Anniyan ...or Remo...or Ambi...


i think the film ended being a bit of an Ambi than an anniyan, not re-watchable,
in hollywood sex sells, in india politics sells? shanker is always tryna send some political message which involves normal (or abnormal) citizens taking law into their own hands and delivering real justice inorder to change the problems in real life, nothing changes.

i wait for shanker to make a film about shooting the baldies in politics inorder to make real changes.

there is also another issue, tamil directors, directors such as shanker and manirathnam only direct their stories, so the credits is always "story,screenplay,direction - director"

isnt it time these directors, if they have vision, to take in someone elses story and make a film, unless of course there is a million tamil directors out there and just waiting for money to direct their movie,

on another note:
i want to watch "vetri kodi kattu" its such a nice movie, partheeban, murali, vadivel, meena, manoharamma, bit of a fairy tale but its good to watch a movie like dat from time to time,