Prabudeva's Greatest Songs

I dont think i can limit it to a top 10...and they come in no order,
I have focused on good songs and good dances..

All Day Jolly Day - amazing video going through different centuries and their different style, have to give it to the guy/gal who thought of this idea.

Chikku Bukku Raile - This is tamil movies defining moment, Prabudeva's dancing combined with AR Rahman's Music, stunning! also have to give credit to Vairamuthu for the lyrics! All Time numero uno!!

Kannle Miya Miya - Probably not everyones favourite, but this was a cool song, Laila was so cute i could never forget it.

Vaadi Vaadi Nattukattai - this for me took song choreography to another level but lets not forget how big this song was! played in every club, constantly requested to this day!

chumma chumma - really nice video, like the quirkey pulling clock out the ground, and veerappan out the bush...

Nertu no no - a decent enough movie, and strangely Ramba could keep up with Prabudeva's speed..or maybe she slowed down, but she did well

Strawberry Kanne - what a hit movie, and this song was a reason for its hit, beautifully created and beautifully executed by Prabudeva!

Mukkala Mukkabla - could never leave this out, his first movie? ARR..Prabudeva together many after this movie

Thirupathi elu malai venkadesha - this song went on to prove that you dont need some crazy choreography, it can be simple and effective, another defining tamil movie moment.

Metro Channel - this for the Dancing!!

Ooh la la la - i want to add this for the last bit of dancing when the gana starts to pick up, starts at the fourth minute, stunning.

right...thats it for now, probably have to do a Part II...