today i dreamt:

i was on holiday somewhere, there was a sort of a cultivated jungle in the back leading into a real jungle. the jungle was known for snakes, elephants and ancient dinosaur like creatures.
then we had people over for a party, local people. One girl caught my eye and i was trying to dance with her but all she wanted was to have a good time. i was running around with my camera then she finally said she would dance with me so i left my camera on the table next to wine bottles and went with her.
next day the party is over, no one is there. i go to the back and i see friends playing in the jungle then the dinosaurs, i go to get my camera
the lens cap is broken with metal bits hanging out of it, i turn it on and nothing happens, i try other things to turn it on and nothing happens. i then pull out the mode dial, and cheap wine starts coming out of it, i let it all come out, and the wine keeps pouring out. and i look at the compartment below the mode dial and its now empty. then the dinosaurs disappear.