day in my life : a movie


so i moved into a new place, dirty and stingy, £300 a month
shower doesn't work, u gotta hold his hole with one hand while washing ur self with the other..
off the hole to apply shampoo, back on to wash, piss poor pressure, not enough water coming out
better of wiping myself with a damp cloth...
the landlord, i told myself never to have an indian/asian landlord, i found an Bangladeshi one, i'm gonna get screwed. i knew it before i stepped into the house. told me the shower works,bullshit,  told me there was gonna be a microwave, bullshit, the damn house didn't even have a kettle,
then in the room all the power points have meters on them, i have to put coins to get power, to charge my mobile, or psp
original it was £80 a week including bills, then as i was in the room it changed to £80 including some bills,
i was in a rush for a place because i had move out of my nice place on the 1st of 2007.
so i signed the contract on 30th, payed deposit, he said he will keep the contract til he gets my first rent..
usually landlords are in a rush to get the money, he wasn't
i think the contract has a get out clause, maybe if i am lucky, hopefully! 14 days or so... hopefully not 7!
to be continued...