financial crisis


what happened to the old days of if a company made a loss it packed up and closed business, then another company, a better maintained company took days its back up the loss making company..WTF?

what goes up must come down... erm.. maybe not,
companies are causing panic saying there will be financial turmoil if they fold and the government, stupid as it is, with its fault which being that its elected every 4 years, must do what the populace says inorder to get elected the next time around, if the problem is big and stands to last more than 4 years then you will lose the election, how can a government which changes every 4 years deal with a problem which last more than 4 years? so governments are blackmailed by the public to do something rash, within 4 years, to cure the problems, what if it takes longer to cure the problem?

buggered, life is circle, so are businesses, everything is. everything has its ups and down. when things are having their down side you cant prop it up, it'll just delay the fall.. ah..goverments are propping up just to getover the election,

like a sick person, you can help with medicine, but what do you do when the problem is old age? person has gone senile?
rather than old age, all big financial institutions are become senile, stuck in their old ways, its time to put them down.