psp is here


well its hotlinked, wonder how long it will exist before disappearing..

things to do

well...number one on the list is getting a job, which makes the rest of the things i have to do a little easy. i think i'm ready for that 9-5 for life crap.

second on the list is to save up for holiday in december, looks impossible right now as i dont have a job, gonna need a lotta money for this holiday.

come on my beautiful job, where art thou?

funky cyborg name...


Synthetic Electronic Machine Intended for Logical Observation, Obliteration and Scientific Exploration

Liverpool lift the Super Cup


i suspect that'll be the last highlight for liverpool for two atleast years now,

the man of the moment, Djibril Cisse, the french forward
under speculation about a move to france to fund Owen's return to liverpool,

i suspect all the backroom of liverpool want Owen back in the liverpool fold and their best plan is to sell Cisse in order to get the 18million they need, Owen isnt worth 18 million.

Owen just go to newcastle, u r needed there!



SST (Supersonic Transport)

a sample of things to come,

JAXA, japanese aerospace exploration agency is designing the new concorde, lookx funky and it will go faster than MACH 2 apparently

boredom: my desktop


this is my desktop, with 4 virtual desktops, the wallpapers are from sony website,

i changed on of them to count down the Sony PSP release in UK,

i used a program called phantim3, which kinda adds a clock to ur desktop, a small reactangle layer, (where the count down is) it contains the clock, then the bakground for that layer is a rectangle layer of the background, so its fits on top and dissapears, but not for virtual desktop, coz it appears on all four desktops, unless u have the same psp bakground u see a rectangle clock (with a slice of psp wall paper background) on all other wallpapers,

bit of a dodgy program coz its always on top, even on top of shortcut icons,
but you can customize is easily and use it for any countdown



this is the latest import program to britain, Lost, channel four shows it on wednesdays and its always on E4

this is the story for plane crash survivors,
you gotta watch the program to know how it works, each episode follows a formula, and it works perfectly. the location is amazing and the cast are great, the story is told in the usual watch the next episode to know whats gonna happen method, and it works.

i, personally like such a story line of people being lost on an island, i like the sun. sea and sand, prolly why i enjoyed watching tom hanks in Castaway, but there is something more sinister than wilkinson on this island.

Airline Food

Inflight Meals

this is an article from BBC about the troubles of getting meals to passengers,
apprently due the pressurisation in the plane our taste buds are dulled 30%, so they have to increase the taste of products by 30%?

and this lead me on to flickr photo site where a man reviews aeroplane foods
Created by Danburg Murmur.

gotta be the funniest stuff

u can put it on slideshow and watch all the meals they serve on planes, atleast worth 2 hours of entertainment

Google Talk


it was coming...and now it has instant messenger..

looks good but i'm sure things will get better real fast!

Sussex Stone


this is the sussex uni tomb stone

Police chief Sir Ian Blair fights for job

tried to use the stories from confused/terrifed/panic striken/ victims of terror in london to hide the shooting of the Brazillian, but truth find its way out and now he wants people to remember the 52 people who died and not one,

"The context here is the largest criminal inquiry in English history with 52 innocent victims dead, still double figures of people whose lives have been wrecked, four dead bombers and we can't let that one tragic death outweigh all others." (Police chief Sir Ian Blair)

the fact of the matter is, an innocent man going about his daily life was mistaken for a terrorist and shot down even though he was unarmed, and held down by police officer. a sorry isnt enough for something as STUPID as that.

i think the chief is fighting for his job, the fact that he even tried to hide the truth under a cloud lies, lies about the brazillian acting suspiciously, lies that he wore a puffed up black jacket, lies that he ran, lies that he wasnt held down by another police officer, lies that they had to shoot coz he could've activated a bomb when they knew he didnt have a bomb,

the media would have the chiefs head on a platter but the man is brazillian, he is not white, if he had been of european or american origin then he would've been sacked already,

also the media is treading thin ground if it asks for the head of the chief when they are fighting terrorism, might seem unpatriotic

the police force in britian is racist, everyone knows that, full of mistakes and cover ups, glad this high profile case cant be covered up

Formula Uno


the turkish grand prix, turkey is moving up in the world, looking to join the EC and move up in the world, a hot spot for european holidayers, has a good football team, you know your country is doing well if you have Formula One

it raineth


it rains, it rained non stop here, crap!

long time since i seen flooded streets,
good bye summer, hello crap weather!

the two seasons, summer and crap

who wants to buy an SE W800i from me?


2mega pixel camera.. walkman phone...with nice in-ear head phones

offline price - £400

i'll sell for £300 ( minus the memory stick)

Lakshman Kadirgamar... a view

here is something for all the people in the world including world leaders to reflect on who Lakshman interview on BBC HardTalk

here is the clip > Lakshman Kadirgamar Interview On BBC HardTalk

this is one of reasons that tamil people of sri-lanka do not have an aimiable view of Lakshman Kadirgamar

The SonyEricsson - T-mobile Game


this is the gorgeous w800i, the walkman phone

this the k750i, pretty much the same as w800

this is the d750i, specially made for t-mobile, has a t-mobile zone quick launch button

i'm waiting for w800i to come on t-mobile so i can get the 512mb memory stick it comes with, but t-mobile is stocking the d750i crap which comes with 32mb memory stick (if at all), if it comes out on t-mobile i'm gonna sell it and get myself a PSP then i'll have a nice 512mb card to put in my psp :D

(all images from

Plush - Carnival After Party 28th August


sounds good, here is the website

could go...but dont wanna run into people i dont want to run into, yknowhamasayin!!

quote me

Read, every day, something no one else is reading. Think, every day, something no one else is thinking. Do, every day, something no one else would be silly enough to do. It is bad for the mind to continually be part of unanimity.
(Christopher Morley)

if only it was simple to execute

Lil_p has passed away

today miday lil_P passed away, scorched by the burning sun sat on the roof inside a cd container, well, it took 5 days for it to die without water or food in a really hot place, it handled yesterdays sun shine, prolly ran out of water to handle todays sun,

Lewis Perdue said... (on my comment section)


Anyway, about this Dan Brown thing: He
won a round, but the case is far from over.

The headlines were wrong that the judge has cleared The Da Vinci Code of copyright infringement issues or that the issue has been settled.

Contrary to the headlines, Judge Daniels did not "acquit" Brown, but quite to the contrary, acknowledged that there were many similarities in the setting, plot and characters, in other words the key ideas making up my books. However, in one of those interesting quirks of law, he found that Brown's expression of the ideas was different and, therefore, that in the legal meaning of the word he had not plagiarized. We believe the evidence the Judge improperly excluded from consideration proves that my expression was infringed upon, not merely my ideas.

There has been no trial on the issues. What occurred exploits a quirk in American copyright infringement law whereby all facts and expert witness testimony can be excluded from consideration. This quirk is the "lay reader" test which says that the judgement relies on the gut-level response of an average reader as to whether similarity exists or not.

Ironically, the controversy with Da Vinci Code began with average "lay" readers – strangers who sent me unsolicited emails saying they felt I had been plagiarized. While this is a self-selected population, those who feel I have been plagiarized run approximately 10-to-1 in my favor. This indicates there is a substantial legal question to be addressed.

But NONE of those true, average "lay" readers – many of whom were identified in our legal briefs --counted. Only one reader counted in this case: Judge George Daniels who obviously fell into that 1-in-10 category. Because of that, I did not get a trial. Justice demands that a jury hear the evidence.

The summary judgment process has an admirable goal: to keep frivolous lawsuits from clogging up the courts. However, as my legal team amply demonstrated with expert testimony and hundreds of solid examples of fact and similarity, this legal action is well-founded on fact, raises substantial unresolved issues and deserves a trial.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has been clear on the following issues:

(1) Summary judgement should NOT be granted unless there is "no genuine issue of material fact."

(2) The Court should, "resolve all ambiguities and draw all inferences in favor of the non-moving party." I am the "non-moving party."

(3) A motion of summary judgement should NOT be a decision on whether copyright infringement has taken place. "Clearly, the duty of a court on a motion for summary judgment is to determine whether there are any genuine issues of material fact to be resolved by trial and not to decide factual issues."

(More details about this as well as the case citation can be accessed at:

Thus, I believe Judge Daniels erred in his decision. In addition, item (3), above, makes it clear that the Judge's decision should not be considered a decision on the merits of whether copyright infringement has taken place.

Furthermore, I have never claimed to have copyrighted a notion, a fact, a plot, a bit of history, an idea or any other nonsense.

This quote from the judge's decision is totally false:

"Perdue alleged that Brown copied the basic premise of Daughter of
God, including notions that history is controlled by victors, not
losers, and the importance of the Roman Emperor Constantine in
requiring a transition from a female- to a male-dominated religion."

Just totally incorrect. Take a look for yourself at the original legal papers (including the expert witness reports) filed with the court, at: and you'll see that "expression" is what was infringed and what this suit is about.

(comment left at 2:35 AM, in reply to my post at

well, if Brown did copy then he should pay for it, i doubt the courts can decide who is right, its a 50/50 chance to get it right but who knows if it ever does, the truth will remain in the conscience of the liar.

HIV schoolgirl, 15, gives birth

what a headline... where do you think its from? america? south america? africa? india? thailand?

well, hell no! its straight from WALES! that place next to england

Read more about HIV schoolgirl, 15, gives birth

A 15-year-old schoolgirl who only found she had HIV when she became pregnant has given birth at a hospital in Swansea, it has emerged.

The new mother, thought to have had only two sexual partners, was infected by an older man who was also the baby's father.

tamil Guys and Girls dont think that you dont have a chance of getting AIDS just coz you think the people who you *hang* with are safe, people are STUPID! remember that.

Burj Dubai


well the foundations have been laid and the worlds newest tallest building is about to be erected, lookx amazing, should be safer than going to space to get a better view of earth

this image is from BBC comparing the biggest buildings,

the russians also wanna get in on the act...

the federation complex, tallest in europe category

size does matter after all

and we are back

stupid cpu fan started making this whirring noise so i pulled it out and i pulled out more than i should have, then i went to maplins to buy the parts and the guys said they dont sell the base which fits on the heat sink, i was like WTF? so got my flat Ali to superglue the parts together, then fixed a new fan and now i am here again....

guess what?

the new fan is making the same noise!!

after i had pulled the fan out i saw all the dust that had built up in the sink and i thought it was the dust which must'av busted the fan, but seems it wasnt the dust, might be the base unit which fits on the sink, it was cracked all over, i got a heat monitor for the cpu, right now its at 52'C which isnt bad, the comp will warn me if its unsafe anyway, so i think i'm good , touch wood


from manisha,

For all the desis who've recently had the privilege of riding in empty
carriages on busy tubes. . . . for once I can actually find a seat(!)
read on

The Guardian
August 6, 2005


Asians should not be prejudged because of the way we look

Rabinder Singh

An open letter to the person I sat opposite on the train yesterday.

Yesterday I sat on my commuter train and you were
already sitting there in the seat opposite. Your
eyes were closed. You must have been tired. Then
you opened your eyes and you saw me. You got up
and moved to the next carriage. Perhaps you
wanted some privacy or did not want to disturb me
with a mobile phone call. Or perhaps you were
afraid of me ...

That would not surprise me. Some people say that
the police should stop and search people who look
"Asian" or "Muslim" at underground stations. In
fact I am not a Muslim, I am a Sikh, but it does
not matter - I still look suspicious to some.
They say that only young men are like the
suspects, but I have heard of women being stopped.

I share your fears. I do not want to die a
horrible death any more than you do. I have a
family to look after - perhaps you do too. You
know so little about me - I wish we could have
chatted and perhaps we might have realised what
we have in common. All I ask is that you do not
prejudge me. That is what "prejudice" means: to
prejudge someone simply because of what they look

What can I say? On the television everyone is
talking about what it means to be "British" and
the end of multiculturalism. You may not think I
look British but I feel British - I am a British
Asian, or British Sikh if you like. If I go to
India they know I am not one of them - they can
see me coming a mile off. I like Indian food but
so, I think, do you. And I also like Italian
food, and Chinese, and bagels ...

I don't particularly like Bollywood, but
apparently enough people in the area where I live
do like it because they show Hindi films at the
local cinema. By the way, in case you were
wondering, it is not in Southall - in fact most
of our neighbours are white, although one is from
Norway and another American. I don't think people
ask them: "What are you doing here? Are you

I do not go to the gurdwara very often but I do
believe in God and I am proud of my heritage - I
respect my parents and the tradition they came
from. I do not think God would want us to hate
each other because of the way we look. And I
certainly cannot accept that God wants us to kill
innocent people.

But we have to care about innocent people
everywhere - in Iraq and Chechnya as well as in
New York and Madrid and London. I am not a
pacifist, but I do believe in the principle of
nonviolence. Only in the last resort could it
ever be justified to use violence, when there is
no other way open to defend ourselves or to
protect others. You may have heard of Mahatma
Gandhi. He was not British. In fact he used the
principle of nonviolence to help push the British
out of India. I think he was an inspiration to
everyone; I think you might agree.

I am a lawyer, by the way. What do you do? In my
work I sometimes represent the government. Not
just the present government; I used to represent
the last Conservative government in court too.
But I also sometimes defend the rights of
individuals who are pretty unpopular. That's my
job. They may be asylum claimants or gay people.
They may even be suspected of terrorism. I don't
think suspending the Human Rights Act is the
answer to the terrorist threat. The act is not
part of the problem. It is part of the answer. It
represents what we stand for - democracy and the
rule of law.

Some people say we should not let the terrorists
win; we should carry on as normal. But they seem
to be the first people to say that we should get
rid of these laws that "get in the way". In the
way of what? Do we want people locked up in
prison for years without ever being charged, let
alone convicted? If it happened somewhere else, I
think you might write a letter for Amnesty
International demanding their release. But it
happened here - until the law lords said it was
incompatible with human rights.

These are not some foreign laws. British lawyers
helped to draft the European convention on human
rights, which was "brought home" by the Human
Rights Act. And it is based on British notions of
fair play going back to Magna Carta. Yes, I do
know about these things and I do care about them.
Shakespeare, John Locke and Tom Paine. They have
made me who I am. They were as British as I am.

Maybe I am not what you think I am. Remember, we
are all individual human beings, with our hopes
and dreams; we all have our faults but are
basically good, I think, and try to do the right
thing. It's what is inside us that really
matters, not the colour of our skin or what we
wear. I do not ask you to agree with me about
everything. But I do ask: please do not prejudge
me because of the way I look.

· Rabinder Singh QC is a barrister at Matrix
Chambers and a visiting professor of law at the

Jim Cary is Bizzack

medium size trailer

seems like a remake, well that kinda sucks,

and in other news, Lewis perdue,the author of "the da vinci legacy" is suing Dan Brown the author of "the da vinci code" , apparently brown copied the idea
i'm trying to find an e version of the book but cant find it, i guess it will be available as this case gets heated up, round 1 has gone to Brown and Lewis Perdue is going to appeal, might end being more of a thriller than the book

the da vinci code (30% off at amazon japan from where i stole the pic)

the da vinci legacy

Four x Four


we pimped out now,

before i didnt see the need for multiple desktops but now that i been using linux and gotten used to splittin up work,chat,surf,music i wanted one for windows, and got this nifty program even tho i had it before and never used it

i think the computer is having a hard time handling it, ActiveDesktopCalendar has a problem too

Sri-Lankan Government Still in Denial


Jaffna tense: Civilian shot dead by SLA
Sri Lanka's President Chandrika Kumaratunga has condemned the deaths of a police official and a barber in the northern town of Jaffna.

The policeman was hacked to death by a mob after a soldier accidentally fired his weapon, killing the barber, officials say.

accident? too many damned accidents in jaffna at the cost of tamil lives
poor police officer, should've let the military handle the situation

and to add salt to the wound

Military spokesman Daya Ratnayake blamed the Tamil Tiger rebels for inciting the violence in their former military stronghold.

"Without the LTTE's [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] help, this kind of thing cannot happen in Jaffna," he said.

denial, the SLA is in denial, the GoSL is in denial even the sinhala people are in denial that Tamil people arnt happy with GoSL/SLA policies in tamil areas

when will they realise? these people reacted to SLA killing a fellow tamil, just like they been killing for 20 years, it doesnt need to be instigated by the LTTE

from 56 riots to this day they are still in denial about wronging the tamils

the whole government is incompetent

Cockroach : Lil_Princess


caught and named...
so thats makes 3 under captive

i caught this one in my CD case thing, gotta put the underside on it and keep the bug inside, gotta be fast, dont wanna lose lil_P,

One of the Best

this is my new blog theme, "one of the best" it will feature one of the best things in life?world?

today is a song, penned by Vairamuthu, music by Illayarajah for a tamil film called "kathal Oviyam" my crude translation would be , kathal is love, oviyam is art, so u decide, i'll see if its accurate or there is a better translation when readers leave a comment,

here is the link to the song on

poovil vandu

namdham namdhanamdham namdhanamdham namdhanamdham

poovil vandu koodum kandu poovum kangal moodum
poovinam maanaadu poadum vandugal sangeedham paadum


raagam jeevanaagum nenjin oasai thaalamaagum
geedham vaanam poagum andha maegam paalamaagum
dhaevi endhan paadal kandu marbil ninru aadum
naadham onru poadhum endhan aayul koadi maadham
theeyil ninrapoadhum andhath theeyae vendhu poagum
naanae naadham...aa aa aa


vaanam en vidhaanam indha boomi sannidhaanam
paadham meedhu moadhum aaru paadum suprabaadham
raagam meedhu dhaagam kondu aarum ninru poagum
kaatrin dhaesamengum endhan gaanam senru thangum
vaazhum loagamaezhum endhan naadham senru aadum
vaagai soodum...aa a aa a aa a aa a a


i wouldnt know where to begin with a translation, i'll try the first line

raagam jeevanaagum nenjin oasai thaalamaagum
rhythm will come to life, hearts sound will become the beat
rhythm will become life,

it looks good from here...


yes, everything looks fine from here...but is discovery good enough for re-entry?

(image from BBC)

Cockroach killin


i'm killing cockroaches by starvin them to death

1. mary, caught under a tuna tin, not sure what happened

2. peter, caught under a bottle, in the curve, still dere, acting dead

3. sally, caught in plastic container, running about,

(dumb alignment, pi$$in me off)