hunting DSC-T100

so i'm going on a short break soon and i need a camera, i been putting it off for a long time but now that sony has launched a new line i'm definitely getting one from this line..
DSC-T100 seems pretty good but DSC-G1 has 2GB internal memory and some 921,000 pixel screen and its a funky design altho the camera is just 6MP. DSC-T100 is an 8.1MP. I have read enough camera reviews to know that its not all about megapixels when it comes to camera, its all about sensor sizes. too many damn choices i cant make up my mind!

anyways, so i started the search for dsc-t100 and i found it for pre-order. first place was, oh yes the sony shop! £329... ouch! £276 ... why does sony shop sell it at that price? does it cost it that much to run the website? of course sonystyle has it in stock but dabs doesnt.

then i thougth i would like pixmania, £291 ... which lasted for a few days before going up to £294.. weird!

then i tried pricerunner and it came up with UKdigital something and they had the price £270, so i thought i would call dem today and find out if they have it in stock,
the phone rings, then gets answered, then click and ring tone again, while my mobile registers that i am in call, the phone keeps ringing, i hang up, check my call duration, 13 seconds,
13 seconds of listening to recorded dial tone, WTF? 08708001212 < assholes!

kept searching and T100s started appearing on ebay... all those hong kong sellers.. then managed to find someone selling from UK,
got some weird ass description with *KIT* at the end of title, WTF is that about? is that some kinda ebay term?
then down at the warranty it said, "warranty provided by seller" , huh? what happened to sony's 1 year gurantee?
oh yeah on ebay it was £249 + £13 delivery charge, for this you get DSC T100 and 2GB memory stick...pretty good deal...
but...dodgy gear?

called another place.., they dont have it in stock, they are selling at £250, what the hell is thinking at £329?

hmm maybe i should get the DSC-G1...

its funny how i managed to find every uncertainty thats comes with shopping online by just looking for one product....