Tamil Genocide

Government of Sri-lanka keeps killing Tamils
the problem is that this isnt the first time and wont be the last time,
for 23 years, as far as the war has been going on in sri-lanka, the government has been killing tamils without any care
but no other country gives a damn,
Trade agreements, imports, exports, weapon purchase keeps the other countries quiet while the tamils get wiped off from sri-lanka.

Colombo 'regrets' civilian deaths
Protests against the attack in Colombo
The attack has outraged Tamils
The Sri Lankan government has expressed "regret" over the killing of dozens of civilians in a refugee camp in eastern Batticaloa district.

The camp was hit by the army in a heavy exchange of fire with the Tamil Tigers in rebel-held territory. The rebels say at least 45 civilians were killed.

Military spokesman, Prasad Samarasinghe, said it was "unfortunate" that civilians had been hit.