Different Types of Sri-Lankan Tamil Girls

Tamil Girl Types

b4 we go into explaining each tamil type we must understand one thing...
that every single tamil girl thinks she is HOT/perfect/better dan all da rest.

Ms. Perfect tamil girl
the good lookin one, the one that dresses right, lookin fine in a saree
or jeans, sophsiticated, the much priced Virgin

ms. coconut - "high class"
this is the born in SL, moved young. dont speak tamil, dont like to speak tamil
still slightly cultured coz their parents sent them to learn the violin
(violin< the essence of tamil cutlure), or veena, dont speak a word of tamil
some can belong in the "perfect tamil girl" category
most likely to date a guy from sai baba bajanai

ms. "i talk tamil like a baby and  guys think thats cute" - coconut - "low class"
this is the born abroad girls or moved abroad young,
 slappers, drink,smoke, most likley to have a wannabe tamil gangsta boyfriend

ms. "i dont look tamil so i aint tamil" coconut - "dumb class"
this is the bitch tamil, moves with non-tamils, avoids any contact with tamils
likes to think of herself as too good for tamils, tells friends that she aint tamil

Ms. innocent FOB
real innocent, prolly fancies her machan

ms. rude FOB
the ugly ones, with the fob gangsta dudes,

ms. i'm still virgin
these are the girls that have lost their virginity but now learnt their lesson
that one man one dream doesnt quite work. now they pretend to be sophiticated
and act like they virgins, can be real bitchy

ms i'm different
this is the tamil girls who think they are different, special, too good.
so they date white guys, no blacks!


shree said...

unnakku kalyanam karupee'oda thaan
athuvum african karupee..irrudii..

AJ said...


where do you fit in?