Skiing, Pamporovo continued...


20th we left UK and landed in bulgaria
21st is the first day of skiing!

we got to the hotel at 12 or something, the responsible one thought bulgaria is 3 hours ahead of UK.
we had to get up 7-8.30 for breakfast, but our rep meeting to get out ski hire, ski lesson and ski lift tickets at 8.30!
as soon as we got to the hotel, we put our bags in the room and took a walk around the resort just to check it out and we ended up going to sleep at 2AM...
and throughout the holiday K kept saying its 10pm UK time, i dont give a fuck what the time is in UK when i am bulgaria...damn it!

so we decided to get up at 6AM, (bulgaria is 2 hours ahead of UK, so we go up 1 hour early due to responsible persons mistake)
put on all da skiing gear.. that takes some time!
we get down to breakfast..thinkin it was 7..30 , no one was there, it was empty, we didnt get clued up...
breakfast was buffet style, one side with fruits, cheese, ham slices, other side with sausages, eggs, all oily stuff,
then the usual bread, cereal, orange juice, good stuff! nice set of options! we started eating oily food, and lots of it, then near the end of the holiday everyone went healthy and were eating fruits for breakfast. only thing i can complain about bulgaria is the lack of good tea! the only tea they had was some shoddy "ceylon tea"!
then water boiler was warm so tea never brewed right, but i cant start the morning without a tea!! i'm a tamilan in bulgaria...!

so there we are, first to arrive for the food, doh! then we slowly make out way to perelik hotel where we meet our rep to get our ski tickets
rather a simple thing, get some tickets, swap em at the ski depot for various things you need. den we got the bus to the ski depot, the depot ispacked!
lot of ice than snow, a long queue to get ur ski equipment. this happens every week. a rotational thing, this week it was out turn, these ski equipment will be mine for a week.
so finally put those ski boots on, lean forward coz the boot is made like dat. den we got our skis and sticks...woohoo! lets go!

we were signed up for the beginner class and we were told to stand in front of the ski depot til we had enough in the group then an instructor will take us for the lessons,
we got a mix bunch of people, a few old, a few young,,mostly in the middle. then we got our instructor...Dani, late 30s , perm hair, short, "follow me please" with a heavy bulgarian accent!  here we go!

loads of people had arrived earlier than us and were already in their lessons, all learning to put the skis on, fallin down, getting up, skiing, walking, snow plough..etc..etc..

if you check out the youtube videos on previous post you'll see how our first day went...

so after a day of fallin down and pondering what you were doing there, it was time to go home and get some rest, especially after the lack the sleep the night before.

dinner time... 7-8.30pm, of course we were the first coz of the confusion with the time,
dinner was various meats, with no sauce, loads of bulgarian salads which i didnt touch at all, potato wedges and such.
they did do rice, best was the spinach rice which was nice! dinner wasnt as good as the choices at breakfast. oh yeah you could have soup too!
dessert was Moroccan cake, which was superb... i think its Moroccan cake, i only had it once before in UK and that was from a Moroccan shop!

afte dinner we slep then at some random time someone said lets go out and i came out of my slumber... lets go!
it turns out it was the pub crawl that night, we missed a meeting at 5.30pm coz we were sleeping after getting back from skiing..
so we joined up and had the best night of the whole holiday! it wasnt easy getting up the next day... (22nd)