today was like any other weekday, trying to rush into work even though i know i'm going to be stuck in traffic. getting frustrated with it and working up the pressure for no real gain. but thats where today wasn't like any other day. today was an eye opener. today was the recognizing where tamil culture is heading, today was realising the failures within the tamil society. it was pretty pathetic... today i'm ashamed to be tamil.
let me tell you why...

i get in the bus, oyster touched, looking for empty seat, nice looking tamil girl sat with her mother, girl is moody. fine, skip, seats at the back and i notice an old tamil woman herding 3 kids to school. she is sat in the back of the bus, 2 kids, a boy and a girl, 7/8 sat in two seats infront of the back row. old woman sat right in the middle of the back seat row and another little kid, 5/6, sitting next to the old woman, i didn't notice this tamil kid singing. the boy in the front seat is talking tamil, well enough for a kid of his age, must be a family new to england, (i'm saying that instead of fresh off the boat..). then i hear the little boy int he back singing. "anil anil odi va" etc..etc..then i realise he is shouting this "song", "goya palam thindu va", "alagaana anil", shouting, more shouting, the old tamil woman sits there, all the passengers in the bus are looking towards the back at the racket, the old woman sits there, then when the shouting gets worse she tells him once is enough, to which he says in tamil "how can i learn if i sing it once grandma". commendable, but not in a bus. his shouting goes on, getting worse everytime the bus comes to a stop due to traffic, only way everyone gets a rest from this is when the engine noise drowns out his annoying shouting. i'm thinking, just smack him and make him shut up, the grandmother does nohting and ignores it. the bus being slow through traffic is annoying me, i contemplate getting off and walking the rest of the way but no, i sit the endure, this is where the shit twists.... the little boy at the back starts an argument with the girl who is sat infront of him, she is the older sister, he says give me the phone or something and she won't give it to him. the little boy says "i'll beat you up if don't give it to me", obviously the older sister is used this kind of talk.. (i'm not, never heard of a younger brother saying this to an older sister, however old you are, if it happened in my family the boy is looking to get a good beating) and she ignores him. the boy continues to say i'll beat you, and i'll rip (kilppaen) you...then eventually he says "akka is a fuck" i heard it the first time he said it, i think to my said no he didnt say that, he said something else, he says it again, no reaction grandmother or sister, then he says "ammama akka is fuck ena"  (grandma, akka is fuck isnt she") ..holy fuck! whats going on here...
now i question where the parents are of these kids, why is the grandmother taking these kids to school, where did this kid learn this? why does he not have any of the good tamil discipline? where did it all go wrong? the grandmother tells him slightly sternly that he shouldnt use that language to which he says "if she won't give it to me then i'll say it" ..oh christ! get me out of his nightmare....

the bus finally reaches the stop, i'm off like a shot...

George Osborne is an idiot

The windfall tax on oil firms announced in the Budget will not be passed on to motorists in higher fuel prices, George Osborne insists.

if that aint the biggest bullshit ever, does he thing everyones fucking stupid?



if everything is under control... you are not going fast enough.