guns guns guns...guns i do adore..

like chris rock said...make the bullets 5000 dollars each...
then there wont be no more innocent by standers...

gun crime on the increase in london, where did all these guns come from?
where is the gun control, drugs ok, they can be hidden in oranges, but u cant hide a gun in an orange..
most of it prolly makes it through the ferry ports
i went to amsterdam and there was no checking, of person or vehicle, how crap is that..
border control? we could've picked up some weed and some guns and drove straight into britain and no one would question us..
sell it, make money! so easy...

alas, its not just the guns, gangsters? wanna gangstas, we got them in tamil too, 10 tamils killed by gang warfare..
how long can you be a gangster? until you are 30? what happens after that?
do these people listen to tupac or just pretend to do the whole thug life thing..

And i neva get ta lay back
Cuz i always gotta worry bout tha payback
Some buck
that i ruffed up way back
Come back afta all these years
Rat tat tat tat tat
Thats the way it is

thats the way it IS!

live by the gun, die by the gun, BITCH!

and then again, where the hell are the parents? where are the fathers? single moms raising these kids?
whats the cause? just didnt get enough hugs? went to school where idiots screwed up the lessons?
inner city has to change, maybe its time to bring back the cane!

ah its the music,
so its the rap music, the hip-hop culture,
hmm..possibly, they all think they are hard!
but then again these kids are stupid,

Trash culture, the problem is there is no culture, there is no white culture, there is no black culture
these kids are just on some rap/grime culture
i'm better than you coz i smoke weed.
noh i am better coz i done coke..
nah i am better coz i been to jail... this is what chris rock called the niggarant attitude...

 i think its the media, media is what makes these kids go out and grab whatever to be known in the hood (famous)
kids dont want to put time into learning something and being good at it, they want instant fame
sad indeed that the media is ruining kids, its not letting them make their own mind, its showing them as failures,
media shows things like it can be achieved over night, where as things take ages to achieve,

summary...everything goes in circles
like rain! evaporates off the sea, makes clouds, rains on mountain, river goes to sea!!
thats how life is!
this poisonning of the kids by the media will lead to something, possibly to programs like the "running man" with arnold schwarzenegger
haha.. shit..its all fucked up!