Did they really know?

after 9/11 ... ok maybe a few months afterwards you heard reports that the CIA knew about the attacks... did they really know?
after the failed london attacks the MI5 said they knew before .... even tho they let them take the bombs on the bus...
the truth in these cases is probably that these so called intelligence agencies didnt know anything at all... had no clue,
there is only two reasons why you would admit that you knew about these terror plans and didnt stop them from happening
1. either they covered up to show that they had been working or doing something to protect the country..
2. just pretending and telling the terrorists that they have ways of knowing these things even though they had no clue...in order to deter them from carrying out future acts
these things just go to show that there are things that the public will never know, and the government will happily continue to lie to you to swing things in their favour..