GoSL/SLA Luntics


check this picture out from tamilnet which shows the number of SLA camps in jaffna district
why so many camps?
who are you kidding?

Rajani Thiranagama

to make a rainbow, u need sunshine and a little rain...


who is the war against?

so three hostages saved...
one hostage got killed days before, and this hostage was american,
maybe there is a hint?


lost between the rivalry between the old ways and modern thought. a struggle to push through the ground, sprout a new growth. the miracle of life, freedom of speech. from a sapling to a full grown tree, years of growing with knowledge and experience. from a weakling to a leader, to stand strong and keep followers in the shades. but the bright mind fades, the righteousness jades.

Iraq hostage tortured and shot

is this another case of the Bush/tony admin propaganda?

hmm wonder when US will stop torturing prisonners in guantanamo.. or any other place

India 2006


the big plan which got cancelled out by the western monsoon

Fwd: india 2006 plan


testing attachments, from e-mail to blogger...