Virgin Atlantic - what a pile of Shite! prefer EasyJet


Virgin Atlantic - what a pile of Shite! prefer EasyJet, atleast they don't bullshit about their service.

I recently flew virgin atlantic from Las Vegas to London on the 1st of May 2011 and had the worst flying experience of my life. It's a dire contrast to what virgin atlantic advertises and what is delivered.


This is how the service was from virgin atlantic fared:


·         The flight was delayed by an hour and twenty minutes

·         The 747-400 flight that eventually turned up was good for scrapping

·         There was chewing gum stuck on the seats

·         There was long line of dust all over the overhead where the AC and lights were

·         The blanket that was wrapped up in the polythene bag had long hairs on it

·         The entertainment unit was from the 60s, with a remote that was attached to the arm rest – worst of all it didn't even work for the row I was sat on. Not only the channels but the light switch, the call button etc.., absolutely nothing worked. 3 on the row received a weak apology and told that they could not do anything at all, that we just have to deal with it.

·         Then the food, advertised as chicken had more mushroom and hardly any chicken.

·         I was feeling cold and I wanted to ask for a second blanket but I couldn't call a cabin crew as the buttons on the arm rest don't work, even I managed to get the attention I was afraid of asking as they would say they didn't have any because I watched a passenger almost being told he was a thief when he asked for blanket and he didn't have one on the seat when he got on the plane.


Thank you for this god awful service, if I had a choice I would not have flown on this flight at all.

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