the good life...

so what is the good life? how do you live the good life?
is there a general consensus on what is a good life?
should financial status in this captialistic world criple you from living the good life?
if its anything to go by kanye west's words...yep! but he also quotes, "best things in life are free"
in this world, each to his own, each person has his own mental picture of the good life,
how much of this is influenced by the people around them we shall never know.
how do you define the good life?
to be able to have whatever you want?
or to be able to have whatever you need?

HIV from Africa, Syphillis from the New World

The explorer Christopher Columbus is responsible for bringing syphilis into Europe, research suggests.

For centuries, controversy has raged over the origin of the infectious disease - whether it was carried from the New World by Columbus and his men.


bird flu is from somewhere in asia...SARS is from china..

of course, the Plague came from europe!


death, destruction and war comes solely from America, with a hint of UK



when will the world see?

Emirates Airlines has announced that it will not renew its management contract with Sri Lanka's national carrier after March this year.

In December Peter Hill was appointed chief executive of Sri Lankan Airlines by Emirates to run to run Sri Lanka's national carrier.

Soon after his appointment, he refused a request from the Sri Lankan President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, for 35 tickets on a flight from London to Colombo.


when will the world see that Sri-lanka is run by an idiot... and the rest of his idiotic family are running all the major posts...



Unakkum Enakkum Fusion - Awesome video!


we want money : flickr and mcafee


so time back  yahoo gave you some space to upload your photos, a place called yahoo photos
so i uploaded a lotta photos to it to keep them safe, and to share with out people then last year yahoo photos shut down and yahoo was pushing all the people on yahoo photos to its new baby flickr, i already had an account with flickr and thought its all good for my photos with yahoo to go to flickr, but i forgot to read the small print. In order to see all my photos on flickr i was upgraded to flickr Pro, i thought it was some kind of promotional thing, it turns out that in order to see all my photos i have to be  a flickr Pro account holder. my flickr pro account expired in the middle of december and i got an e-mail from flickr saying that my trial period with flickr pro ran out and i can only access the last 200 photos in my flickr account. rest of the photos (mostly transferred from yahoo photos) will not be visible and i wont have access to them (although they havn't been deleted).
so in order to see my photos i will have to buy the pro account for $25 a year...
I emailed flickr and i said this is unacceptable, i want to download and delete my photos from their server, they said i can download the photos one by one and only 200 will be visible, so i have to delete as i download ONE by ONE, about a thousand or so photos, ONE by ONE...
they dont offer a batch download service, possibly even if i had a pro account, and one other way was to pay some money to have my photos transferred to a disc and sent to me... WWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF? so, by innocently uploading my pics to  yahoo photos, thinking it was a free service, now i have been moved (due to me not reading the small print carefully) to a pay service where my pics are being held for ransom!  sent more mails to yahoo and flickr, still fruitless, will send more and see what i get, if all else fails i guess i will have to download my pics one by one...bastards!
and now mcafee, my vista came preloaded with mcafee, anti virus is a good thing to have, it also does net monitoring, its a security center, its a good thing to have, but is it worth paying £50 a year? i'm not sure, so now on my computer the trial period has run out and i want to turn it off, TURN IT OFF? you'd think its a simple operation, right click on the toolbar button and select exit/close, nuh-uh, no such option. so chat to a mcafee support guy, text chat, i want to quit mcafee, he says he cant provide help because my subscription has expired and to get help i need to buy a years worth of mcafee. WWWWWWTF? ok, so how do i uninstall it? i dont get a reply, i check the folder for a uninstall.exe of some sort, nothing,
then the guy comes back and stays turn off the mcafee services, thats one way to turn it off, then he signs off. MOFO... i still dont know how to quit mcafee, next thing to try is shutting down in taskbar, which automatically restarts the program in 5 mins i read on google, where the hell is the uninstall option???????? using windows remove program seems to lead more problems if what i read on the web is correct, now i gotta find the mcafee CD which came with the computer, if the computer maker actually put the cd in the box...oh boy!

2007...will be hard to beat!

as insane as it may sound
well, just checked my blog entry for the last two januarys and it seems i have always made a post on the 1st of jan.. seems to have missed it this year, possibly living less on the internet.
2007..was the year that was! its gonna be real hard to beat 2007!