all ahead full stop


u cant take the msn out of the people but u can take the people out of the msn

i've deleted the people on my msn than me deleting msn all the time,


4 days now, no work done, slow progress has come to a fullstop, kinda scary
starting to be pathetic,

watched sincity, pretty grim movie, nicely directed altho mixing three different stories and not getting anything to match at the end is a bit pathetic, too many uses of the word pathetic today,

madagascar was ok, a usual animated movie, never has enough laughs, guess its for the kids. ali-g did amazing, david schimmer aka ross from friends got a crap role, i guess i'm too used to seeing him as friends cant see him playing any other role than ross

hitch was all right, pretty good altho they culd've pushed the boat out on the jokes for a while before getting to the mushy shit

another animation, but this was amazing, takes a lot research to do this movie,
robbin williams for himself, crazy as ever, few adult jokes, pretty good