US caught manipulating Iran Nuclear reports


typical american thing to do..
put a spin on UN Inspectors reports,

like they did in iraq, US is trying to make the report look as though iran is capable of producing WMDs

hmm it raises question in western people about what iraq is upto..

India made atomic bomb by itself... and a few weeks later pakistan said they made it too...
did the americans sell it to pakistan? we all know that the idiot who supposedly made the bomb for pakistan sold his info to iran,
i wouldnt put it past america to sell it to pakistan, if they have
after all it was US who confirmed that pakistan had made the atomic bomb,

first of all, the north korean dude is having enough trouble making intercontinetal ballistic missiles,
and i'm sure Israel is keeping an eye on iraq producing any intercontinetal ballistic missiles, so far we've heard nothing,

even if iran could make the atom bomb, how is it gonna launch it?
even if it did launch it, the first hit will be israel, which will be a like a warning becon for north america and europe to attack iran.

remember those reports, iraq can launch WMDs within 45 mins, ROFL!
the lies they told to get the war started, yet the two same leaders, bush and blair, are still the leaders of the respective countries...HOW?

if the majority still chose those leaders, (not bush, election was rigged) then the majority want to continue the war so that they are safe.
better safe than sorry...