Wrong type of rain

I've left work, walking my fast pace to get home as fast as i can, avoid the slow walker that you want to punch in the back of the head, around the people going for the lift, down the stairs, pick up a free paper, breathe in the rank smokers that stand outside the station, down the escalators, past the whistling busker, to the oyster machine, a woman has cocked up, she jumps to the one i'm gonna use, i see the left one, the guard is about to let her through, she moves to mine, i move right, put my card, guard eyes her to go back to the right, i move right again, red light, wtf..... Check my card, its fine. The guard said i swiped it too fast.... I thought that was the purpose of the card to speed things up... You cant be too fast too slow, nice. This reminded me of the usual excuses for train delays or cancellations the wrong type of rain, wind, snow, and the its too hot...jeez!

Iniya puthandu valthukal by the way...