psp is stuck

dayam slow service....

ordered my psp last tuesday and now the earliest i can have it is next tuesday, guess it was my fault for ordering it during the whole new year shebang!

at this rate i might get my psp accessores i ordered from lik-sang Hong Kong sooner than the stuff i ordered from which is based in jersey!

ordered a game with it, GTA: liberty city stories but its out of stock, so i wont have a game for a while. nice!

Happy New year...

to all the christians and non believers!

....and to all those hindus spending midnight at the temple and the temple guardians and iyers doing pooja, god bless you all too!

(wasnt much of a) secret santa

this is my secret santa present.

the secret didnt last long, pretty funny. shame some people couldnt come. especially the guy i got the presnt for. it was a cool moving text badge thing. funky shit, i might have to buy one for myself.

Fan thrown out for 'racist' taunt

well..this time its not the lebanese, and there is no beach, this is international cricket,

Incidents in the Perth Test had led to home captain Ricky Ponting condemning the behaviour of some of the crowd towards the South African players.

The MCC will seek further details of the latest incident, which again occurred in a match against South Africa.

Some of the insults were delivered in Afrikaans.

According to reports following the Perth Test, the players were taunted with the terms 'kaffirs' and 'kaffir boeties', derogatory terms for black people and those sympathetic to them.

where is that idiot who commented on it was the lebanese fault for starting the riot,

King Kong of a Bore


what a boring movie, never felt this bored in a movie. just wasnt enough storyline to justify the 3 hour run time. so many bullshit scenes with no relavance, and they dragged it.

next movie: Just Friends

ordered: PSP

Tsunami, a year on

BBC has done comparative photos of the aftermath of the tsunami and a year later,

Tsunami Rememberance

(these are videos used at a memorial function quickly organised by WP. Janar made the clips but his spelling isnt the greatest so did some quick spellcheck at the halls. these are pre-edited files sent to me in advance so ignore the spelling/grammar mistakes)

Tsunami Memorial Video 1

Tsunami Memorial Video 2

Tsunami Memorial Video 3

and it all starts again...

making a big deal out of nothing... but it matters!


havn't heard that for 6 years..and now its back....

kaathila poo again?

Christmas Eve - London


this is busy traffic in london walking towards picadilly circus

the KFC down leicester square

some effing road...straight for picadilly circus

the stupid police. 24 hour drinking licence but westminister council says you are not allowed to drink in their area, what kinda fucked up shit is that?

these are the lights through oxford street

Merry Christmas


TC goes cobalt

god knows how long this one will last..

this is the front page, nuke php, its so good!!

this is the beautyful cobalt theme for the forum,

php nuking


testing out nuke php... come holla!

marriage on the rocks

child marriages to forced marriages to arranged marriages to love marriagess to gay marriages to whatever next...multiple marriage? multiple partners? whats the big deal about bigamy? come on bigamy!!

Queen's Portrait - Rolf Harris

the plastic card flipper is back...and this time with the potrait of the queen, (showin her teeth).

strangely i like it, the teeth gives it a different quality. a different queen. although the queen seems older than she is which cant be good.

poker night


had a poker night last night, lost £5, dayam! going up against a person i should've known doesnt bluff and only raises if he has good cards. doh! i can see why people get addicated to gambling, poker is an interesting game. not as interesting as 304 tho.

when the shit just doesnt make sense..


The president acted lawfully in every step that he has taken.

Condoleezza Rice
US Secretary of State

yeah duh, lately he has been making the rules.

oppressors to freedom givers...

USA was oppressing the blacks til late 1960s, (martin luther king was assasinated in 1968).
the british had their empire til late 1940s, screwing the natives out of everything.

and now they are freedom givers, they seek to boldy go where no one has gone before and give people freedom. if they didnt have their own agenda they wouldnt step out their own houses.

Sivaji - Rajni


well they've just started shooting so i guess it'll be out in another 80 days

Tsunami Memorial Video

almost a year now..

these are videos used at a memorial function quickly organised by WP. Janar made the clips but his spelling isnt the greatest so did some quick spellcheck at the halls. these are pre-edited files sent to me in advance so ignore the spelling/grammar mistakes.

Tsunami Memorial Video 1

Tsunami Memorial Video 2

Tsunami Memorial Video 3

not so intelligence angencies

Bush admits fuck up

US President George W Bush has accepted responsibility for going to war in Iraq on the basis of faulty intelligence, but said it was still the right choice.

found this on BBC, this was a readers comment to bush's admission on faulty intelligence,

Every intelligence agency in the world thought that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

Richard T Ketchum, USA

mr.Ketchum, Mr.Bush, is it not the lack of intelligence which has lead to this mistake? then one should not say "intelligence agency". Considering that the intelligence agencies work in a network system, they rely on information from other intelligence agencies providing relaiable information. then if the bush administration was to make up "intelligence" it would be considered "intelligence" by other agencies.

having said that, its good saddam went, he was nutter. and there are a few more nutters in the world left yet to be rid of.

but having said that, if the west wasnt selling weapons then the whold world would be peaceful.

Like Chris Rock says it...

government makes guns
government blames gun crime on rap music

fuck the government

The Da Vinci Code Trailer...


well, here it is, the trailer, not the stupid preview...but a trailer, tom hank looks weird!

The Da Vinci Code Trailer

ta da!

lies and deciet
snakes in the grass
shadows at my feet
i see through it like glass
familiar faces in my nightmare
i see death disguised in white
like those who pretend to care
keep your mind sharp
even if the knives blunt
they come with sharp knives
but they minds blunt
thats the art of war
keep your enemies close
but your friends closer

another job fucked up


coz the department head only has a Bsc...

Drinking tea may cut ovarian cancer

DRINKING two cups of tea a day may reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, research in Sweden suggests.

A study involving more than 60,000 women indicates that women who drank two cups or more of tea a day had an almost 50 per cent lower risk of ovarian cancer than women who did not drink tea. The research comes after studies that have suggested that green and black tea may provide protection from several cancers.

what does this mean for me...who drinks as many teas as offered in a day

Aussie text race war


racist aussies urge white australians to fight using text messages..what next..

Liverpool Land in Japan

after winning the champions league last year liverpool were put forward to represent europe in the FIFA Club World Cup. funnily enough they join the tournament in the semi-final stages, having to play a costa rican side called deprotivo sparissa.

so a win in this cup is a new silverware for anfield and some money for a new stadium.

sittin pretty in this years champions league and 2nd the premiership its all looking peachy for liverpool.

Club World Cup Semi Final:

Al Ittihad - Sao Paulo FC
Deportivo Saprissa - Liverpool FC
(BBC2, 10AM Live)

Sao Paulo, the brazillian will provide tough opponents for liverpool if they qualify for the finals.

this is a picture of the opening ceremony, i had to dig out of FIFA website. what is the point of opening ceremonies? stupid olympic opening ceromonies, world cup ceremonies, then also an ending ceremony. waste of time!
FIFA is tryna sell a dead horse, with this club world cup FIFA is tryna rake in more money from sponsors. no one else really gives a damn about this cup.

Australians kickin up a storm


these are pics taken last sunday on australian beach after a white crowd targetted mediterranean/arabic looking people for an attack on a life guard a week before.

racists are morons, especially if you are an australian racist. you've stolen aboriginal land and you think you own the place, then you have the moronic state of mind to be racist? are you thick in the head? yes i think you are!

The Greatest - Richard Pryor 1940-2005


Richard Pryor 1940-2005
its always a shame to lose a comedian.

the difference...

whats the difference between christianity and hinduism in sri-lanka?

imagine a beggar, sitting infront of the temple waiting for handouts from the hindu worshippers, they give a little and walk away. the hindu preists do the same, temple also gives them a meal. the people and priests thinking its god's judgement for them to be like that.

imagine a beggar sittin infront of a church? can you? have you ever seen one? most likely the priest has taken the beggar in, given him a job of some sort and stopped him from begging.


so they did the world up draw yesterday in leipzig, germany, and england's fate was decided.

Group B
Trinidad & Tobago

England Vs Paraguay
the paraguayans threat cant be ignored, they will play south american style football, maybe not so organised as brazil or argentina but maybe those were in the old days.

England Vs Trinidad & Tobago
dwight yorke is still playing for T&T, he has played most of his football in england and will know the english style.

England Vs Sweden
the toughest team in the group, last time england played they lost so this is lookin shaky, especially with larson and mellberg. world class team.

World Cup finals draw

World Cup finals draw

Superman Returns


Superman Returns Trailer

well well well, superman is back, crap trailer! just like batman i think its going back to the begining again, starting all over again with new special effects equipment.

X-Men 3 trailer

x-men 3 trailer was released yesterday i think, same old war war war...mutants vs humans. Kelsey Grammar is playing the Beast

Harold Pinter on UK and USA

Bush and Blair slated by Pinter

George W Bush and Tony Blair must be held to account for feeding the public "a vast tapestry of lies" about the Iraq war, writer Harold Pinter said.

this is what we need, but will it ever happen?

"The truth is something entirely different," Pinter added. "The truth is to do with how the United States understands its role in the world and how it chooses to embody it."

Pinter said that since World War II the US government "supported and in many cases engendered every right-wing military dictatorship in the world".

"I refer to Indonesia, Greece, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Haiti, Turkey, the Philippines, Guatemala, El Salvador and, of course, Chile."

'Bleating lamb'

He added: "You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good."

Referring to Blair's support for the US-led war on Iraq, Pinter described the "pathetic and supine" Great Britain as "a bleating little lamb tagging behind (the US) on a lead".

Bush and Blair slated by Pinter

first christmas card....and last...


this is early but its a nice xmas card...comes from far far away.. thank you!

the picture doesnt do the card justice...

Lawsuit targets Xbox 360 console

some idiot, in chicago is suing microsoft for a design flaw in Xbox360, what a fucking nutter (i have returned to swearing to get the point across, google ads sucks anyway). if its a new machine its bound to have problems which the company might not have noticed. but comapanies offer 1 year gurantee for the product, you cant go suing hem.

soon i think companies will have a terms and conditions which customers need to sign before buying the product. altho xbox 360 does seem to have been rushed from the floors to get an early shelving date than Sony's PS3.

erosion of whats right....

suddenly now there is a POLL saying that most people in europe and US feel the torturing prisonners is okay in rare terrorist cases, what the fuck defines a rare case in terrorism? how the fuck would you know its a rare case?

so the american government and CIA become terrorists to catch terrorists, but still hold onto that "no talking to terrorists" bull shit. why dont you just talk to the terrorists, see what they want, then you wouldnt have to worry about bombings and torturing people? puta!

of course no one can do anything, CIA secret flights, CIA tortures, what else does CIA do? CIA are terrorists, for all they care about is america, every other country and person of another country is expendable.

so in another news gary glitter (Paul Gadd), the paedophile is under trial in vietnam for "raping" an 11 year old girl, if convicted (he is a convicted paedophile in UK, i still dont understand why he isnt in a jail in UK) he faces the death penalty, death by firing. shoot the mofo!

amnesty international is protesting against this, they are against killing for any crime.

World Cup 2006

Germany (hosts)
Brazil (holders)


Ivory Coast


Czech Republic

Saudi Arabia
South Korea
Costa Rica
Trinidad & Tobago

Special pot

Serbia & Montenegro

England has been seeded for the next world cup so it doesnt have to face the other 7 seeded teams which are better than england in the initial rounds of the world cup.

the team england will face from pot 2 isnt so bad, england played tunisia in france 98, but better not get tunisia or the south american teams, better off with angola, togo or ghana although they might provide a surprise like sengal to france in Japan-Korea 2002. getting australia and kickin their ass in football would just be justice! whooped in cricket, whooped in football, yes baby!
surprised nigera didnt qualify, togo is 1/10 the size of nigeria,

pot 3 is the challenge pot, all european teams and they they are always challenging, especially netherlands and czech, but then croatia and sweden play amazing football,
ukraine qualified...but no russia? bugger!

pot 4, is another group from which england should get all three points, but i'm sure everyone is aware of korea and japans challenge from the last world cup, also US isnt so bad at football anymore. i was hoping for US vs one of the arabic teams but dayam! maybe FIFA fixed it so there wont be any matches where US will play arab teams.

i think i should make a bet this year on who is going to win, looking at the teams it would be stupid not to bet on a team in pot 1, maybe i should bet on brazil not winning, i wonder if there is enough money to be made in this negative betting. (of course this still means i think england might win the WC). i hope they figure out this dumb as nervousness which england sccumb to in the final minutes of each half and after scoring a goal.

Kalvanin Kadhali - YSR

Kalvanin Kadhali - YSR

click the link, then click on the Taj Mahal song, fourt on the list
listen to the track, nice, (i hope its not copied)

tajmahal oviya-kaathal
thevadas kaaviya-kaathal
thaniragam, intha kaathal thaaaan
thesam thaaan, pesum ithayae..
intha uravu, iruthi varaikum
iraivan pol ingey vaalum
irunthidum genmam ael-aelum pirivu-illayae
uthadu ellam unnathu paeraei

oh unai vida, oru mugam, ennaku illay ari mugam
ival unthan, thirumathi, iraaivanin vilipadi
neemattum illay enral nikkathu enthan moochu
nanum thaan unnai poley, ennum enna paechu
kalyana thethi karkandu sethi, kathoram nee sollu tholi

nee thaan malai soodum velai kanna un kayil thaan

tajmahal oviyakaathal
thevadas kaaviya kaathal oh

thalai muthal, kal varai, thaluvavo oru murai
parakumo thee pori, pathiyumo naga kuri
kil melai angangey naan konjam konjam killa
kuchangal thalamal nan thundil meenai thulla
vaanmalai neerum, vaadidum vaerum, onraga koodum neram

tajmahal oviyakaathal
thevadas kaaviya kaathal
thaniragam, intha kaathal thaaaan
thesam thaaan, pesum ithayae..
intha uravu, iruthi varaikum

GoSL/SLA cries

after almost of a year of LTTE saying that SLA is waging a shadow war by using kruna/EPDP/EPRLF memebers now after incidents in Jaffna the SLA is saying LTTE is waging a stealth war,

in the shadow war in the east LTTE has lost a number of political leaders,

the tension in Jaffna (north) only rose after two tamil men decorating for Maveerar's naal (hero's day) were gunned down by unkown people. the people who shot them are bound to be EPDP/EPRLF and couldnt have acted without consuling the SLA.

for how long will SLA continue to point fingers at LTTE while continuing to use EPDP, EPRLF and karuna as its shadow front.

SEE intelligence agency?

oh da CIA been up to naughty things...but how?

i dont know who started but the first i read about dodgy CIA flights is when spain said it was checking into flights in and out of its country, now germany says it had 437 flights through its air space, but if you have an american base in your country you cant possibly question these flights,

using these flights apparently CIA was flying alleged terrorists to different parts of the world to be tortured, since the laws of torturing suspects wont fly in the US soil.
i'm surprised they would be that thoughtful over it if they've planned on torturing.

added a few more videos

added a few more videos..

poole beach volleyball

playing volleyball on the beach...

moon walk

doing that moonwalk

Rahul Dravid

getting autograph from rahul dravid

got bored..

so i uploaded two videos to google video,

just clips from my holiday in sri-lanka without peoples faces..

Sri Lanka Trip

Vanni Sunset