Fast Life


so the healthy people say fast food kills you...
as i see it,
you go for fast food, buy in less than 5 mins, you are eating within 5 mins, and you've finished eating within 20 mins..
Total time spent/wasted: 20 mins
lets go for the healthy alternative,
you go shopping, waste of time, you prepare, waste of time, you cook, waste of time, all this will take more than an hour
then you spend another 30 mins eating, ...
Total time spent/wasted: 1 hour 30 mins
so eating fast food is bad for your health, it reduces your life time, but by how much exactly? 30 mins every time ?
but of course by eating healthy, you dont reducde your life time, but you do end up wasting it on cooking and eating..
so in the bigger picture things must equal out by eating fast food...