i want a white one


black or white ...loox fab!

Humanity Ashore

Humanity Ashore

A photo blog by Dushiyanthini of Tsunami affected Tamil Eelam

as mobile phones go

getting screwed

so i upgraded my mobile in 2002 to a nokia 7650, which costs me £230, then the b**** at the link store manage to sell me a 4 year insurance policy costing £140, i thought yeah i might screw up the phone, these are the breakdowns

1. i overloaded the phone and flashed it but this was in a year so the repair was under the nokia warranty

2. few buttons stopped working used the insurance
3. after repair of buttons the sound didnt work, sent it off to insurance for repair

now they cant repair it, so they've sent me a vouchers for £200, pretty pathetic, apparently i cant get a phone with similar specifications as the Nokia 7650, if the phone costs more than £200 they are supposed to ring chain support to check, i dont know what they are going to check,
my vouchers will arrive at my london address, i'm in brighton, i want the Nokia 6630 but i have a feeling the link will screw me over, simfree nokia 6630 is £320
this is going to be very interesting, i think i'll take my camcorder and record what happens.


wait til it hits you

god damned life, got exam in 20 days, need to hand in an essay in 20 days but i dont feel like studyin, what am i going to do?
everythings going to be last minute, also need to write the introduction to the dissertation but..with all this going on how am i gonna do that?

got my other two exams in mid may, which is another problem, wish it was early june,
i need to sort something out, cant waste my time like this. putaaaaaaaaaaa!

i wanna go home and spend time with my niece,

deleted msn, but now using msn4.7, not good!
got dinner with surrey tamil soc on april 14th but i dont think i can attend that since i got exam on 20th, nah i should go, should be a laugh,


Weekend In Amsterdam

My Visit to Amsterdam

the Baba Coffeeshop (a place in amdam when u can smoke weed legally)

the Baba shop logo is Ganesh, kinda weird coz it sells ganja

the main part of the shop is the 6 foot statue of lord ganesh,

Legal Buds

Buds on top of Van Gogh museum entrance ticket, (yeah it was an educational trip too)

what is that? cake? no no! SPACE CAKE! made wit REAL weed for that extra flavour
(can be bought at coffeeshops)

Anne Frank, the jewish girl killed by Nazi, she hid in amsterdam for 2 years b4 she was betrayed by some1 and died 1 month b4 liberation, she wrote a diary and its world famous.

Cannabis plant

cannabis plant at the cannabis museum


Sony PSP


want one of these machines so badly. I'm gonna get a job just to buy this thing!
should have enough money by the time it reaches the UK in June

My Plans til September


these are my plans til september

Using Imageshack.us to host my pics now, hope they dont pull the plug on me

here we are again..

somethings are best left unsaid

well here we are again, no more tamil.plus.com but semiloose.blogspot.com
hopefully this will last forever and i dont have to change
let the blogging commence once again


got that blogger.com search/next blog s*** stuck half way,
bloody thing

so it starts

here we are again, lets see if this works