Make Tamil an Official Language of UN

Sign the Petition NOW to make tamil an official language of the UN

70 million people speak tamil god damn it...

Currently, there are following are the 6 official UN languages

Chinese- 874 million
English- 341 million
Spanish- 322 million
Russian- 167 million
French- 72 million
Arabic- 42 million

Dumb, Dumber, Dumberer and Dumbest

Dumb: Tony Blair

Dumber: British Police

Dumberer: George Bush Jnr

Dumbest: those that kill innocent people

have been away from my comp so didnt post anything about the happenings of london
went to an engagement party in the weekend, congrats to the couple!
did a so nervous..didnt read what i wrote, only read out half of it, doh!

took this pic while at the engagement party
its pic of the new wembley stadium, national stadium of britain, will be used in london 2012 olympics

Police, Gun, shots, Asian man

police has shot an asian man in stockwell tube station
and apparently he is dead, eye witness says the police unloaded 5 clips into him
if he is dead...maybe the biggest mistake by the police,
unless they were blanks and police have a cover story, and other terror members wont know anything, thinkin the secret died with him,

maybe the eye witness is set up by the police..

were the police scared and shot him and blew their chance of a break in this case?

shits getting major

seems like every tom, dick and harry is out there with a bomb and plans to use it to kill people,

the four (possible) terrorists who planted the bombs in london yesterday are still on the run in UK, god knows in whose basement they are all hiding, or are they walking the streets with more rucksacks? when will they hit again?

i'm surprised they havnt used the CCTV footage and seen where they ran to

of course these four are idiots, insane or just cocky, tryna plant 4 bombs just 2 weeks after the first rount, i guess for now they are cocky since they've got away with it
with london being so coloured its going to be impossible to catch the perpetrators

team to keep medals after dope scandal


"Michael Johnson and the rest of the US 1,600m relay team can keep their gold medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, sport's highest court ruled Thursday.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld an appeal from the US Olympic Committee challenging moves to disqualify the entire squad for an earlier doping infraction by team member Jerome Young."


if a member of the team used drugs the whole team should be punished, this should send a message to the US olympic team that using drugs is wrong, but this decision is bad,

The International Association of Athletics Federations ruled that the entire team should forfeit the victory because Young should have been ineligible to compete.

"The IAAF is extremely disappointed with this decision," IAAF spokesman Nick Davies said.

fast mover


life moves so fast there is no time to sit and admire

Sony PSP v2.0 White


sony is gonna roll out the white psp from sept 15, official psp launch in uk is 1st sept, hopefully i'll have some bucks to splash on the white come sept 15th

Iraq reason for bombing?

some of the muslim pop has been annoyed with the whole israel/palestine and the western governments stance on it,

then invading iraq made those people who were annoyed very angry,

now the UK government is saying the bombings in london had nothing to do with iraq invasion,

maybe it didnt, but it was part of the UK policy that pushed those guys over the edge

its about time these western countries look at themselves, blamed themselves for what is happening around the world, than blaming it on some other country.

an interesting article...


The Reichstag Fire, 9/11, and Anthrax

please read!!

the long walk


my walk to uni
nice on a day like this

god damned bullsh*t

ah..what a life.
got five webpages, a few pdf files (all relevant to studies) and word open, and havnt wrote a line yet

still got an html program to write, to sort out the perl output into tables, i fear i got more perl to program to sort the data which then can be writter easier in html

i think i'm 60% done with the programming side
and about 10% done with the writing part, which suddenly looks really crap


World War II Tribute


a million poppies were dropped from a lancaster bomber over buckingham palace yesterday in rememeberence of WWII


the tube explosions were almost simultaneous according to the police, so the bus one was purposely delayed.

why just one bomb on the bus?
why three in the tube?
why not two in each?

did the bus guy backout of blowing himeslf up in the tube? then hear about the bombs in the tube then blew himself up?



this picture was taken right after the bomb had gone off in the bus at tavistock square


missed the tube?

the fourth bomb, in the bus, was the guys supposed to be there? was he late?
was the bus running late? did he miss his bus? was he supposed to be in the tube when it went off?

was the bomb on a timer? or was it activated by mobile? must have been a timer


i assume the whole of london is gripped in speculation and conspiracy theories...
why bomb after london gets olympics, was the bomb meant for G8 summit?

here are some that are floating around

1. Al-Qaeda or some other islamic fundamendalists(number one even if some sneezes)

2. America, america bombs to increase UK support for war against terror and indeed all G8 members

3. some guy who got irritated with the congestion charge (its possible)

London explosions


this has to be terrorists...

BBQ on the Beach


the customery carriage of a member into the water, this happened to two people

playing peni-panthu, the old skool game from lanka, u arrange the cans on top of each other ("pyramid") then one team hits it with a tennis ball then the team who hit the cans have to arearrange it again, while the other team armed with the tennis ball has to hit the other team members with it to get them "out" of the game, bit like dodgeball but more fun,

the customery burial of a group member in the sand, same person got carried into the water

this is BBQ the lankan way, we do flames bigger than BK, more flame? more flame!

London 2012 Olympics


London has beaten paris to host the 2012 olympics, this should be fun
hope it doesnt turn out to be a millenium dome fiasco

i dont like the logo, its so 70s

Gerrard Stays!

Steven Gerrard is staying at liverpool, huh?
he should go play with the best rather than stay in liverpool which cant really afford new players and is also in the red,

it'll be a long time before we are a serious challenge in the league

Gerrard set to leave

Steven Gerrard

well, he was bound to go, he has gotten bigger than liverpool but he is still contracted with liverpool for another 2 years therefore whoever wants to buy him have to pay a huge amount to liverpool, which is good in a way, then we can buy a few decent players,

then again, buying zenden of holland from middlesborough isnt good news, why the hell is the manager buying a 28 year old who has long been ditched by the best in europe,

hope the manager buys players with passion for football than hunger to earn more money

Cricket on the beach

first of the Poole Beach pictures, june 2005

playing cricket on the beach

Tamil Movies and Gang Violence

i can see the correlation so clearly now, 1 guy beating up 10 guys, tamil kids watching this think they can take on 10 guys easily, of course the reality is that the 10 guys will beat the shit out of the 1 guy, then the violence escaltes where the 1 guy who thinks he was treated unfairly coz 10 guys beats him up he can use a weapon to defeat them, then comes the aruvaal, and the other 10 guys believe only people who are not just use weapons and he deserves death,

hope that made sense..

Anniyan ...or Remo...or Ambi...


i think the film ended being a bit of an Ambi than an anniyan, not re-watchable,
in hollywood sex sells, in india politics sells? shanker is always tryna send some political message which involves normal (or abnormal) citizens taking law into their own hands and delivering real justice inorder to change the problems in real life, nothing changes.

i wait for shanker to make a film about shooting the baldies in politics inorder to make real changes.

there is also another issue, tamil directors, directors such as shanker and manirathnam only direct their stories, so the credits is always "story,screenplay,direction - director"

isnt it time these directors, if they have vision, to take in someone elses story and make a film, unless of course there is a million tamil directors out there and just waiting for money to direct their movie,

on another note:
i want to watch "vetri kodi kattu" its such a nice movie, partheeban, murali, vadivel, meena, manoharamma, bit of a fairy tale but its good to watch a movie like dat from time to time,

War of the Worlds


this is the original flick, i seen it in my secondary school years, an interesting movie, watchable, finding out why they died in the end was a surprise when everything seemed doomed, it was a nice twist

this is the new spileberg version, superb graphics, some scenes made me shake, awesome sound and vision, tom cruise was at his best, and there was no boring moments, probably because of the impending doom, nice movie, good remake.

one strage bit was when tom cruise picked up a frozen piece of metal or water or something, and he put it in his pocket, i dont know why, but the camera deliberatley showed, to mislead the watcher?

still, not a waste of money, i enjoyed it, my cousin found it boring, i guess you gotta have an interest in sci-fi