solving problems...

there goes xmas... new year and birthday.. all rolled into one week...(almost).
life only goes on, nothing changes much!
Wii incident was funny, silly, crazy, weird. still happy to get my wii!
just gotta wait for some decent games,
might buy some game cube games and some controllers, since wii can play gamecube
games and has slots for gamecube controllers
dont play much wii since i am away from home on weekdays..
my rented room, well.. the landlord said there is no opt-out
he hasnt called or asked for my rent yet...he just has my deposit.
i told him i want to move out and he said i could,
didnt say nothing about giving my deposity back.
I cant find any decent place in this area so i might be stuck in this dump for a while
got my skiing holiday in a week and half time, looking forward to that. need some more snow at the resort.
plans for china trip coming up nicely, still need £2000 for the whole tour, need to start saving
havnt got tv at my new place so i miss all my fav programs, plus the news! so i dont get worked up over what bush says or does
and so it goes on...