Kfir drops out the sky

COLOMBO, Oct 16 (Reuters) - A Sri Lankan air force fighter jet crashed into a lagoon on the outskirts of the capital city, Colombo, on Monday, a military spokesman said.

"A Kfir (fighter jet) has crashed into the Negombo lagoon. We are investigating whether it was an attack or a technical fault," the spokesman said, referring to a township about 30 km (20 miles) north of Colombo.

News of the crash came hours after suspected Tamil Tiger rebels rammed a truck loaded with explosives into a Sri Lankan naval convoy, killing at least 92 people and wounding over 100.
(Soruce Reuters)
so the SLA were gonna bomb tamil areas after todays bomb blast which killed 90 SLN sailors, but something went wrong....
thats another $16 million down the pan, keep giving them money IMF!