American Intelligence: Keep Fooling People, Breed Terrorism


American Intelligence
 Action By US Govt.
 Vietnam can be occupied  - In future we can have access to china from here
 It is a mess (Run away)
 Japanese should learn a lesson
 Atom Bomb
 Thousands of civilians killed - A permanent stigma for USA
 Russia is going to attack on Afghanistan
 Appreciate them to go for war - Help the Afghanis to fight against Russia - Sell Opium to get more money
 Russia collapsed Financially
 Afghanis got Russian arms
 Don't let them make a government
 Afghanistan internal war for 11 years
 Saddam is going for war on Iran
 Appreciate him - Sell him arms (Don't forget Iran - sell them arms too)
 Iran Iraq war of 10 years
 Saddam is going for war on Kuwait
 Appreciate him
 A severe attack on Kuwait
 Kuwait is occupied
 Send US forces to protect KSA and Kuwait from Iraq Oppression
 US forces are still in these countries
 Saddam is no more with us
 Sanctions - Sanctions - Sanctions
 150000 children died due to non availability of medicine
 Osama is going to attack on wtc
 Wtc Attacked
 Osama is in Afghanistan
 Occupy Afghanistan
 Osama is not in Afghanistan - Afghanistan is a mess - UNO should take control
 Osama has a link with Iraq
 Occupy Oil - I mean Occupy Iraq
 Protests world wide
 Iraq has the weapons of mass destruction that we provided in previous wars
 Oh - Occupy Iraq
  Protest Increased
People of Iraq will welcome America
 hmmm Go for attack
 Iraq occupied - Hundreds of people died -  ("We were telling a lie about weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons in iraq" Bush )
 People have not welcomed USA
 Ask UNO for help
 Iraq is a mess - UNO should help us
India and Pakistan are going to solve the Kashmir Conflict
 We will lose two very important customers of our arms , Start bomb blasts on both sides
Hundreds of people died in Karachi Baloochistan and Mumbai
Mission Accomplished Successfully
Hammas is fighting for their land
 They are terrorist - Oppress them
 More "Terrorists" are born
 Hezbollah is support hammas
 Hezbollah is also terrorist - we should teach them a lesson
 Israel is buying american arms
 People of Lebanon support Hezbollah
Support attack on lebanon - The hate for hezbollah will increase - Kill civilians so that hezbollah can learn a lesson for messing with our friend
 Hundreds of civilians died.
 People of Lebanon support Hezbollah more then past - In future Hezbollah will win the elections -
 Oh shit
 Lebanon is a mess - UNO should help us
 People are turning against us
 Ask Osama to release a new video
 Coming Soon!!!