sinhala ignorance


there i am, monday morning sitting in the bus listening to my music, not looking forward to the day ahead, then i hear these people talking, a woman with an indian accent talking about the LTTE aerial raids in colombo, its a sri-lankan sinhala woman telling her friend (i assume of another language and race about LTTE since they wernt conversing in sinhala).
the sinhala woman goes on to tell her friend that LTTE bombed colombo and that a week back they also bombed jaffna, the other woman asked why they bombed the north (their own people), the sinhala woman said because they dont care about their own people (no mention of all the aerial bombing the north and east suffered (and still suffering) at the hands of the Sri-lankan army for 24+ years). i continued to listen, then things went from bad to worse, that before 83 there were no problems (no mention of other riots, tamil conference shooting, sinhala only rules), then she explained why the riots happened, LTTE killed a few soldiers in 83 and sinhala people got angry...etc..etc...
that was the last straw, i got up, told the woman to get her facts straight, i told her that there were plenty of problems before 83, told her to refrain from speaking in english about this subject especially in tooting of all places, and once again told her to get her facts straight.
i do hope she goes home and does her home work,
this kind of attitude is rife within the sinhala community, they chose to ignore what the SLA/GoSL does against the tamils.

google shit


what happened to my personalised page? all those feeds? all those book marks?

its all gone... no errors? lamers!

when i ask for tea...

i dont want a friggin spiced tea... i just want TEA...with some sugar and some milk...
no bloody cinnamon... jeeesus!

its a killing season

Lanka aid killings probe 'flawed'

well, i'll be damned, sri-lankan government lead probe is flawed?

from the riots of 1983... its all be flawed! and to think they even manged to write it so it looked like the tamils started the riot in the first place...

Iran following the way of the taleban

Anger at Iran dress restrictions

so in a months time they'll say men have to grow beards, then they'll cut out music and television, then they'll practice islamic laws of cutting peoples head off if they dont comply with dress codes and beard codes....

Card Cloners...


Thousands of motorists who use a bank card to buy petrol are thought to have lost millions of pounds in an international criminal operation.


Maxwell Keegel, first secretary of the Sri Lankan High Commission in London, said the Sri Lankan government had evidence to suggest the scam was being used to fund the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Independent security sources told BBC correspondent Keith Doyle these claims were credible.

But a Humberside police spokesman said: "Our evidence does not suggest there is a definite link with Sri Lankan gangs."

not only does the sri-lankan government blame the LTTE for all the odd things that happen in sri-lanka, now its trying to blame all the odd things in england.



all  you tamils supporting the sri-lankan team...shift your focus!



why does everything american get more exposure in the media?

ah so 8 years ago school kids got killed in columbine... big hoo-haa

a year back some native indian kid went bizerk...

and now a south korean went bizerk and its big news.. screw the people getting killed in iraq... 127 today...

...this is capitalism...beautiful aint it...

Playing a lil Golf


Chip & Putt place in morden,

one of my favourite songs..


Aussie HIV Rejection


Australia should refuse to allow migrants or refugees with HIV to enter the country, Prime Minister John Howard has said.
i'm with the aussies on this one...

stupid dude...


'Why I was wrong about Steve Jobs'
Bill Thompson doubted Apple's desire to sell songs without DRM. They start doing it in May, so what does he think now?

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs does not have the halo quite yet

At Monday's press event to announce that the iTunes Music Store will be selling "premium" songs from EMI's catalogue without the copy-protection offered by the Fairplay digital rights management system, Steve Jobs noted that "some doubted Apple's sincerity when we made our proposal earlier this year... they said we had too much to lose".

That would be me, then.

DRM is from the music companies, not apple, if music companies didnt care about people copying their music then of course any1 can sell it without DRM!

apple is just selling the music, it doesnt make the music, it doesnt have to protect the music,

Iran Crisis


so glad UK told USA to stay out of the hostage crisis,
americans would come up with the whole "we dont negotiate with terrorists" crap... and the hostages would have gotten killed by american friendly/random fire...

bad to worse..

well..if you thought those soldiers in iran screwed up think again, the UK government screwed up!
if it were any other country other than Iran that had caught them UK would've tried the softly-softly approach, but as its Iran its accusations left right and center!
you would think they would take more care near borders, but god knows what they did...UK government will lie like Iraq had WMDs..
Blair can reshove da shit he spits out his mouth..
the pakistan cricket team murders woolmer, i think inzamam did it, woolmer wanted a bigger cut after the match, and inzy finished him off, i wouldnt be surprised if he took a bat like he did to the fans who called him a sack of potatoes...hope they find the killer, CCTV should've caught him...
i keep wishing sri-lanka would go home, there is enough trouble in sri-lanka so we dont really need cricket, hopefully they'll go home soon