martyrdom tapes...and nothing more..


i havnt been following the heathrow bomb scare news,
intially they arrested 23 people..
and now they've charged 11 people
this is from bbc news...
 eight were accused of conspiracy to murder and preparing acts of terrorism.
- i hope they have far they only found martyrdom tapes...
Two were accused of failing to disclose information
- oh yeah..terrorists!! just coz they dont want to be snitch
a 17-year-old was charged with possessing articles useful to a person preparing terrorism acts.
- ermm... news articles?
i think its another cock up by british intelligence ... and police being scummy like after shooting the brazillian..
its like guantanamo in england!
if they tried to blow planes up, charge them with being terrorists and lock em up forever...dont fanny about with stupid legal wrangle..