bad to worse..

well..if you thought those soldiers in iran screwed up think again, the UK government screwed up!
if it were any other country other than Iran that had caught them UK would've tried the softly-softly approach, but as its Iran its accusations left right and center!
you would think they would take more care near borders, but god knows what they did...UK government will lie like Iraq had WMDs..
Blair can reshove da shit he spits out his mouth..
the pakistan cricket team murders woolmer, i think inzamam did it, woolmer wanted a bigger cut after the match, and inzy finished him off, i wouldnt be surprised if he took a bat like he did to the fans who called him a sack of potatoes...hope they find the killer, CCTV should've caught him...
i keep wishing sri-lanka would go home, there is enough trouble in sri-lanka so we dont really need cricket, hopefully they'll go home soon