lets try this baby one more time...


ofUK fines All companies...


this is the news about a train company being fined by some UK body... yesterday it was a gas company? before that a water company got fined...  whats the point? the fine will eventually be paid by the consumer anyway... its like fining the people using the service for the company performing badly... are people stupid to realise? are these ofWater ofCom, ofWhatever government companies which watch over really stupid? where does the stupidty begin? where does it end? and when everything falls apart its the taxpayer who brings it all back again... then the government decides to go to war, the people dont want to, but the people pay for it, is this democracy? how is this democracy? we have been sold the most usless form of democracy, where they decide, then they sell it to you, if you dont like it they repackage it and sell it again, then they go ahead with the plan even if you dont like it.. is this democracy? repackage and resell the same idea till you get 10%, 20% agreement?
the only thing dictators dont do is that they dont sell an idea, they tell and idea. pretty  much the same as these democratic governments but from the dictator point of view its looks as though the idea was forced, where as with the democratic point of view it was force fed.
you are not much different from a worker ant or a drone bee, dont delude yourself, however high you are.

let him off for good behaviour...

so the guy who murdered 5 drug addict hookers is sentanced to life in prison...
so what happens when these girls go up to heaven? does god welcome them into heaven?
or send them to hell?
so mr.wright sent them to hell a little early... let the guy out for good behaviour..

US 'confident' over satellite hit


The US is confident that its shooting down of a disabled spy satellite with a missile managed to destroy its potentially toxic fuel tank.


hope it falls over america...morons!

BBC trying to find the root cause of hindu-christian violence..

What is behind Hindu-Christian violence
The minority Christian community in Kandhamal district, many of whom are forest tribal people and low-caste Dalit converts from Hinduism to to Christianity, say they've been targeted by radical Hindu nationalist organisations seeking to put an end to the church and its activities in the region.
The problem is the christian missionaries are stil trying to convert people to their religion in exchange for a little bit of money and food, that is the ROOT of the cause, you cant see the wood for the trees.

Spielberg cocks up

US film director Steven Spielberg has withdrawn as an artistic adviser at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.
god knows what the real reason is, but maybe Mr.Spielberg should voice his opinion on Israel's occupation in the middle east?

India trains sri-lankan troops


seems India wants something from sri-lanka? possibly the shipping lane through palk strait,
but should the war in sri-lanka go in favour of the Sinhala is India ready to face problems like kashimir in tamil nadu?



The long and short



City limits

Building blocks


The daily commute

leave those damn hedgehogs alone...

A hedgehog hospital has seen an influx of prickly patients who have forgotten to hibernate due to the mild weather.
here we go, another case of dumb people fuffing around picking up hedgehogs, fucking dumbass humans,  let natural selection work, this is how it works, if they dont bloody hibernate they die, then the ones who did hibernate will have more space to work with thus producing more offsprings, and those offsprings will have genes which will more likely to make the next gen hibernate...
for the love of....arghhhh!!

Nokia vs Sony Ericsson

I recently upgraded to the K850i, moving on from a nokia phone to a SonyEricsson phone after 10 years.. the first impressions were good, nice design, then you slowly feel the phone, the keys are dodgy, then  you get into the phone, the software is crap!
here is my rant review of the k850i:

only thing i like is the send to blog feature on it.. i'm sure i can get that on the n95

on the k850i, the calendar is crap, there is no active standby screen where the days calendar events are on the standby screen,
this is the worst feature ever on the SE, you can put notes on the standby screen but you cant put the days events on the standby screen.. wTF?
not only does nokia put all todays events on the standby screen, it also puts upcoming meetings aswell, beautiful!

you have to enter the date, actually click on a date, on a calendar to see what events are happening, in nokia a lil pop-up appears as u move dates on a month view

using Ericsson PC suite i was able to sync k850i with google calendar via vista calendar, current nokia pc suite doesnt recognize "subscribed calendar" on vista calendar

i am sending my k850i back to t-mobile and planning to wait til they release the N95 8GB,

my first ever mobile phone was an Ericsson t10 or something, crap software, and after 10 years they still have crap software! series 60 rocks!

Daily dessert



Hello world


Testing mobile blogging

Conway not Crook but a Cun...

Tory MP Derek Conway has defended parliamentary payments to his son, for which he was censured and suspended, saying: "I am not a crook."
you are not a crook mate, you are a CUNT!

Over 70 Tory MPs employ relatives


Tory leader David Cameron has revealed at least 70 of his MPs employ family members - as he announced plans for greater "transparency" over expenses.
70 relatives, earning higher than usual pay for probably no work at all,
they aught to have a rule like competition rules where members of that company cant take part in the competition,