read a few books...

read a few books, all by Dan Brown,

first book i read after a long long time and i just wanted to read it to see what the fuss was all about, i understood the fuss after reading a few lines, then with every line it just got better and better, having been to the louvre and done the tourist track of seeing venus de milo and the monl lisa in 5 minutes i knew what he was talking abt when he said some just come to see these and leave, i was pressed for time, been to paris a few times and culd relate to a few things, i keep encouraging everyone to read it,

this one they didnt have to sell to me, i wanted to read it as soon as i had finished the DaVinci code, i seemed to have developed an appetite for the origins of christianity,

the third book i read, i started to read deception point first but the american stuff in the book made me put that down and read this book, altho its good its i would put this as the last book if i rated all four books

this one was a slow starter but once you get past a point in the book you dont want to put it down til you finished it, the last book i read


Anonymous said...

wow!!! i luv these books!! they are soooo brilliant!!! hope you enjoyed them too!!!