Giant squid..killed! what chances do aliens have?


what is with this stupidity.. they find a huge squid and they catch it and kill it...
then they learn about it, ooh look it has big eyes... what did you expect from a colossal squid? small eyes?
i don't want to hear scientists go on about endangered species anymore, fuck all the species!
kill em all and serve em up with dipping sauace, fried squid eyes anyone?

Blogger gets fined... eh-oh!


err... err... er... errr....

writing something about police officer offensive?

writing something about the police officers new baby offensive?

writing something about the police officers kid offensive?

writing something about the police officers religion offensive?

where does freedom of speech end?

Elephant Rampage - Very GRAPHIC!

video below is an elephant on the rampage in kerala
very graphic!

Saudi Arms Deals closure!

will this ever get anywhere...i doubt it...

Countries supplying weapons to Sri Lankan government to kill tamils


Jews treating Palestinians like Nazis treated Jews


finally someone has the guts to say it...

HM Revenu & Customs Cunts

Shopping on the Internet

If you purchase goods through the Internet you should be aware that customs duty and VAT will be payable, as follows:

  • Customs duty - if the amount of duty is £7 and over.
  • Import VAT - if the value of the goods is £18 and over.
what a bunch of fucking wankers...


does it take away from the authenticity of the movie?