a person is made of billions and billions of atoms, and once you die these atoms are again spread into the environment,
and it is possible that we are made from the atoms of people who existed before..
isn't that reincarnation?
the next question science needs to answer is whether each atom is unique?



Deepavali Valthukal


Deepavali Valthukal to everyone...

call wolf

apparently UK is number 1 target for Al-Qaeda ....
this is what the US tells its citizens...
so that they can carve away at human right laws

and as expected...


Sri-lankan Army launches retaliatory attacks in wanni and kills innocent tamils
what kind of government would do this? let the army kill its own people in a hope of killing their enemies..


according to BBC report,
The buses, targeted at a site near the town of Habarana, 190km (120 miles) north-east of the capital Colombo, were carrying unarmed navy servicemen on leave, the military said.

Sri Lankan Government troops collect the weapons of sailors killed in the blast Habarana. (AFP)

another reason to hate the jews...


Kfir jets are made by Israel is killing tamils in sri-lanka

Kfir drops out the sky

COLOMBO, Oct 16 (Reuters) - A Sri Lankan air force fighter jet crashed into a lagoon on the outskirts of the capital city, Colombo, on Monday, a military spokesman said.

"A Kfir (fighter jet) has crashed into the Negombo lagoon. We are investigating whether it was an attack or a technical fault," the spokesman said, referring to a township about 30 km (20 miles) north of Colombo.

News of the crash came hours after suspected Tamil Tiger rebels rammed a truck loaded with explosives into a Sri Lankan naval convoy, killing at least 92 people and wounding over 100.
(Soruce Reuters)
so the SLA were gonna bomb tamil areas after todays bomb blast which killed 90 SLN sailors, but something went wrong....
thats another $16 million down the pan, keep giving them money IMF!

sri-lankan government style..

so you suffer a huge loss in an operation, and the LTTE sends the SLA soldiers bodies through red cross to the Sri-lankan Government,

what does the sri-lankan government do?

SLAF Kfir jets drop 48 bombs on Vanni

[TamilNet, Friday, 13 October 2006, 18:48 GMT]
Six Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) Kfir bombers, in one of the biggest bombing raids in the heart of Vanni, dropped at least 48 bombs in two sorties on Muttayankattu village in Mullaithivu district, Friday between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m., Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) officials in Kilinochchi said. Muttayankattu is located 10 km southeast of Puthukudiyiruppu.

LTTE officials said the SLAF bombers targeted a cultivation site in Muttayankattu.

At least 10 cows were killed and a large area of arable land was damaged in the aerial bombardment.

is this an action of a good government? a good army? a government which is supposed to look after all the people in its country

Dear Mahinda Rajapakse

Gift wrapped for Mahina Rajapakse
keep killing the tamils and the poor sinhala people who join the Sri-Lankan Army, i guess its your way of killing two birds with one stop.

relativity theory

waiting feels like eternity
but i know that once you are by my side
that eternity will feel like a second

stupid bbc news webmasters

test it before you roll it out...jeez!

Beijing 2008



head on out to to enjoy what the next olympic will bring...


ate something sick today... Quorn Korma Curry... what the fuck was i thinking when i asked for it...
*smack head on minotor*

Iran stands up


its so funny,
Iran stands up to USA and UK while the Arabs sleep with America,
Iranians are considered arabs, they are considered asian,
Ossama bin laden is from saudi arabia and he is an arab
but saudi arabia and its kings/princes sleep with america

Tamil Friends Reunited

sign up people...


Passenger data deal for US and EU


"This new agreement will provide a possibility of giving passenger data to the US authorities while guaranteeing sufficient data protection," she said.(Leena Luhtanen
Finnish justice minister)
pull the other one,
again EU backsdown to US!
"US officials will now only be able to access data by having information "pushed" from airline computer systems.

Previously the US could "pull" data from the systems whenever it was needed. US officials will now only be able to access data by having information "pushed" from airline computer systems.

Previously the US could "pull" data from the systems whenever it was needed.

push the other one,
jeez, what a lame EU! its the same thing isn it, pushing and pulling...they still get the same amount of information and still unsafe in american hands!

Imagine if America never happened


Sigmund Freud - "America is a mistake, a giant mistake"
imagine if america never happened.
imagine that christopher columbus actually went east to find india,
and the natives were left untouched,
the spanish never went to south america and plunder it,
the british never arrived in america
the french never went to canada,
the whole of that continent will be filled with tribes,
the red indians wont be called red indians,
instead we would know them by their tribe names, sioux, cheyanne etc..etc..
then the incas of the south america,
how each of these tribes would have evolved to form monarchs, and governments,
imagine a life without money, imagine their culture,
what their culture could bring to the rest of the world
wouldnt it be amazing...

hi5 photo hijack


there is some idiot using my photo on his profile...

what an idiot...