair not lied, then followed bush like a puppy dog into war this issue would never be raised,
prolly a case of MoD spending more money on equipment than on soldeirs that will man them

Bush more dangerous for world peace

Guardian front page graphic from November 3 2006
well..well..well... this is what happens when you put a c-grade christian fundamentalist in power at US

Arrival of the Wii

big up engadget
i want to get one of these, but i think i've left it too late for a Dec 8 launch date delivery,
wonder where i can order and still get it on the 8th ....hmmm
play.com has sold out...bugger
HMV bound to have million orders
dixons, currys..same..
who will get a big batch but not enough orders...

Kerry in trouble

what a fucked up world..
kerry gets in trouble for saying what the people high in power know...
i guess he doesnt know how to be a politician, he doesnt know how to lie

kate moss is a WHORE, finally someone realises


Moss singled out in drug campaign
Kate Moss
Moss did not face any drug charges following newpaper allegations
Colombia's vice president has accused coke-using celebrities of fuelling the country's civil war, singling out Kate Moss for criticism.
Francisco Santos said it was "baffling" that Moss had won so many new contracts following allegations she used cocaine.
He told the Associated Press that the model's success was indicative of European attitudes towards drugs, which finances armed drug groups in Colombia.
Mr Santos is launching an ad campaign under the banner "the cocaine curse".
"We need to tell Europeans that that line of coke they snort is tainted in blood," he said.
Moss lost several modelling contracts, including Burberry and H&M, after a newspaper photographed her allegedly taking cocaine.

Francisco Santos
Francisco Santos is launching "the cocaine curse" campaign
No criminal charges were brought and she publicly "accepted responsibility" for the scandal. She entered a rehabilitation clinic for a month of therapy.
She has since gone on to secure a number of lucrative contracts and was recently hired as a designer for high street retailer Top Shop.
But Mr Santos said: "To me it's baffling, that somebody who helps cause so much pain in Colombia is doing better than ever and winning more contracts than ever."


what a whore, an attention whore, a drug whore
how twisted the european media is...

let the truth be said...

Kerry under fire for Iraq 'joke'
US Senator John Kerry
Republicans say Mr Kerry's words were demeaning to US troops

Former Democratic US presidential candidate John Kerry is facing angry criticism for comments made to students about the war in Iraq.
On Tuesday the White House demanded he apologise for saying failed students could get "stuck in Iraq" as soldiers.
But Mr Kerry refused, saying the target of his "botched joke" was Mr Bush's "broken policy" and not US troops.
The war of words comes just days ahead of US mid-term elections, which could hinge on the issue of the war in Iraq.
Mr Kerry, speaking to a group of California university students on Monday, said: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well."

He added: "If you don't you get
stuck in Iraq."
It disgusts me that a bunch of these Republican hacks who've never worn the uniform of our country are willing to lie about those who did
John Kerry



Let the truth be said...
its only the poor and uneducated who end up in the army,
rich do end up in the army aswell, but higher up in command, thats not really in the army but in a social ladder so when you come back you can impress people by saying you were in the army..



a person is made of billions and billions of atoms, and once you die these atoms are again spread into the environment,
and it is possible that we are made from the atoms of people who existed before..
isn't that reincarnation?
the next question science needs to answer is whether each atom is unique?



Deepavali Valthukal


Deepavali Valthukal to everyone...

call wolf

apparently UK is number 1 target for Al-Qaeda ....
this is what the US tells its citizens...
so that they can carve away at human right laws

and as expected...


Sri-lankan Army launches retaliatory attacks in wanni and kills innocent tamils
what kind of government would do this? let the army kill its own people in a hope of killing their enemies..


according to BBC report,
The buses, targeted at a site near the town of Habarana, 190km (120 miles) north-east of the capital Colombo, were carrying unarmed navy servicemen on leave, the military said.

Sri Lankan Government troops collect the weapons of sailors killed in the blast Habarana. (AFP)

another reason to hate the jews...


Kfir jets are made by Israel is killing tamils in sri-lanka

Kfir drops out the sky

COLOMBO, Oct 16 (Reuters) - A Sri Lankan air force fighter jet crashed into a lagoon on the outskirts of the capital city, Colombo, on Monday, a military spokesman said.

"A Kfir (fighter jet) has crashed into the Negombo lagoon. We are investigating whether it was an attack or a technical fault," the spokesman said, referring to a township about 30 km (20 miles) north of Colombo.

News of the crash came hours after suspected Tamil Tiger rebels rammed a truck loaded with explosives into a Sri Lankan naval convoy, killing at least 92 people and wounding over 100.
(Soruce Reuters)
so the SLA were gonna bomb tamil areas after todays bomb blast which killed 90 SLN sailors, but something went wrong....
thats another $16 million down the pan, keep giving them money IMF!

sri-lankan government style..

so you suffer a huge loss in an operation, and the LTTE sends the SLA soldiers bodies through red cross to the Sri-lankan Government,

what does the sri-lankan government do?

SLAF Kfir jets drop 48 bombs on Vanni

[TamilNet, Friday, 13 October 2006, 18:48 GMT]
Six Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Kfir bombers, in one of the biggest bombing raids in the heart of Vanni, dropped at least 48 bombs in two sorties on Muttayankattu village in Mullaithivu district, Friday between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m., Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) officials in Kilinochchi said. Muttayankattu is located 10 km southeast of Puthukudiyiruppu.

LTTE officials said the SLAF bombers targeted a cultivation site in Muttayankattu.

At least 10 cows were killed and a large area of arable land was damaged in the aerial bombardment.


is this an action of a good government? a good army? a government which is supposed to look after all the people in its country

Dear Mahinda Rajapakse

Gift wrapped for Mahina Rajapakse
keep killing the tamils and the poor sinhala people who join the Sri-Lankan Army, i guess its your way of killing two birds with one stop.

relativity theory

waiting feels like eternity
but i know that once you are by my side
that eternity will feel like a second

stupid bbc news webmasters

test it before you roll it out...jeez!

Beijing 2008



head on out to http://en.beijing2008.com to enjoy what the next olympic will bring...


ate something sick today... Quorn Korma Curry... what the fuck was i thinking when i asked for it...
*smack head on minotor*

Iran stands up


its so funny,
Iran stands up to USA and UK while the Arabs sleep with America,
Iranians are considered arabs, they are considered asian,
Ossama bin laden is from saudi arabia and he is an arab
but saudi arabia and its kings/princes sleep with america

Tamil Friends Reunited

sign up people...




Passenger data deal for US and EU


"This new agreement will provide a possibility of giving passenger data to the US authorities while guaranteeing sufficient data protection," she said.(Leena Luhtanen
Finnish justice minister)
pull the other one,
again EU backsdown to US!
"US officials will now only be able to access data by having information "pushed" from airline computer systems.

Previously the US could "pull" data from the systems whenever it was needed. US officials will now only be able to access data by having information "pushed" from airline computer systems.

Previously the US could "pull" data from the systems whenever it was needed.

push the other one,
jeez, what a lame EU! its the same thing isn it, pushing and pulling...they still get the same amount of information and still unsafe in american hands!

Imagine if America never happened


Sigmund Freud - "America is a mistake, a giant mistake"
imagine if america never happened.
imagine that christopher columbus actually went east to find india,
and the natives were left untouched,
the spanish never went to south america and plunder it,
the british never arrived in america
the french never went to canada,
the whole of that continent will be filled with tribes,
the red indians wont be called red indians,
instead we would know them by their tribe names, sioux, cheyanne etc..etc..
then the incas of the south america,
how each of these tribes would have evolved to form monarchs, and governments,
imagine a life without money, imagine their culture,
what their culture could bring to the rest of the world
wouldnt it be amazing...

hi5 photo hijack



there is some idiot using my photo on his profile...

what an idiot...

fucking lame bbc

headline : US head teacher shot in Wisconsin

dumb american news about teacher shot makes bbc headline, news about someone killed in england wont make headline news

why is that?

having guns is legal in america, what else do you fucking expect but americans shooting each other?

get your fucking new from other places, get your face out the american ass!

we dont give a fuck about nonsensical news about americans shooting themselves,
eg. dat "seige" at the school,

report more on the two shot at mcDonalds...in brixton...

a revelation

every religion speaks of eventually becoming one with god... (maybe not christianity),
who is god? where is god?
from hindu text god is in everything...
then does it not make sense that the UNIVERSE IS GOD!!
yep, thats the answer, universe is the creator and destroyer!
we are all from the universe , we are a part of the universe, and we will go on to create universe
we are reflections of god, reflection of the universe..
oh..shit..whats happening, i'm getting beemed up...
*deep voice (godly)* "YOU KNOW TOO MUCH..."

dave chappelle - the internet



Moonwalking Bird

check out the vid


Thooku Charity Event - 23rd September 2006 (this saturday)


Yahoo Answer


just started dabbling in it...
here is a question from me..
interesting n'est pas?

Steve Urwin Memorial Service

Bindi Irwin reads a eulogy
"I have the best daddy in the whole world and I will miss him every day," said Irwin's eight-year-old daughter Bindi. "When I see a crocodile, I will always think of him."
amazing guy!

Aani Vaer

AANIVAER - "TAP ROOT" - Movie A Brief Eye View PDF Print E-mail
imgs1_02.gif "AANIVAER" which is a full length film shot and produced in the Tamil homeland of Sri Lanka.  It unfolds a love story through which courses turbulent and continuing scenes of political current seriously affecting the very existence of the indigenous Tamils of Sri Lanka.

"AANIVAER" is a "Must- See" - Movie for those that are concerned with human rights as the film makes a bracing of the real socio – political situation in Sri Lanka. Any person who views the film with equanimity will agree that it undeniably stands out for its honesty and sincerity.

"AANIVAER"  film has a touch of political theme and it is welcomed by non-partisan people and non governmental organisations as they portray the urgency and evoke a reflection of the times we live in. "AANIVAER" belongs to that category of films.


Sri Lanka which once was praised as a Pearl of the Indian Ocean is now a pool of serious problems. The countries of the West are not unaware of the ever unfolding tragedies of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, nor about the inhuman and degrading treatment do the Tamils suffer in Sri Lankan. Still western countries continue to be deaf and blind to the miseries and tragedies of the Tamils though the Tamil Diaspora who are now scattered all over the world continue to knock at the doors of the corridors of power in the West.
The recent involvement of international governments and peace loving organisations in the monitoring of peace between the Sinhalese and the Tamils has internationalized the Sri Lankan ethnic conflict. The presence of Western representatives in Sri Lanka as peace monitors has exposed the duplicity and pretensions of the Sri Lankan government to the rest of the world which hitherto willfully refused to listen to the cries of the oppressed Tamils of Sri Lanka, branding all and sundry as terrorists.

"AANIVAER" is being released at a time when the West, thanks to the honest and bold utterings of the Norwegian representative in Sri Lanka, has started to realize the reality and ground situation in Sri Lanka.

Though the movie ""AANIVAER"" is not political, yet it artistically succeeds in telling the world at large that it is high time the West heeds to the whimpers of the Tamils whose necks are wrung mercilessly by the brutal security forces with the connivance of the Sinhalese government.

The love story of ""AANIVAER"" begins with the arrival in Omantai in Vanni of a female journalist from South India, who had visited Sri Lanka previously to gather information and photographs for a cover story for an Indian magazine. During her first visit, which lasted for a couple of months, she witnessed the happenings in the Sri Lanka and during her interviews with people and authorities developed a love affair with a Tamil Doctor cum social worker in the trouble stricken region of Tamil homeland.

Having personally experienced the pitiful plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, she goes back to South India with a heavy heart.

The love lorn journalist from South India returns to Vanni for the second time with a view to meeting the Doctor cum social worker whom she had met and loved on her first visit. Her initial enquiries to find out the whereabouts of the Doctor friend prove difficult. But she continues. The events that unfold in the movie thereafter are flash backs, and those flash backs vividly  and picturesquely portray the scenes of how the school girl Krishanthy was abused, raped and bumped off as well as the pathetic scenes of Tamil exodus from Jaffna to Kilinochchi and Vanni reminiscent of the great exodus of the Biblical times.

The most revealing aspect of the movie is what it says indirectly about the political and social attitude of the Sinhalese race towards the Tamil race. Although this is the first full length film filmed in the home land of Tamils with the barest of facilities and technology the director of the film has successfully ploughed a far- from –typical furrow on the firmament of cinematography.
"AANIVAER" has brilliantly proved that films can impart telling messages while appearing to be doing something entirely different. It is a brilliant film by all standards.

This is a "Must-See" movie that should be seen by all and sundry.

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is this really a disease? a disorder?
are kids getting less attention?
maybe ..
maybe if mom wasnt watch soap on tv...
and dad wasnt down the pub...
but the people who are really suffering from ADHD are islamic extremists  and the american government


fans of insignificant view