Report Issued by the LTTE

The Sri-Lankan government tries to pull the wool over foreign countries by using paramilitaries to do its dirty work during the so called ceasefire.
Sri-Lankan government isn't new to using paramilitaries, it has used them for a long time to do its dirty work.
its about time the western governments realised the truth the matter, it is state terrorism they should protect the Tamils from!!

not a suicide bomb?

this is from the BBC have your say site:
No-one here believes it is a suicide attack as the headquarters is heavily-guarded and all are searched even if they are pregnant
Ajantha Rajasinghe, Colombo, Sri Lanka
is it possible it wasnt a suicide bombing?

bomb blast


Final Solution

the war in sri-lanka has started again....
hope its the final war. 

war on drugs

so the head of UK police is warning of cocaine abuse..
just a month after they couldnt do feck all to kate moss after they had pics of her taking cocaine..
and now kate moss is doing advert for virgin mobile..
how can you control drug when its used by celebs and they never get convicted?
piss poor mr. ian blair.. get your shit straight..

SL army shoots two innocents


what does the headline say?
Government troops shoot and kill two suspected Tamil Tiger rebels in fresh violence in eastern Sri Lanka. "
every tamil is a suspected tamil tiger rebel to the fricken army....

i'm in love with a ....

stripp....nah, anuradha sreeram...

i saw her on tv, and she aight looking, her personality and her voice makes up for her aight looks.

anuradha sreeram songs on raaga...knock yourself out...

if only google could fix the e-mail blogger with attached image that would be published, cha!

Trisha Joke

when trisha was having sex for the first time she said "lesaa lesaa"

when she was having sex for the second time she said " ayayo ayayo pudichiruku"

and after several experiences she said "appidi podu podu podu"

How to build an Airbus A380

watch and learn...

takes just 7 minutes

hi google

i would like to add pictures of the past events to my calendar...
so i kinda have a dated gallery...
never tried picasa so dont know if it works in such a way
once you implement this you can pay me £500,000 thanks

Around The World

is it better to take off around the world and see all the places in one go....
or to see them one by one?

Happy New Year

happy new year my people..

BAE confirms possible Airbus sale


"Its chief executive Mike Turner confirmed that the firm wished to renew its focus on its core defence business, which is rapidly growing in the US. "
wait a minute...u sell your airbus which does commercial airlines to go into defence? are we expecting more wars?
are we expecting the war on terror to expand to other countries?
is a war on IRAN imminent?
something is seriously going wrong somewhere...and i am sure it begins with bush and ends just outside the pentagon..
keep selling weapons you bitches (AMERICA and BRITAIN) .... then complain about terror!

Apple makes macs run windows

load up boot camp...mac can run windows!
still a bit crap if you cant go down to your local computer shop and buy some spare apple parts..
come on google/blogger people.... here is an idea
e-mail attached pictures to blogger..and it get published on blogger...
how about it?
pay me when you do it.... £500,000 is ok with me...

Google Analytics


i got google analytics for my site...not that its a very happening site...
still something for me to do look at when i am bored out of mind.
it does the same thing as reinvigorate did but better, google has more money i guess,
and the magic is that this is free, atleast for the moment!
i need to blog more, working 9-5 in secrecy doesnt leave much to blog
back to work...

practice it?

miss rice visits UK<
The unflappable Ms Rice said: "I'm used to protests. They happen all the time on American campuses.

"It's all part of the exercise in democracy. And I did not find them off-putting nor did I find them in the least disconcerting."

how about listening to the majority and practicing democracy?

hh... the beautiful democracy where the government decides what is democracy and what isnt.... hold on a minute partner...

Sprite 3G!


with this sprite you can make video calls...

Google Calendar - Google CL2

google is to roll out its calendar service... but how are they gonna integrate advertising into this?

look at the screenies:

democracy doesnt work...

through the eyes of the worlds leaders, there is nothing so bad in the country, they deal with higher level issues. health system needs money, yes. pension needs money, yes. country needs to be safe, yes. then all the complication of trade, yes. but do they ever come to the lower level issues? at the lower level there is anarchy. there is a need for people to fit into the rules to make money but now days that is under question. can the law handle these outlaws? no.

law needs coporal punishment, it needs capital punishment. life is delicate, maintain the balance, everyone needs examples. eye for an eye might make the whole world blind, but be an optimist. people take the law to be pussy, and it is. it does nothing to hurt the perpetrator. when the law doesnt give justice, one tends to take justice in his/her own hands. then out folds anarchy.