BBC trying to find the root cause of hindu-christian violence..

What is behind Hindu-Christian violence
The minority Christian community in Kandhamal district, many of whom are forest tribal people and low-caste Dalit converts from Hinduism to to Christianity, say they've been targeted by radical Hindu nationalist organisations seeking to put an end to the church and its activities in the region.
The problem is the christian missionaries are stil trying to convert people to their religion in exchange for a little bit of money and food, that is the ROOT of the cause, you cant see the wood for the trees.


Sam said...

You are right!

If you want to see what Christian fundamentalists are up to in Sri Lanka, see:

And the following websites are awesome documenting Christian evangelism in South Asia:

big D said...

Sam, what else u want Christian to do that's what the bible teach them to do. If it wasn't for evangelism Christianity doesn't exit.

Giving money to convert is BS that's some thing cooked up by low life Sinhala Buddhist monks. people change cause they find some thing they dont find it their religion.

End of the day is what freedom about ?

Most of the sites u posted are not working guess the sinhala thugs who run those sites don't know to manage sql database :D