Pattiyal - Poga Poga - Yuvan Shanker Raja

Movie : Pattiyal
Music Director : Yuvan Shankeraja
Singers : Haricharan, Vijay, Saindhavi, Harini
Song : Poga Poga

i know a lotta y'all wouldnt expect it
all eyes see this be above hectic
i been elected so you better sit on your ass  real fast
becoz i'm tripping like electric,
all girls sayin we keep the exit,
keep it up or get beaten up or get your head split
i'm coming with more flavours than nesquik
aint desperate, makin fresh hits, now check the next bit
i set trends on stage, when you doin you PHd
you copied my page, i heard it frm my best friend
well i'm perfected in this game, perfected with the aim
corrected when i say i'm from the west end,
rock something like rock band
you hand me your heart
came to take over your block mayn!

party people put em up
take it down and turn it up
party people put em up

poga poga bhoomi virikirathey
poga poga vaanam perukirathey
theda theda yaavum kidaikirathey
oda oda ottam thodarkirathey
mudivillay etharkum ingey
irul mudinthuvittal pagal thovangividum
mazhai mudinthuvittal, veiyil thovangividum
alai mudinthuvittal, karai thovangividum
sumai mudinthuvittal, sugam thovangividum
ithai unarnthuvittal, ellam mudinthuvidum
ellam mudinthuvittal, manam unarnthuvidum

poga poga bhoomi virikirathey
poga poga vaanam perukirathey
theda theda yaavum kidaikirathey
oda oda ottam thodarkirathey

utchagam, engey engey, ullam thiranthu paar
kondattam engey engey, thannai maranthupaar
anantham engey engey, kai renday thattipaar
santhosam engey engey, kaalin keeley urtupaar

ethayo ethayo thedi thedi nammai tholaithomey
vaada vaada nammai naamey kandupidipomey
thulli kuthipom, vinnai idipom, ennum ennum nenjam kalapom

poga poga bhoomi virikirathey
poga poga vaanam perukirathey
theda theda yaavum kidaikirathey
oda oda ottam thodarkirathey

pogattum thappu thappai potta kanaku
thondrattum inru muthal rettai piravu
kai ettum thoorathil thaan, vaanam angey kidaku
poo kottum medai meley valkai undu namaku
veliye veliyee nimmatheyai thedi thirivaar
ulley ulley, manasukulley theda marupaar
silar siripar, silar thudipar, surti surti unmai ethu paar

poga poga bhoomi virikirathey
poga poga vaanam perukirathey
theda theda yaavum kidaikirathey
oda oda ottam thodarkirathey

Don't provoke Tigers

Canadian newspaper article, the article seems more interested in savings its own ass than about tamils
but it does provide a glimpse of truth which are denied to tamils and tigers by the western governments!

The Tamils of Sri Lanka are fighting for their independence after decades of oppression.

CALGARY -- This week's arrest of six Canadians of Tamil origin on terrorism charges reminds me of Sir Peter Ustinov's brilliant maxim: "Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich."

In an apparent rush to U.S. President George Bush's ideology and policies, the Harper government recently added Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers guerillas to its terrorism list. The U.S. added the group last year.

In 1983, civil war erupted in Sri Lanka after decades of growing strife between majority Sinhalese Buddhists and minority Hindu Tamils. Tamil Tigers guerillas have waged a ferocious, bloody struggle against the Sinhalese government for an independent Tamil state. Over 65,000 Sri Lankans have died. The war continues in spite of foreign mediation.

Sri Lanka's Sinhalese control the army, navy and air force. The Tigers have only small arms, in large part purchased with money raised by Canada's 250,000 Tamils.

Canada's Irish did the same for the IRA. Canadian Jews raised funds to buy arms for Israel's independence struggle from Britain. Sikh separatists in Punjab were funded by Canadian Sikhs.

The Tigers are courageous, highly effective fighters -- call them the Hezbollah of South Asia. They used their bodies as human bombs to fight first the government army, then India when it invaded Sri Lanka in the 1980s in an effort to annex the island. A female Tiger blew up Indian PM Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.

The Tigers are exceedingly brutal and often murderous. They are a fanatical, highly dangerous totalitarian organization. But they are not "terrorists," as the U.S. and now Canada claim.

Terrorism is generally defined as "attacks on civilians for political purposes." Mad dogs who blow up airliners, trains and schools are terrorists, no question. But under this definition, then what do we call the Allied mass slaughter of civilians in Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagasaki and Hiroshima?

Or Russia's massacre of 100,000 Muslim Chechens a decade ago; Israel's 1982 bombardment of Beirut that killed 18,000 civilians; U.S. destruction in 1991 of Iraq's water treatment plants, creating an epidemic that killed hundreds of thousands of children?

What about the indiscriminate bombing of Afghan villages by U.S., Canadian and NATO forces? Or the recent killing of over 1,000 Lebanese and Israeli civilians, denounced by Amnesty International as a war crime?

Those accusing others of terrorism are often far more guilty of it themselves.

Tamil Tigers ably govern a third of Sri Lanka. Dismissing them as "terrorists" is as meaningless and misleading as calling Hezbollah, which is Lebanon's only effective, non-corrupt government, "terrorist thugs."

Enough with propaganda labels. I detest this deceitful, poisonous term, "terrorism," which has become a propaganda weapon to demonize political opponents.

Canada has recently made itself an enemy of the Muslim world and now faces attacks on its citizens and business interests abroad. This is not a good time to kick the Tamil Tigers hornet's nest. Sometimes it's better to avert your gaze, as previous Canadian governments did, and not seek trouble -- particularly when the Tigers have committed no hostile acts against Canada or the U.S.

Terrorism is a tactic, not a thing. Tamil Tigers are fighting for independence after decades of oppression. We westerners have forgotten that armed resistance to intolerable oppression is a legitimate right of all peoples.

One really must ask why Ottawa is sticking its nose into another remote, bloody foreign war and creating new security problems for Canadians when it can't provide even Second World health care to its own people.
when will the western governments learn? people dont become terrorists for nothing, change you policies and you shall see a safer world. but of course you dont want to do that, you want to keep it in continuous turmoil so you can reap the rewards of weapon sales and rebuilding, and keep the pretense of "we are better"
if western governments didnt sell weapons to idiotic dictators then there wouldnt be wars...

Different Types of Sri-Lankan Tamil Girls

Tamil Girl Types

b4 we go into explaining each tamil type we must understand one thing...
that every single tamil girl thinks she is HOT/perfect/better dan all da rest.

Ms. Perfect tamil girl
the good lookin one, the one that dresses right, lookin fine in a saree
or jeans, sophsiticated, the much priced Virgin

ms. coconut - "high class"
this is the born in SL, moved young. dont speak tamil, dont like to speak tamil
still slightly cultured coz their parents sent them to learn the violin
(violin< the essence of tamil cutlure), or veena, dont speak a word of tamil
some can belong in the "perfect tamil girl" category
most likely to date a guy from sai baba bajanai

ms. "i talk tamil like a baby and  guys think thats cute" - coconut - "low class"
this is the born abroad girls or moved abroad young,
 slappers, drink,smoke, most likley to have a wannabe tamil gangsta boyfriend

ms. "i dont look tamil so i aint tamil" coconut - "dumb class"
this is the bitch tamil, moves with non-tamils, avoids any contact with tamils
likes to think of herself as too good for tamils, tells friends that she aint tamil

Ms. innocent FOB
real innocent, prolly fancies her machan

ms. rude FOB
the ugly ones, with the fob gangsta dudes,

ms. i'm still virgin
these are the girls that have lost their virginity but now learnt their lesson
that one man one dream doesnt quite work. now they pretend to be sophiticated
and act like they virgins, can be real bitchy

ms i'm different
this is the tamil girls who think they are different, special, too good.
so they date white guys, no blacks!

Jillenru Oru Kathal - New York - AR Rahman

Jillenru Oru Kathal - New York - AR Rahman
(Sillenru Oru Kathal)

dum dum

new york nagaram urangum neram, thanimai adarnthathu
paniyin padakupol , kappal iranigiye, kartum karayil nadanthathey
nanku kannadi survarkalukulley naanum melugu vethi
thanimai thaniyamo, kodumai kodomayo

new york nagaram urangum neram, thanimai adarnthathu
paniyin padakupol , kappal iranigiye, kartum karayil nadanthathey
nanku kannadi survarkalukulley naanum melugu vethi
thanimai thaniyamo, thanimai thanimayo, kodumai kodomayo

paechellam un ........ pola , ennai uranga vaika nee illay
thinamum oru mutham thanthu, kalai coffee kuduka nee illay
viliyil vilum thoosikalai eduka nee ingu illay
manthil elum kulpamkalai theeka nee ingu illay
nan ingey, neeyum angey
intha thanimayil nimishangal varusham aanatheno?
vaan ingey, neelam angey, ... inthe oovamaiku iruvarum vilakamanomeno?

new york nagaram urangum neram, thanimai adarnthathu
paniyin padakupol

naal kuripil, nooru thadavai un peyarai eluthum en pena
eluthiyathum, eluthathami.......uruvanathenna thaena?
jill enru bhoomi irunthum, intha karanathil kulir kaana kodai aantheno
va anbe, neeyum vanthal , senthanal kooda panikatti pola valumae

new york nagaram urangum neram, thanimai adarnthathu
paniyin padakupol , kappal iranigiye, kartum karayil nadanthathey
nanku kannadi survarkalukulley naanum melugu vethi
thanimai thaniyamo, thanimai thanimayo, kodumai kodomayo

(feel free to correct me in the comments, )

'Military' killed Lanka aid staff


Truce monitors in Sri Lanka have accused the military of killing 17 local employees of a French charity.
then what does the military do...deny it of course, bunch of morons!
how can the EU trust the sri-lankan government? is the EU selling weapons to SL?


check it out...

stupid windows live mail...

what a pile of shit...

tea is healthier than water...

i knew dat already...

martyrdom tapes...and nothing more..


i havnt been following the heathrow bomb scare news,
intially they arrested 23 people..
and now they've charged 11 people
this is from bbc news...
 eight were accused of conspiracy to murder and preparing acts of terrorism.
- i hope they have far they only found martyrdom tapes...
Two were accused of failing to disclose information
- oh yeah..terrorists!! just coz they dont want to be snitch
a 17-year-old was charged with possessing articles useful to a person preparing terrorism acts.
- ermm... news articles?
i think its another cock up by british intelligence ... and police being scummy like after shooting the brazillian..
its like guantanamo in england!
if they tried to blow planes up, charge them with being terrorists and lock em up forever...dont fanny about with stupid legal wrangle..

Pattiyal is a copy of Bangkok Dangerous


i knew it was a copy,
it feels like i've seen it in a manga...
but its definitely a copy of bangkok dangerous

Kite is a nice manga movie, expect for the sexual content

i always wanted to know....

question to tamil girls :

what happens to the "fronting" that you give tamil guys who are interested in you when you see a non-tamil guy who is interested in you?

Sri-Lankan Deciet

typical of GoSL to deny everything,
GoSL says army bombed a LTTE facility
UN says it was a school
then GoSL shuts down schools in fear of reprisals,
reprisal for killing kids or killing LTTE cadres?
isnt that admitting guilt at killing kids?
someone will pay the price but it wont be innocent kids

61 schoolgirls killed, 129 wounded in airstrike


61 schoolgirls killed, 129 wounded in airstrike

[TamilNet, August 14, 2006 04:15 GMT]
At least 61 schoolgirls were killed and 129 were wounded when Sri Lankan Kfir jets bombed a children's home compound in Mullaithivu district Monday morning where schoolgirls were attending a residential course on first aid, reports said. Ambulances were rushing the wounded, many of whom are bleeding badly, to hospitals, sources said. Officials of the Liberation Tigers' Peace Secretariat, briefing reporters in Kilinochchi, described the attack as "a horrible act of terror" by the Sri Lankan armed forces. UN's child agency, UNICEF, and international truce monitors have visited the scene of the carnage.

Four Kfir jet bombers of the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) dropped 16 bombs on the premises of the Sencholai children's home in Vallipunam on Paranthan-Mullaithivu road, killing at least 61 schoolgirls who were attending

33 bodies have been taken to Puthukudiyiruppu hospital. Other bodies, in severely damaged state, were being identified.

More than 400 schoolgirls were staying in Chencholai. Kfir bombers were flown to the target without circling over the attack site, civilian sources said.

52 wounded girls were rushed to Mullaithivu hospital. 13 were admitted at Puthukudiyiruppu hospital. At least 64 wounded were taken to Kilinochchi hospital.

Girls from various schools in the Mullaitivu district were staying overnight at the compound, attending a course in first-aid, LTTE officials in Kilinochchi said.

The officials at the LTTE Peace Secretariat denounced the Sri Lankan airstrike as "a horrible act of terror."

They condemned the "deliberate, cold-blooded and inhumane" targeting of the schoolgirls compound by the daylight air raid.

The LTTE Peace Secretariat urged representatives of international agencies in Kilinochchi, including UNICEF, to visit the site of the bombing.

They also urged the international Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission (SLMM), overseeing the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement (CFA) to attend the site.

In September 1999, SLAF jets killed 21 people in a similar daylight raid.

Commenting at the time, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said: "We can confirm that 21 civilians were killed consequent to the air strike at Manthuvil junction …The ICRC deplores the fact that the air strikes were carried out in a civilian area."


to buy a Canon IXUS 800 IS or Sony DSC-T30
t30 is stylish and i already have a gig memory stick
canon takes better quality pictures but is chunky, need to buy memory card
t30 has better battery life than canon
t30 is 7.1MP, while canon is 6.1MP
they both cost around the £250 mark, which is funny considering canon is only a 6.1 MP camera
canons 6.1MP pics are better than sonys 7.1MP pics... :-| no diea how that works..but that how it looks!
i'm a Sony Fan...what am i gonna do?