the long walk


my walk to uni
nice on a day like this


T said...

just wondering which university you go to and what is your areas of studies?

AJ said...

i'm in england
Uni of Sussex

T said...

do you u have a lot of tamil people there?
cause here in canada we have a lot of tamil people in most unis and each have their respective tamil student association.

AJ said...

there was a lotta tamil people in my previous uni, but none in this one, i did speak to medical student at the start of the year but she disappeared,

tamil people usually stay in london unis, but now unis outside london are packing a lotta tamils,

of course if there is a big enough tamil collection at a uni they usually have a tamil society, they hold parties and that usually ends up in fights and they give up on organising anymore parties incase of more violence.

we (tamils) like the chinese are in every uni, i'm sure there is one tamil in every uni in england, there is probably more than 150 unis in england :D