democracy doesnt work...

through the eyes of the worlds leaders, there is nothing so bad in the country, they deal with higher level issues. health system needs money, yes. pension needs money, yes. country needs to be safe, yes. then all the complication of trade, yes. but do they ever come to the lower level issues? at the lower level there is anarchy. there is a need for people to fit into the rules to make money but now days that is under question. can the law handle these outlaws? no.

law needs coporal punishment, it needs capital punishment. life is delicate, maintain the balance, everyone needs examples. eye for an eye might make the whole world blind, but be an optimist. people take the law to be pussy, and it is. it does nothing to hurt the perpetrator. when the law doesnt give justice, one tends to take justice in his/her own hands. then out folds anarchy.